Would YOU Scream?

From an NPR article:

The Fuji-Q Highland amusement park near Tokyo has an unorthodox request for its roller coaster riders.

“Please scream inside your heart,” and not out loud, the park is asking. The unusual ask is meant to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

While some may be skeptical that it’s possible to quietly ride a roller coaster, a promotional video from Fuji-Q proves that it can be done.

The video shows two stone-faced, suit-wearing, and completely silent executives ride the Fujiyama roller coaster, the park’s main attraction.


Now tell me what’s wrong with this video (besides the mask) …

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

27 thoughts on “Would YOU Scream?

  1. I’ve never screamed on a roller coaster, but I love listening to others scream. It’s not that it doesn’t get my adrenaline flowing, it does. Not from fear, though, just from the speed of travel. I’ve been told not screaming takes all of the fun out of carnival rides, but I never tried. At my current age I’m not about to try.
    Aside from the eyes of the riders, which show no fear because they are well-trained to control their emotions, the only problem I have is the video speed, which seems to be slowed down, but that could just be because of where it is situated. The one guy’s hair does shake, and both masks react as they should, getting pressed against their faces from the inertia of the ride, or is it the gravity pulling the car down? So how about telling us what you see wrong? I’d like to see it too.

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          • Then you must be talking about the guy on the left appearing to be a mannequin. He never changes his hand position during the entire ride, but I do believe his eyes open and close, usually at appropriate times. It is hard to say one way or the other, is he human or is he Memorex. My own feeling is that he is a real person, though possibly highly drugged and too scared to move.

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          • it just doesn’t look like a real coaster. Granted, it was an experiment so they kept the rest of it empty, I’d expect that. And the guy’s mask was dreadful. Neither one of them really reacted, and my spidey sense says this was fake. With that kind of speed, you’d expect their hair to be all OVER the place and it barely moved.

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  2. What’s wrong? Aside from screams of outrage over forcing myself to watch 4.05 minutes of silent screams demonstrated by amusement park executives feigning fun for all? A empty amusement park, two nincompoops sitting board straight without social distancing, void of initiative, imagination or inclination to raise their arms, smile with their eyes or demonstrate the slightest indication silent coaster rides can be fun. WTF?

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  3. Given the relative air speed on a moving roller coaster, the risk of airborne covid-19 transmission under those conditions is essentially negligible. Urging people not to scream strikes me as just a publicity gimmick.

    I’m not surprised those guys are so calm. Compared with jam-packed Japanese commuter trains, the roller coaster must feel extremely safe and comfortable.

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    • I actually (gasp) rode BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on Sunday, Crazy, no? But you know what….there were two other people in the entire BART train car. When compared to the pre-COVID packed-to-the-gills with coughing, sweating humanity, I honestly think it is safer now at 5% capacity! Similarly, there was one other person on the AMTRAK train the other day. The whole length from San Jose to Martinez.

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      • Only two people? That is totally amazing! I used to work in San Francisco and rode BART regularly — and it was always as you described. Maybe people really are paying attention to the precautions.

        One question though … did anyone have a mask on?

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        • Hello Nan and basenjibrian. It must be grand to live in a civilised place that has mass transit. I enjoyed it once when I lived three years in Germany. Since then living on the East coast of the US I have yet to find it. We here in Florida almost once had it as the voters demanded high speed rail system state wide, but Republican governor Bush continued the Florida tradition of not doing anything the voters want by getting it repealed. So we were stuck with ever worse surface roads and more gas usages … oh right the Bush’s made their money in oil. Hugs

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          • I lived in Florida for a summer (my internship). That was enough for me. There is a reason that “Florida Man” is an internet meme. Clearwater was…CREEPY. The Scientologists owned much of the nicer real estate in the tiny remnant downtown. I understand they totally run the place now. The beach island was a concrete tower next to a seven eleven next to a shacky restaurant next to another concrete tower for miles. One of the most cycling hostile places I have ever lived. Plus, every day just as you were getting off work and ready to get some exercise, it would rain for two hours.

            I feel for you, man. I’ll take our earthquakes and droughts. The fires are scary this year though. I think my county has a fire bug…weird little blazes are pooping up in strange places like freeway cloverleafs!

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        • Of course. In the core dark blue Bay Area, people are pretty conscientious. This was not Redding…or Fresno…we are talking about. Even I, as a skeptic of the “shut everything down (for now we are told two years) school of public policy, wear masks in enclosed public places.

          Plus, they actually had someone sitting in the Embarcadero Station elevator to make sure we complied and did not overcrowd the system. As if that is going to happen.

          As for “paying attention to the precautions”, to paraphrase Ron over at Maka’s place, if everyone crowds onto the freeways in fear of COVID on trains, will the resulting accidents, stress, and air pollution peraps not result in more deaths? I don’t know.

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  4. OK … the REVEAL!

    rawgod wrote: I’ve been told not screaming takes all of the fun out of carnival rides, And he’s spot-on!

    Yes, the instructions were to “scream inside your heart” and not out loud — and those two stoic and masked guys followed those directions to a “T”.

    Me? I can tell you right now, mask or no mask, I would have been screaming at the top of my lungs!

    From my perspective, that’s half the fun! It’s no wonder they looked so bored …

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    • Hello Nan. I have loved roller coasters all my life, the bigger and higher the better. But I don’t scream. I have trouble with my breathing so just as we get to the apex I exhale and the fully inhale as we start down. I understand those that scream as it is a thrilling ride, I just need to do it my way to be comfortable. Otherwise on the way down I have no way to inhale and feel I am suffocating which as you can imagine takes a lot of the fun out of it. Hugs

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