18 thoughts on “No Additional Words Necessary

  1. From David Maccoby

    [Donald Trump, Titanic captain]

    1. There is no iceberg
    2. We won’t hit the iceberg
    3. We barely touched the iceberg
    4. Nobody could’ve seen the iceberg
    5. These deaths mean my plan worked
    6. I’m the best captain ever

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    • And now of course he is taking full credit for all of the things that everyone else has been doing without ‘his’ permission, knowledge, or comprehension. And of course if something goes awry, it wasn’t his fault and he never said a word.

      We don’t have a 70 year old president, we have a four year old who just discovered what happens when you drop the cookie jar you were told not to touch…

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  2. It is exasperating to try to use reason and reality and facts to explain or counter irrationality. Trump is irrational, so reason and reality and facts simply don’t matter to whatever feeling he uses to launch his next bout of irrationality. The sooner more people realize this, the less attention they’ll pay to him and his words because he doesn’t matter. What he thinks doesn’t matter. What he believes doesn’t matter. What matters are those who enable him. They are the appropriate target of our collective wrath because they are the ones guilty of putting aside reason when they know this is important, guilty of putting aside reality because they know we are all vulnerable to it, and guilty of avoiding and altering facts to suit an irrational spin. They then ACT in support of irrational behaviour that causes real harm not just to real people in real life but the health and welfare of the country itself by undermining and weakening and manipulating and using the very institutions that protect all of us from a political tantrum and denialism that is currently killing real people in real life. The level of selfishness by those enabling Trump for their own selfish reasons is breathtaking in its vileness.


    • The sooner more people realize this, the less attention they’ll pay to him and his words because he doesn’t matter.

      You seem to forget that Trump is the Leader of the United States. For those of us who live here, it’s a bit difficult to pay “less attention” to him because for us, his words (and actions) do matter. Yes, while he may be/is as you describe him, he is still the one running this country.

      Certainly he’s influenced by those who grovel in the background, but it has been pointed out by numerous “inside” sources that in the end, he’s going to do what HE wants to do because, well, he’s bigly smart.

      I appreciate your psychoanalysis, tildeb, but you’re not the one living through this hell.


      • Of course, what you say is true: Trump is the inmate running the asylum. But perhaps being Canadian allows me an opportunity to see how this ongoing unstable situation can be mitigated because, like you, we have to deal with the fallout that comes from having a delusional sycophant issuing statements that represent the US.. I am not immune to these effects any more than any American is immune. But at least I have a buffer that comes with the border.

        Canada has been highly challenged to cope with Trump’s administration and its MAGA direction. And the way we have done that as a country – through a complete overhaul of the largest trade agreement in the world and daily business measured by billions of dollars, to mention one example of many – I think offers good advice to Americans adversely affected: deal with the people who have to implement Trump’s pronouncements. They are the true power brokers and, because they have to work with reality, are the ones able to be reasoned with in constructive ways. They are the ones, then, who can influence Trump because Trump has to go through these very people to make the policies he wants implemented real.

        For example, Trump just made an announcement about 3M having to redirect all PPE resources towards the US.. 3M has facilities all over the world – including several very large facilities in Canada – and now all of them are to direct their production towards supplying the US and only the US. This is Trump’s policy. But this policy interferes with an order for a significant amount of PPEs for Canada. Now here’s the thing: surgical face masks, and certain other products involved in PPEs, use a specific kind of pulp. Pulp in this North American supply chain comes from Canada. No specific pulp, no typical masks and other products. We want to supply pulp. But to do that, we also need PPEs as part of that agreement. What’s a person to do?

        For example, over 2,000 Canadian nurses make the daily commute into US border cities to work in US hospitals. Many of these are private hospitals. We want to have these nurses working in these hospitals… assuming other nurses in Canada can meet our domestic needs. And part of that domestic need involves an adequate supply of PPEs. What’s a person to do?

        When 3M executives understand why limiting all production of PPEs to the US market alone causes them a problem in supply, when private hospital CEOs and influential Board members understand that this Trump policy is undermining their ability to staff their first rate hospitals, when enough people report to the their Washington influence peddlers and politicians that this policy is actually harming their businesses, only then can Trump be given the leeway by these whisperers to alter his policy and feel very clever, supportive, and motivated to do so.

        Confronting Trump doesn’t work. He’ll just fire and be vindictive to anyone who questions or undermines his biggly authority. In contrast, working behind the scenes with local people who have influence because they make the policies real is the key to mitigating what Trump might say an do publicly. That’s why I have offered this ‘psychoanalysis’: because it works in real life and it is these local people who should be held to account by local populations.

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  3. In a strange twisted way I can understand the sycophant. If you disagree with the Man in Charge, you’re out. Any good you could have done up front is lost. He has systematically erased the good guys, the intelligent ones who usually want to make things better, and replaced them with thugs and yes men and folks who really should have stayed in jail.
    The only way you can get anything done privately is to align yourself publicly with the boss, no matter what personal animosity you might have, and do what you can in other areas, hoping not to get caught.

    Im amazed Jim Bakker isn’t in the lineup. I’m also amazed that Dr. Fauci still is.

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  4. Your forgot to add a picture of him digging into a big bag of Lays!
    or gorging on healthy McDonald’s burgers.

    hehe…The guys who says ‘Two Corinthians’ must be a true republican of the faithfools. Xi and Putin must be having a good time with this guy sitting in the oval office.

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