32 thoughts on “Covid-19 is “Winning”

  1. Hello Nan. Very sobering. It seems the US is in deep trouble and deep denial. I was reading this morning that several states are either already at hospital capacity or are now having to shift patients to other hospitals, some at a large distance away. I find it upsetting that governors like the one in Texas are asking people to wear masks and do social distancing and yet wont mandate it while their medical directors and hospital systems are complaining they are starting to get overwhelmed. tRump was so sure he could bluff his way through this we are going to see a surge of deaths, medical shortages, and loss of jobs while the economy crashes. Just like three months ago. In the mean while the EU has leveled out enough to open up and they are not allowing people from high Covid 19 case countries like the US. Yea, a travel ban against us, maybe it will wake up some right wingers? Nope. Hugs

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    • How embarrassing for America! The country that should be leading the world in its response to this is being denied entrance to other countries because our citizens are contaminated with this “hoax” disease. I pray to Isis daily that Trump becomes infected with this diseases. He, more than anyone else, actually deserves it.

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    • I know “do-overs” aren’t possible, but DAMN! I wish we’d had a leader that didn’t see everything from the hole in his A__!

      If he’d just ACCEPTED the seriousness of this virus and ACTED on it like most intelligent and sane-minded people, we wouldn’t be in this mess. It wouldn’t have prevented the spread but judging from other countries, we would have had a FAR, FAR better handle on it. And less deaths.

      Unfortunately, he didn’t .. and here we are.

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      • Glaring at him and simply asking “Did we not tell you so!? Did the REAL experts not tell you so back in Jan – Feb!?” the dimwitted numskull of a fake President would still surely deny everything he was/is responsible for, no doubt whatsoever. 😒

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      • If Hillary had become president, as the majority of us voted for, the course of this thing would have run very differently.

        We’d still be a lot worse off than Europe, though. This country has too many stupid, ignorant, selfish people with no self-discipline and no respect for science. All those assholes walking around refusing to wear masks or observe social distancing or avoid crowds — Trump is not the cause of those people. He’s the result of them.

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      • this is what happens when you have a president, leader, business man, or parent who is a narcissist. They take everything personally, and assume that denial is the key. “I didn’t break that glass. Oh, I did? Then it was because you startled me…”
        “disease? what disease? Oh, I heard about that, but someone was talking to me in the other ear and I missed it. It’s not my fault, it’s those untrustworthy Chinamen that spread it, it’s a plot, it’s a hoax, look at me Im perfectly (cough::cough::hacccckkkk) healthy, see? And we are going to prove it by leaving all the doors open except we aren’t letting foreigners in anymore so we will have to close the doors, yes, but not lock them, and then we’ll lock them later. After we quarantine everyone except essential workers. And dog trainers. I love dog trainers, don’t you. It’s all a made up plot anyway, Putin told me so…”

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    • I find it upsetting that governors like the one in Texas are asking people to wear masks and do social distancing and yet wont mandate it while their medical directors and hospital systems are complaining they are starting to get overwhelmed.

      Scottie, you’ve hit on just one of our major problems here in Texas. We also have too many Republican officials, mayors, Police Chiefs, Sheriffs & Deputies, County Judges, and worst of all too many wealthy, influential Repub business-owners who organize protests against lock-downs, restrictions, and quarantines, e.g. Shelley Luther backed in a PR stunt by Sen. Ted Cruz!* This is what we moderates and liberals here are dealing with. 😠

      tRump was so sure he could bluff his way through this we are going to see a surge of deaths, medical shortages, and loss of jobs while the economy crashes.

      The imbecile has bluffed so many of his previous bluffs that one gets utterly lost in the bluffing rabbit-holes of grand bluffery! 🙄

      * – https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/05/08/coronavirus-in-texas-senator-cruz-visits-salon-a-la-mode/

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  2. Nan, this is unsettling, but is not a surprise given the misinformation that has come from the top and continues to this day. Even not wearing a mask is misinformation to his followers. Yet, what they do not realize is the president is the last person to take any advice from, especially on medical issues.

    We have been too rash with reopening and some people armed with misinformation feel too comfortable interacting. The US has 27% of the global COVID-19 deaths with 5% of the population. The rest of the world is appalled at the US’ inability to address these issues. Trump pokes fun at others like China, Italy and Brazil, but we are far worse than they are.

    And, it is going to get worse. We must do our best to avoid large gatherings even if for altruistic efforts. Altruism is no defense against the virus. I will say the BLM protestors are at least outside and I see more folks wearing masks than not, which is unlike the two Trump pep rallies and reopen protests that have occurred where very few masks are worn and little social distancing is occurring.

