What Did Bolton Mean?

In an interview with NPR related to his very-soon-to-be-released book (The Room Where It Happened), John Bolton made this comment related to Donald Trump:

Once he’s free of any reelection pressure, it’s going to be revealed — what one of my greatest concerns is — is that he’s not a conservative.

It’s a “given” that at his core, John Bolton … irrespective of his criticisms of Trump … is a Republican. A very conservative Republican.

So why do you think he made the claim that Trump is “not a conservative“?

Bolton goes on to warn that if Trump is reelected, Republicans will “likely soon understand that Trump’s priorities are not in line with their own.”

What do you think Bolton is saying?

22 thoughts on “What Did Bolton Mean?

  1. He is just stating the obvious, that Trump is not a conservative, certainly not a cap-ital C Conservative.

    Note he didn’t say that “we will find out that he is …” but that the fact that Trump is not a conservative will be revealed. What this means to Bolton is the potential harm to conservatives for allowing a wolf in sheep’s clothing to masquerade as a conservative but …

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    • Perhaps. But it’s not because I “care” … it’s because I’m curious. Trump has played the conservative card for the last 3-1/2 years in his drive to be reelected. Now Bolton says that mask will come off if/when he gains a second term — which would lead one to assume things will change. But how?

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      • Trump has played the conservative card for the last 3-1/2 years in his drive to be reelected.

        Trump has done a lot that conservatives oppose.

        More accurately, that conservative would oppose if they had the guts to disagree with Trump. But they all seem to be scaredy cats.

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  2. We will all soon find out that Trump is what my 7 year old niece says he is: “A Poo-Poo Head”. Also, Trump cares only about Trump, not what Conservative Evangelicals want, and he is definitely NOT a “constitutionalist”. The GOP has completely empowered him though. So, if he isn’t what they wanted, they gots lots of ‘splainin’ ta do to me about why they continue to kiss his rump.

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  3. I think he’s a “conservative” because only Republicans would buy what he was selling. So a lifelong Democrat became a Republican when he wanted to run for President. He’s not a “true” anything, other any maybe sociopath.

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  4. The obvious is that Trump is only in love with himself, and doesn’t really care about anyone else.
    Having said that, if he were to somehow get a second term, he will drop all the bullshit he is offering conservatives and evangelicals, and stop pandering to anyone but himself. He is incapable of social interaction, though he has been pretending for the past 3.5 years. IF he is granted another four years there will be no democracy.
    None of this is new, it’s been discussed “ad infinitum” by many pundits, but very few of them really believe it. They are doing themselbves a disfavour. They better believe it. Only his family matters, as long as they keep worshipping him. Once that goes, and it will, he will show his true colours. We’ve seen them all before, but we will still be horrified.
    SEEING IS BELIEVING. Don’t give him a chance to show you.

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  5. Nan, it matters not what he calls himself. He is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime and that includes Richard Nixon who was a crook. If people read The Mueller Report, it was pretty telling about Trump’s lying, obstruction of justice and significant dialogue with Russian influences. Yet, even Mueller said he did not dig deep enough and some folks deleted files that did not try to dig out.

    There are many quotes from people who know him that are telling:

    – Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with him for years, said “Donald Trump lies every day even about things of no consequence.”
    – Michael Cohen, his attorney and fixer, under oath said “Donald Trump is a racist, he is con artist and he is a cheat.”
    – Gary Cohn, his National Economic Advisor who decided to resign over Trump’s Charlottesville comments, said Donald Trump is a “prodigious liar.”

    And, there are so many more. So, what Bolton said in his interview and book is not a surprise. But, do you know what has been the biggest surprise to the Trump presidency to me? It was what conservative David Brooks said so succinctly. “The Trump White House is equal parts chaos and incompetence.” Yes, it is.


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  6. Comment in an “analysis” by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-Large

    The most important thing Bolton’s memoir reveals is that Trump doesn’t grasp the difference between how he ran his businesses and how someone has to run a country.

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    • he has always struck me as exactly that. And totally clueless as to how governments govern. If someone disagrees with the boss, he’s out. If someone disagrees with the president, they work it out, because they both have value in their own niches. A President doesn’t make the rules, he follows them. He is the servant of the people, and it’s obvious Trump doesn’t see it that way.

      I’ll give Nixon points for two things: he opened up China, and he would have made an amazing diplomat. He was a good politician, just in the wrong job, and he listened to the wrong people. But there is nothing he did within the venue of the WhiteHouse that was anything but Presidential. He knew how to be a President, hell he had enough practice as a VP, and he knew which ropes to yank. Sadly he got hung up in some of them.

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  7. Bolton claimed Trump did not even know that the UK is a nuclear power. Is such ignorance representative of the US population, or only his voters? Or were they truly ignorant of this man being a total idiot? He was a game show host, people must have seen him perform before and witnessed how he has trouble of forming the most simple of sentences.

