Re-Blog: Republicans + Woke

EXCELLENT! Especially for (younger) individuals who are not familiar with these presidents and what they did for this country.

Politics Unraveled

“Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without.” Millions of Americans were forced to live by these words during the 1930s. The Great Depression swept across the country like an unforgiving force. Millions became jobless while many others went hungry. Kitchen soups and bread lines became common sights in every major city; the nation was on the brink of collapse.

For those who witnessed the country’s incredible growth during the 1920s, the stock market crash of 1929 was nothing more than an inconceivable nightmare. While the U.S. had experienced market downturns in the past, nobody expected the widespread devastation that the Great Depression would cause.

In their time of need, Americans of every stripe understood the necessity for renewed leadership. Something had gone horribly wrong and it was now the government’s responsibility to ensure that the people of this country aren’t forced to endure such hardships ever…

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6 thoughts on “Re-Blog: Republicans + Woke

  1. Hello Nan. I have found the same thing in my own readings. Many Democrats ran on universal healthcare in the past including Ted Kennedy. The Democrats lost their way in 1980 facing Ronald Reagan. They let him define them, let him make them the evil government out to destroy freedom and as unpatriotic. The Republicans, as with anything that works for them, just kept running with it deeper and harder as much as possible. The final nail for Democrats came in that decade when greed was good was the slogan, was when they started to crave the big money donors the Republicans were suckling from. Well to get that money came the strings attached to it and the Democratic party became Republican lite. The two memes in that one post I made today show how far the spectrum has shifted. I keep saying Bernie’s policies are not far left, they are simply left. They are where the party was back in 1970’s. Notes to ponder today left a comment where she said she did not understand the fuss about Bernie, he would be a normal candidate in her country. I think the soul of the country is up for grabs now, and it looks like the big money is pushing hard for the right to win, with either tRump or Biden. Hugs

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    • The Democrats lost their way in 1980 facing Ronald Reagan. They let him define them, let him make them the evil government out to destroy freedom and as unpatriotic.

      This seems too simplistic.

      The Democrats went where the votes were. Many people who had previously voted for the Democrats had become “Reagan Democrats”. The Democrats did poorly in 1980, 1984 and 1988 elections. They moved in order to improved their odds at the next election.

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      • Hello Neil. Perhaps the Democrats lost elections for the same reason we lost state houses and state offices the last two decades. The party moved from its representing the people, from being populist, from championing the poor, and the lower incomes to being Reagan Democrats, blue dog Democrats, corporate moderate democrats. A moderate centrist Democrat is simply Republican lite. The Republicans won’t vote in mass for the lite when they can vote instead for the full Republican. The left / progressives won’t vote for the Republican lite because they don’t want the policies of the Republicans. The only advantage of being a centerlist is the big money donors. They want small incremental change to keep the masses hopeful for a change that never comes.

        I notice that no one calls the far right extremist like they do the progressive left. I notice no one asks Republicans to move to the center to attract Democrats. Only the left is asked to move right. Why? There are far more registered Democrats in the country than Republicans, so besides cheating to win why is it expected the left must move toward the right and adopt their policies? Because that is where the big money donors are for the most part. Even the big donors on the left only really want social change, not economic change. IMO. Hugs

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    • Scottie, I definitely want to see health care costs reduced and people gaining greater access to care. But, I think when many people hear “universal healthcare” their minds are running to a government take over of healthcare. Here is part of the scenario that many fear.

      Do you think there could be a free market solution, if more competition were introduced into the system? Would this also drive down health care costs. To be honest, I’m not sure what the most effective solution would be at this point. I’m definitely open to hear solutions, as I’m sure most of us are.

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      • Hello Becky. The answer to your question is no. The reason market solutions don’t work in any public service or government role is the need to make profit. If you have to make a profit you have to either lower costs which hurts workers and the ones served by the product, or rise costs, which hurts those served by the product. The only one who gains from privatizing government services is those making the profit. Everyone else suffers. Look at what happened to the prison systems that went private for profit. Instead of being cheaper like it was touted, it ended up costing the states more, with most of the contracts requiring either enough prisoners to keep the prisons full or the states have to pay for the empty bed. That incentives jailing more people for longer times. On the other side prison companies are getting sued and investigated all over the country for not providing proper adequate healthcare as that costs money and eats into profit, making prisoners work for almost no money in modern slavery saving both prison labor costs and businesses pay the prison more than the inmate doing the work. Recently one state said any food budge money to feed prisoners left over at the end of the fiscal year could go to the Sheriff. Well over a few years that Sheriff pocked over $750,000 dollars and bought a luxury home for yes, $750 thousand dollars. Do you know how the Sheriff managed to save that much money on the food budget. Turns out he gave out starvation rations, moldy food, clearly rotten food, food with bugs in it, food expired, food so bad a lot of the prisoners who ate it got sick. Of course there was no healthcare for them as that costs money the Sheriff could pocket as well. See adding a profit margin is harmful. The government needs to provide services with out a middle man. There is no reason the government needs to make a profit.

