Trump’s Phone Calls, et al

I recognize that I frequently reference various articles on my blog, but some of them are just so “right-on” that I want to ensure as many people as possible read them. The following is one of those articles. It’s very long and covers a lot of territory, but it pinpoints so much of what is happening in the current administration related to Trump and various foreign leaders.

If you’ve already seen it, you can simply head straight to the comment section to add your two-cents (or more). 🤩

Trump’s phone calls and national security concerns

31 thoughts on “Trump’s Phone Calls, et al

  1. Hello Nan. Quite a shame having tRump for our countries leader. I can not imagine taking a call from a tantrum throwing bulling man baby such as tRump is. I bet a lot of world leaders are not available when tRump calls. I know I wouldn’t be. Hugs

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    • I am told by a sadly besotted ex-co-worker that his behavior is a GOOD THING, that it proves a “non-politician” can be President, as if that is a positive. Said besotted person also babbles about how Trump is standing firm for America. LOL

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      • Hello basenjibrian. I remember in 2016 The Daily Show interviewed tRump supporters and asked them if they would let their children act and talk like tRump. No they exclaimed! So ask every tRump supporter if they want their daughter grabbed by the pussy, if they want their son to talk to their friends the way tRump talks to world leaders? Ask any husband if he would let anyone talk to wife the way tRump talks to female leaders of other countries? The thing I see is these people like to think that the actions they admire of tRump is separated from them or the way they want to be treated. They romanticize tRump and imagine they could be him doing that stuff, but they cry rivers and shout unfair when those same uncouth practices are done to them. Hugs

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  2. Thanks for giving this wider notice, Nan! I read it this morning (someone else said, “If you only read one article today, make it this one.”) and I agree it’s worth remembering. Nothing really new here, Trump has always been shallow, self-centered, gullible, naive, incurious, misogynistic (insecure around powerful and intelligent women), etc. But reading all this together still has the ability to shock me at how incompetent and unqualified he is to hold the office he does.

    I confess I often suffer from “Trump fatigue” but we dare not become complacent before November. There was another CNN headline about Trump hoping for another Supreme Court vacancy to give a shot in the arm to his teetering campaign, and I was almost sick to my stomach just reading that headline and considering the possibility.

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    • Thanks for the kudos, Brent. I know it’s a fairly widespread article, but it just has SO MUCH in it that spells out his UN-qualifications (as you stated) that I wanted to be sure it wasn’t overlooked by people who just stick to the headlines.

      I agree about the Supreme Court vacancy. Ginsburg simply MUST hang on for a few more months. As an added note, it’s somewhat gratifying to see Roberts taking a more neutral stance in his decisions. Truth be told, this is what they should ALL be doing! (Dream on, I know.)

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      • Exactly right. From his public comments in the last several years, I think it’s clear that Roberts understands that judges aren’t supposed to be Republicans or Democrats and simply decide in favor of a political party. We aren’t naive; we understand that judges have liberal or conservative leanings, and judicial philosophies that will influence their judgments. But there is value in being clear that you’re going to judge each case as it comes, honor stare decisis, not prejudge the outcome, etc. This is what made Kavanaugh’s behavior during his confirmation hearings so outrageous, to me; he is unqualified by temperament and approach. (Like the guy who appointed him.) Adding another justice like him would be devastating.

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    • I keep ricocheting back and forth between Biden yes, how could he not win, and Trump and his minions, cohorts, and foreign buddies who, I suspect, will pitch him over the nearest theoretical bridge if he loses.

      I never have lost faith in a president like this, before. Granted we have had some howlers, but underneath it all they were truly politically savvy, and oriented to serve, not command. The President is appointed to serve, the way any judge is, to keep order, to maintain civility, all that stuff. He is the servant of the people. Just because he gets to salute and be called Commander in Chief, that’s ceremonial.

      And he does NOT spend half his day on the golf course, or playing on the computer (and no grown man in his position should be doing anything like “tweeting’ unless he is calling birds…

      I had to stop reading Heather Cox Richardson. She does such an amazing job of detailing the horror show, and I found it was just too much for this rapidly aging simple country woman…

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  3. Great article. We’ve proudly been banned from entering the EU because our populace is crawling with covid-19. Way to go Trump! What a hero he is! He needs to be taken out to the Washington Monument and be executed for being the treasonous SOB he is. After him, each and every GOP member of Congress needs to be given the same treatment. Traitors. Each. And. Every. One.