    Bolton said also, that Trump had asked from one of his generals, wether if Finland was part of Russia. I guess Finland is not a major player on the international field, and it is possible, that a senior citizen from the other side of the planet could have trouble remembering these things, but it is also difficult to grasp how he has been able to pass through all the expensive education he supposedly has, seemingly without accumulating much information and evel less understanding of the world.

    Bolton makes the claim, that Trump does everything to get re-elected, but I think his main motivation is to compete with his immidiate predecessor. Getting re-elected is only one thing on that long list of to-do. In office Trump has created very little of anything of his own. Rather it seems, that from the very beginning, from the wild claims he made about the amount of people in his inauguration in comparrison to that of Obama, Donald’s career seems to have been to cancel and dismantle everything Obama did or achieved. He is a stupid man compensating for his lack of intelligence, by competing with people who are not in competition with him. Typical.

    As for Bolton himself, he has just lifted his own profile by stating the obvious, that Trump is an ignorant idiot, and made a buck in doing so. Did Bolton not know this before he joined Trump’s office? Either way, wether Bolton realized that Trump is a ful fledged nincompoop, and subsequently thought he could steer Trump, or if he thought Trump is a fitting man to be the prez and an honest to god “conservative” who simply happened to be the friend of the Clintons for a while, what does that make Bolton himself, if not merely a nother nincompoop?

    Perhaps it is best, that Trump was not easily persuaded by Bolton, whose solution to every international problem is use of force. He may know more about the geography and geopolitical situation of the world, than Trump, but it does not mean he is a genius in that field. Bolton lives in his own fairy land, where he thinks the US can afford to wage wars against North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. It does not. The US army is so expensive, innefective and the very opposite of cost effective, that sad stalemates like Afghanishtan and Iraq have drained the US economy.

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  8. I think Trump is probably more libertarian at least in certain ways. He is not as supportive of the military-industrial complex and wants to avoid endless military entanglement in the middle east. He also expects our NATO allies to be paying their far share. I don’t think this goes over well with conservative folks who are more war Hawks. I also feel on certain social issues such as gay marriage, he is not conservative at all.

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    • Wikipedia’s definition of Libertarian is thus:

      Libertarianism, or libertarism, is a political philosophy and movement that upholds liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association and individual judgment

      I don’t see anything in that description that fits Trump. What do YOU see?

      I would be inclined to agree with a couple of your other points.

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      • Nan, I don’t think he is strictly libertarian, but I was thinking more of the tax cuts, cutting certain regulations on business, and especially his strong tendency to want to avoid armed conflict in the middle east.


        • Actually, Trump “is” whatever the situation calls for.

          But at his core, he’s a self-absorbed, insecure, whiny baby that snivels and cries (via Twitter) when things don’t go his way.


    • Rebecca Rome, what do you mean by Trump not being supportive of the military-industrial complex? He has increased the US military spending on a new level of high, has he not? He has even launched a completely new military branch, the US space forces, even though at the moment these might need to take a lift from the Russians even to get on orbit. Are you referring to some speech he has made on the subject, or what?

      I think I can appriciate his willingness to not to meddle in the affairs of other countries as much as some of his predecessors. At least coming from a little, but fiercly indipendend country, to me the American political model where US politicians may go their parliament and demand that the US military interference in some other sovereign country is morally agreeable, because of “US interrests” in that country or area. It can hardly be described as anything else than imperialism.

      I have no knowledge what are Mr. Trumps reasons to be not interrested to keep having troops in the Middle-East, but in many ways he seems to have the knack to choose the worst possible moments to withdraw, as he did in Syria. Many of the groups there, that were alligned to the US were left without help just when they needed help the most. Thus, the grand message was, that the US is not a reliable ally, but Russia is as Russia has constantly given support to Al Assad government. This spells trouble in the future. Of course, since the Russian military is much more ruthless than the US, (even though they have learned some dirty tricks from the US, such as using private contractors to do the most heinous acts and war crimes) and more effiently organized, with better equipment, their support to the Syrian government has also had results, that the US drone strikes (altough as propaganda events sometimes good looking) have not, wich will be an ending to the Syrian conflict and the dictator Assad once more in power. If that is what Putin ultimately even wants. He has enjoyed the pressure of refugees to Europe, from the Syrian conflict and the political turmoil, that has led more or less authoritarinistic extremist right-wing parties to a rise in Europe with the support of the Russian government.

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  9. I have no idea what Bolton intended to communicate. Donny Bone-spurs is a very frightening person to me. The magic he works on the fawning cretins that lick his shoes is amazing.

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    • I agree. My only question is whether these insights are coming from the BRAIN of Bolton, or from the MUSTACHE, which is an alien lifeform dedicated to bloodshed and war (Bolton’s mustache manifested itself in previous lifetimes as the War God Ares, as Smoking Mirror in the bloody Aztec religion, and as Shango in West African religions)

      In all seriousness, why is Bolton given any platform at all? He is a classic War Pig. His main beef with Trump is we are not bogged down in a bloody land war in Iran.

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