        What is killing our healthcare system now is the need to make a profit at all levels, and at every level the only who is paying is you, the one who needs the healthcare. People do not realize that they, not the insurance company pays for anything the insurance covers. That is why the insurance companies try to deny or restrict care, it eats into to the money people pay them, it costs them profits. It is a scam. Healthcare is a human right not a way to make profit off the sick, injured , or dying who have no choice but to use everything they have to pay the cost. If your life is in the balance, if you are in horrible pain, they have you over a barrel and can charge anything they want. It is morally wrong. It also is dying and unsustainable.

        Becky I did not watch the video. It is a right wing propaganda channel. It is run by a hard right former talk show host and it is factual dishonest and full of lies and misdirection. I know I have debunked a lot of them and listen to others do the same. They claim to be non-profit and supported by donations. Another lie. They are supported at the tune of 23 million dollars a year by two billionaires who want to promote hard right positions. Think of it, the ones fighting Medicare For All are the ones profiting from the current system..

        If you want to know the truth about them I can help you find videos if you want, or you could google pregaru dishonesty. or lies, or anything like that.

        Here is a written debunking of the pregeru video.

        and this one is a video doing it also. Debunking PragerU 3: “Government Can’t Fix Healthcare”

        As for Canadian healthcare, it is a much loved system. Even a sitting US Senator went to Canada for needed surgery. Rand Paul. But you say don’t people come to the US for healthcare. Yes wealthy people who can afford to pay top dollar and are not worried about the exorbitant costs. You never hear anyone claim they would trade their Canadian system for the one in the US. I have friends that are Canadian and the family that adopted me was Canadian. They all love their healthcare system. Yes they may want changes here and there, we all do, but they wont give it up and are aghast at what people in the US have to go through. The old canard about long wait times has not only been debunked but it is normally shorter than wait times in the US. The studies are clear that people are happier under a universal healthcare system, they pay less, the out comes are better, and the entire healthcare costs for the country are less. It is a win for everyone but those who are making obscene profits off of the suffering of others.

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  2. Thank you Nan for the reblog. 🙂 My comment over on Cesar’s blog-post:


    Hi Cesar,

    I’m assuming Cesar given your contact email address. 🙂 I am popping over from Nan’s blog who I follow. I’m glad I did too!

    I very much enjoyed your much needed look back at American political history. Well done Sir. I wish a lot more young Americans would do this and do the necessary homework/legwork to make well-informed decisions and opinions about the United States, its designed Constitutional democracy, and whether our three branches of government are abiding in, protecting, and enforcing its core values. Sadly, the majority of American voters do not do this, let alone understand the national conventions and how they work to select Presidential/Vice-Presidential tickets. Case and point…

    As I read this excellent blog-post I was also reminded of the 1944 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, IL. Leading up to the Convention and in the first days Henry Wallace—FDR’s favored choice again—was the clear leading choice for Vice-President by 65%! Byrnes had 3% and Harry Truman garnered a measly 2%! In the first ballot Wallace was the clear winner, however, not with a majority. Then the big powers that be within the Convention—Hannegan, Pauley, Walker, Flynn, Allen, and Kelly—set out to buy and cut deals with delegates to force 2% Harry Truman as VP with Roosevelt. Yet, the hardworking American “Pro-Labor” Democrats overwhelmingly wanted Wallace. Funny how history just repeats and repeats and repeats itself in our state and federal campaigns, isn’t it?

    Now today common, shrinking middle-class Americans, and an ever growing inequality gap across the country for most Americans must contend with mega-millions soaking election campaigns thanks to Citizens United and a host of other modern Dark Money laundering tactics rampant now throughout our nation’s federal politics.

    Again, excellent post Sir.

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