    My brother in law is a former Air Force officer. After seeing people complain about being forced to wear a mask as an infringement on their freedoms, he said “stop being a pansy. It is not like you are being asked to storm the beach at Normandy. Wear a mask.” His candor is refreshing. The masks are for everyone else more so than for you.

    Thanks for this. Keith

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    • The masks are for everyone else more so than for you.

      This is what’s so frustrating! I sometimes wish I could scream at the non-maskers and say … “Look you idiot! I’m protecting you! Why can’t you do the same for me?” (Of course I won’t, but …)

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  3. I definitely don’t think Covid is a hoax. It is also very infectious. The opinion coming out now is that asymptomatic infections are more widespread in the general population than originally thought. The good news is that this means the lethality rate is also less. I feel like more should be done to focus on the segments of our population who are the most vulnerable rather than to completely close the schools or have general shutdowns. To this, as an added precaution, I feel like we should continue with the social distancing and mask wearing indoors. I personally wear my mask in the stores, but not if I’m out hiking or biking on the trails as long as I can maintain good spacing
    In my own life, I certainly don’t want to throw caution to the wind, but I don’t want to live my life ruled by fear and panic either. I have friends who have barely left their house in months. My heart goes out to them.


    • NO ONE (unless they have a sick mind) enjoys the restrictions this virus has put upon us. But to throw caution to the wind (as some people have done) or allow conspiracy theories about the virus to take root is just plain STUPID!! There is simply no other way to put it (except perhaps to call them dumbasses!).

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  4. In NH here most of the deaths have been at nursing homes, of which this state has many. We have a very high elderly populaton, and I suspect that a lot of these very old men and women insist that hugs are more important than germs (‘and let me tell you, sonny, I’ve never been sick a day in my life, and I don’t intend to get sick now, so get over here and give grammy a big kiss…”) And the nursing homes are not always that organized, as one woman told me, on some days it’s like herding cats…nor are they necessarily nursing homes the way we think of them.

    That’s an elegant, scary graph, btw.

    And for all anyone knows, Trump could very well be spewing virus germs left and right, totally uncaring and unaware…the worse he gets, the worse he gets. There’s no end to it.

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  5. I wear a mask when I am a busy, crowded place. But as with so many things, we need to be careful about presuming too much. Note that the below says masks should be worn, but we shouldn’t assume they need or are useful everywhere or in every circumstance.

    (Cassandra’s Legacy is an interesting blog that discusses a variety of scientific and political/economic questions from what I would call a “rationalist” perspective.)


    At this point, the question is whether the masks block the emission of aerosols. The answer is ” in part, yes.” One problem is that there are so many types of masks and that people often don’t wear them correctly. But we can say that, in general, any mask — even a simple damp cloth — will block at least a fraction of the small droplets that generate aerosols — you can see that effect here.

    So, is wearing mask sufficient to have an effect on the diffusion of the epidemic? It seems that the answer is positive. A recent study by Leffer et al. shows that there exists a correlation between the use of face masks and the speed of diffusion of the Covid-19 epidemic. That’s to be taken with some caution because it is difficult to disentangle the many parameters affecting the diffusion pattern, but it makes sense. Also the recent study by Chu et al. confirms that face masks reduce the transmission of the virus.

    On the basis of these data, I would infer that the place where it is easiest to get infected is at home, where you often find yourself in poorly ventilated and dry rooms, especially in winter. From that, you could deduct that locking people in their apartments may not have been a good idea and, indeed, Leffer et al. find no evidence that the lockdown had any effect in slowing down the spread of the epidemic. But for the moment we do not have enough data on this point.

    Now we can summarize.
    1.The virus is transmitted mainly as an aerosol in indoor and poorly ventilated areas, in winter. In these conditions, social distancing is of little use.
    2.In these environments, masks can help a lot, but it would be better to ventilate rooms as much as possible and try to keep them moist. It is even better to stay outdoors as much as possible, exposing yourself to the sun.
    3.In conditions where there is no crowding and there is no evidence of the presence of infected people, masks are not needed. This is what the WHO says in their recommendations.
    4.Most people will ignore the above points ad behave according to their political orientation.

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    • Your last point (#4) is so right-on it’s scary! Case in point …

      My oldest daughter very recently commented that this is “just a flu” and it will be “over by November 4th.” I know she leans Republican, but I was totally shocked at her remarks! However, in retrospect, I think I know what happened. She and her husband, who is a dyed-in-the-wool RED Republican, recently reconciled after about a year’s separation. I can’t help but think his views have influenced her. At least I hope that’s all it is …

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