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  4. This was a very informative article. Thanks Nan for putting it up for us. My greatest fear now is that Trump is obviously becoming increasingly dangerous. His Republican enablers are frozen in their insane attachment. So what will he do in the next four months?

    He has no intention of giving up the presidency. He’s not going to be able to do the rallies that he loves so much. Bitching about Clinton and Obama doesn’t work so well anymore. His lies and conspiracy theories are going nowhere. But he has his friends, right? Putin, Erdogan, Kin Jong-un, Xi Jingpin. Four months is a long damn time.

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  5. I had to stop reading halfway through. I too suffer from Trumpphobia, and found a little goes a very long way, like old catfood.
    It just gets bigger and worser, doesn’t it.

    If this man gets reelected there has to be something seriously wrong happening. It begins to read like the shenanigans of a two-penny banana republic country.

    Right now my biggest fear is, if he loses, will he leave?

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    • As Mike Peterson of “Comic Strip of the Day” is fond of saying: There’s a possibility that 2020 ends with tanks surrounding the White House… and the only question is which direction the turrets will be pointed.

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    • My only hope there is that honestly I think he’s bone-tired, and doesn’t much enjoy his life as it stands. He’s learned that he isn’t absolute king and master who can just order whatever he wants to happen… culminating in COVID-19 which he is powerless against. He’s not going to get to do many rallies in front of adoring crowds; he’s mostly stuck brooding in the White House. I think part of him would like to return to his former life when he can go where he wants when he wants and do what he wants. The only question is whether his fragile ego and need not to be a “loser” would outweigh all that. Aside from that, I honestly wonder if he wouldn’t be relieved to leave office… if there was some way he could convince himself he’s saving face, maybe complaining loudly about voter fraud and an illegitimate election and how he actually did win.

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      • Others have advanced the idea of him claiming an “illegitimate” election should he lose. I can just see him screaming and hollering and stamping his feet, doing everything he can to postpone or even STOP the January inauguration.

        In fact, that earlier comment of yours re: the tanks doesn’t seem so far-fetched …

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  6. In defence of Trump, I must say about the report, that Russia had bribed the Taliban to kill US soldiers, that I can not blame him for not paying much attention to such intelligence.

    First of all, the claim seems totally nonsensical. What more incentive do you think the Taliban need to kill soldiers of an army, that has conquered some of their country when they finally had the restless land united under their own banner (and the conquerors could propably not have even achieved this without the Iranian intelligence provided for them)? To kill their enemies who continue to occupy their fatherland for almost two decades? The military of a country, that supported the efforts of the Taliban for as long as it suited their political goals, but then suddenly backstabbed the Taliban, even when they had achieved what the western powers were demanding and stopped the big markets for opium? The Taliban are religiously and patriotically motivated men who fight for their cultural values in a holy war against the “Great Satan”.

    What would be the Russian motivation to support islamist radicals like the Taliban? The Russians are at odds and war with them all over the place and have been since their own debacle in Afghanistan, through the latestTsetshen wars and now presently in Syria. The entire idea seems simply pointless and absurd.

    Second, and even more importantly so, why would the US president rely on such unlikely intelligence from the US intelligence community, that has a pretty lousy track record of getting their job done. For example, Colin Powell said that the lowest point of his career was, when he appeared to the UN grand assembly having been assured by the US intelligence community, that there was solid information about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Only to be later revealed, that the information was based on a single source of a man tortured in Egypt. Any intelligence officer worth their mettle should know, that torture is not an effective way to gain reliable information, because a tortured person tells anything at all to stop the torture. Most likely lies, that seem to be what the torturer wants to hear. Yet, the US intelligence community has used for the most part of the “War On Terror” precisely that sort of methods, that they deny as being torture, but any poor bastard who was ever waterboarded sure felt like they were tortured.

