8 thoughts on “On the COVID-19 Frontline–Video

  1. Hello Nan. As you and some others may know my husband works in an ICU of a large hospital. The things in this video is what he and his co-workers dealt with every shift. Everything from the all day protective gear sores and marks on his face to the precautions when he got home not to expose me and our cats to potential covid-19. I got an award when I worked in the ICU for staying with a patient while they died because they had no family. In Florida the patient bill of rights states no one should die alone. But with this virus that was not possible, family were not allowed to be with the dying. It was horrible for all. Last thing I want to mention, Ron and his co-workers faced the constant threat of getting this virus. Ron was forced to take 14 days off work with out pay when he came down with suspected symptoms, even though his cough went away in a couple days and his Covid-19 test was negative. On the tests, as it said in the video every patient is considered a covid-19 patient if they show signs because the test used were so unreliable. So Ron came back negative yet still had to be off work in quarantine for 14 days. Why give the tests? They are very unpleasant. Those forgetting what was sacrificed in the last two months are not understanding how very serious this is and they are simply setting up a resurgence of this entire debacle. More importantly they may think they are only endangering themselves, but they are endangering every person they are around and also the very people who will be struggling to save their lives in the hospital such as my husband, and that endangers me, his spouse. Thanks selfish person, hope you enjoyed your day out on the beach, in the bar, at the restaurant, I have health issues and if I get it I will be one more who will die. Thanks for being a caring person in a healthy caring society. Hugs

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