    Anyway, the invasion of Iraq was based on the claim, that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, even though the IAEA investigators could find no trace of them from any of the locations the US intelligence continued to feed the investigators with. Finally it got to the brink of tragicomical, when the US intelligence agencies claimed that the Iraqis must be hiding their secret chemical weapons laboratories in trucks driving around Iraqi countryside. The only proof they had for this was that no weapons of mass destruction were ever found anywhere else. The Iraqi response for the accusation was: “Have you tried driving our roads? Who would put a dangerous chemical laboratory on a truck and try that?” I guess later the US intelligence have learned the true state of Iraqi roads all too well, but no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. Of course Saddam had had them once, and the US intelligence agencies knew this because it was the USA who had sold Saddam these weapons, but the Iraqis has destroyed all chemical weapons after the previous war in such a hurry, that no trace of them were left.

    By the way, nobody seemed one bit interrested about those weapons when right after they had been aquired from the US and BDR by Saddam he used them against the Kurds, but suddenly in the turn of the Millenia, when the US citicenry cried out for revenge for the 9/11 attacks, with wich Saddam had absolutely nothing at all to do, they turned out to be a suitable “casus belli” even though they no longer even existed.

    How long did it take for the US intelligence community to track down one man? Years and years on they sought after Osama Bin Laden and found nothing. When he was finally found, the US military totally botched the operation and he was not retreaved for justice, rather simply assasinated. This does not tell the tale of efficiency, but a total lack of ability and skill.

    So, if Trump pays little heed to the ridiculously poorly run intelligence offices of his country, who can really blame him??? I surely would not rely on anybody who has such a bad track record of not being able to do their jobs properly to get their job done at all.

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    • The problem with Trump is that he simply doesn’t care whether the info is solid or not. He doesn’t care. There could be solid evidence that Putin deliberately asked Trump to send troops into an ambush by the Taliban, and his GOP enablers, would simply not care. He, and they, aren’t even pretending to care. The GOP made their way into power by shouting about Jesus, the American flag, the Constitution, and the greatness and sacredness of our soldiers. They, in reality, simply don’t give a damn about any of that and, for me, it is the hypocrisy of it all that is the most disgusting. Hell, at least PRETEND to care! Do some research with a high level of concern and intensity, let everyone know how “seriously” you’re taking this, find out it was bad/weak intel, and THEN blow it off. But not Trump. Nope. He tells you right up front, “I don’t fucking care, and neither does anyone else in the GOP.” Believe me, Trump does not know or care if this intel should or should not be taken seriously. He doesn’t care, especially because it paints his master, Uncle Putin, in a bad light. He’s not not taking it seriously because it is weak or poor intel. He’s not taking it seriously because he doesn’t give a shit about it whether it is real or not, and THAT is the problem here, at least for me. He should care. He should at least PRETEND to care, but he doesn’t. And he doesn’t care that we all know he doesn’t care. That is a YUGE problem.

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      • Good point. Perhaps Trump should at least pretend that he cares, but on the other hand I think there has been all too much pretending going around.

        In the US culture the veterans are valued members of the society and often thanked for their service, at least when it comes to speeches and how people genuinely seem to feel about them, but in practice great many of homeless people are veterans and have been since WWI at least. There are laws about how much support they should be having, but no government has ever budgeted the sums required for the veterans to gain all that support they are entiteled to, because they do not have to. The veterans are either unable to ask for help, do not know what they are entiteled to, or have been indoctrinated to think it is a shame to ask help. It is no wonder, that this sort of culture produces leaders like Trump. Remember though, that this is just me looking at the issue from outside. I am perhaps blind to the more subtle nyances of the culture.

        Sicne Trump thus shows his true colours, should not the voters take heed? What is it, that the ordinary republicans so fear, that they are willing to sell their soul to a travasty of a man like Trump? Or have they allready sold their souls to a purpose that Trump only embodies? So many people?

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        • “..but in practice great many of homeless people are veterans and have been since WWI at least”. Yep. Exactly. They are praised in speeches and crapped on in real life. Trump is merely the puss inside the head of the pimple that sits on the fetid arse that is the body of the GOP. They (Trump and the GOP) are engaged in an ideological war with “liberals, atheists, and anyone else they feel does not fit into their ultra conservative, Christian, greedy-ass, capitalistic sense of what America and “freedom” are all about. To them, they are in a battle to crush, destroy, and dominate anyone and anything that is not “them”. The “other” of any kind is seen as a threat and must be utterly obliterated. Before Trump, they were a tad more veiled in this approach to governance. But, since Princess Donald’s election, said veil is utterly gone and they are totally exposed as the entitled, spoiled, arrogant, whining brats that they’ve always been. 35 to 40 percent of Americans adore them, and Trump, because they see them as a great big “daddy” figure who’s gonna whip dem liberals to da curb ‘n teach ’em where they belong! Winning is all that matters to them. Not covid-19. Not social security. Not health care. Not basic human rights for all. Winning. At all and any cost.


    • As always, rautakyy, I appreciate your input. However, in this case, I simply cannot let Trump off the hook … no matter what took place in the regimes before him.

      Perhaps if Trump were a normal president; that is, had an actual brain working under that fake mop of hair and actually cared about this country, then I might be more inclined to agree with your conjectures. As it is …

      Trump has proven on multiple occasions that he doesn’t have a CLUE on what’s going on. Why? Because he’s a “very stable genius” with “great and unmatched wisdom.” Thus (in his mind) EVERY action he takes is the right one … and HE NEVER MAKES MISTAKES!

      Perhaps the intelligence community did have the information wrong. Perhaps. But the point is they shared whatever they had with Trump — contrary to his claims otherwise — and he should have acted on it in one way or another.

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      • I hope you will not take this the wrong way, but sometimes when I look at Trump, and how he divides your nation, I can not help but think about how Hitler divided his nation. They both have the same slogan to make their country great again after some percieved downfall. Neither of them respect human life. Those Germans who were for Hitler (most of them ordinary, honest working people) were for him to the bitter end, even though one should have been able to see what he really was up to from the very get go of his very book where he told everybody what he was all about before he actually got any power. Germans were already more literate nation between the two world wars, than the US is today, so not having read the book or at least some review of it was no excuse. Many of those Germans who opposed Hitler, or who condemned him after it was all over, preferred the entire travasty to be the fault of the one man. Trump is just one man, and he can be replaced, but is his position indicative of what is to come in the future if your nation keeps on this same path? At least he has not started any new wars. Perhaps he (as a businessman) has good intell that the US economy could not survive a nother war against some happless developing country? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have stretched the US economy to a brink of collapse and gained the US exactly what? Revenge for something these nations really did not have much of anything at all to do with in the first place?

        However, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Trump, Franco, Pinochet and so many others would not have achieved the terrible things that they have, without the help of great many (gullible) people. On the other hand all of the leaders we have are products of our very own cultures. Trump is an embodiment of highly tuned capitalistic culture. He is married to a young and beautifull wife, not because of his charms, but because he is rich. Donald has gone through all the most expensive schools, not because of his talents, but because he is rich. He did not have to go to war when he was a young cadet, not because he had some difficult handicap, but because he was rich. His prime and most prominent campaign phrase was, that he is rich. He is the president of the USA, not because he is a great statesman, but because he is rich. He acts like he can get away with it all because he is rich. Why? Because a rich man can get away with it all. Not too many of his predecessors have been poor, or for the poor. He is just the tip of an iceberg of a culture where being rich makes you safe and sound for any job you want.

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          • With Trump’s first numbing rally, he actually made a gesture that looked alarmingly like the Nazi salute. He never did it again, but i always felt it was almost a secret signal. Since that time he has actually called the NeoNazis and the skinheads “nice fellas’. The rallies rely on brain frying sound, too loud to talk over, and too loud to think through. By the time he appears at the podium they are totally massaged with loud noise and anything he says is cheered wildly. I defy anyone there to speak coherent english after one of those rallies.

            And he won. He cheated, and he won, and now half the country insists he won fair and square.

            And Putin goes around with his secret little smile like he knows exactly what’s going on.

            Call me paranoid, but there is stuff going on in all of this that I simply cannot paint over.

            As for poor, it costs a LOT of money to run for public office, and the higher the office the more it costs. Most of the candidates dropped out because they ran out of money.

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      • Well, of course not all of you are those things. It just might be the time your people took back your government and stopped abusing your nation and other nations for the gain of your capitalists. For the sake of the entire world. Though I suspect it might be hard, when values that guide people are so deeply rooted. Once the US was a shining beacon of liberty against imperialism, but even then it was a slave owning nation, and since then the love of liberty of your nation has been turned and twisted by those who think they have the right to gain by abusing others. Trump is merely an embodiment of that sort of world view. Stupidity, such as Trump manifests, is no hindrance to positions of responsibility in a culture that values ruthlessness and riches over sanity and education.

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