Has The Presidency Aged Trump?

You know the answer. I know the answer. Yet many, many people want to deny the answer. And many others simply ignore the question …

However, John Mixon on Quora had this to say when someone asked if the presidency has aged Trump:

Donald Trump was never known to be a towering intellect. However in the past few years his mental acuity has seriously degraded in public and on record. It’s frankly dishonest for anyone to claim that it hasn’t occurred as there are myriad instances which clearly and unambiguously demonstrate that it has.

What’s worse is that since Trump has not been truthful about his medical state, if he’s re-elected, the deterioration is going to continue and we may find ourselves with a POTUS who is barely able to function or even Mike Pence as POTUS which might be the same thing, or very similar. His age-related decline will be become a problem (and a potential danger) for everyone, not just him.

To ensure readers he isn’t exaggerating or even lying about Trump’s mental decline, John provided links to some media sources. I found the following two to be the most relevant:



And here are some additional links I came across that are also worth reading:



What’s so disturbing is that no one in Congress is doing anything about the situation. Instead, the focus has been on impeachment. But then I read in this article that removing Trump from office due to concerns about his mental acuity (a measure of the sharpness of the human mind) would be much more difficult that impeaching him.

So in the long run, if worse comes to worse, it seems our best option still resides in the 2020 election.

In closing, I just want everyone to remember the urgency of “Covfefe!”

25 thoughts on “Has The Presidency Aged Trump?

  1. I think at this stage we are all aging far more quickly than the Prez. At least when he started his campaigning before, he made a certain amount of sense. Now he just makes noises. His language has deteriorated to that of a spoiled child and at this stage he’s making Nixon look good, and Bush look downright delightful. I have this vision of him being voted out of office, and refusing to go. It’s an ugly thought, but he seems to have all the dignity of an enraged woodchuck right now, if not the charm.

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  2. What three (I mean 4) important people were born in the summer of 1946? Trump, Dubya, Bill Clinton, and (drum roll please) me. I doubt if any of the issues he displays have squat to do with age or aging. It is just him.
    I find it hard to believe that someone like that exists, and it’s even harder to comprehend 60M+ voters.

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    • Age doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Look at Jimmy Carter!

      I agree that Trump has issues that go beyond his age … but I’m also convinced he’s suffering from a loss of mental acuity. Most likely when he’s tired. -IF- he does win another term in office, I tend to think we’re going to see more and more memory lapses and incoherent speeches. Hopefully to the point that Congress is forced to act!

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    • If you think about it, this trump cult base is really in control of it all. The republicans in office dare not speak against the Orange King, or they will be voted out of office. They probably know he is an idiot and dangerous, but they care only if they are re elected.

      The cult rules trump in a way, as he must continue to fuel the fires of racism, fear and hatred because it works. If he even thought about tempering his remarks or deeds, they would abandon him on a heartbeat.

      In a very perverse way, this is the power of the people. It’s just thats it’s very sick people.

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  3. Hardly surprising. Most presidents age visibly in office. It’s a tremendously stressful and demanding job. Yes, Trump goofs off more than other presidents, but he’s also more prone to stress due to his hypersensitivity to criticism and mockery (which always come with the job), and he’s very poorly equipped psychologically to cope with stress. On top of that, he’s over 70 and has long had a very unhealthy lifestyle. It wouldn’t be surprising if normal dementia is setting in.

    As for Congress doing something about this, the projected course of impeachment illustrates why they can’t. As long as essentially the entire Republican party is abjectly corrupt and in cowardly thrall to Trump, it’s impossible for Congress to remove him on mental-competence grounds or any other grounds. Nor can any new laws get passed to address the situation along the lines of the suggestions in the Atlantic links. The real power to address the situation remains where it should be, with the voters. The Electoral College thwarted the will of the voters in 2016. Next year we’ll need to turn out in such numbers that it can’t happen again.

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    • That says it all…turnout!
      I fear the people who won’t vote, if it’s not their favorite candidate and those who won’t vote at all, as this will hand it to trump for 4 more years and possibly more.

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  4. Trump cannot last forever, just like any of us. But Moscow Mitch and his Friends of Dementia are no better. How they can kowtow to a sick madman is beyond me. Is there no intelligent life in the Repuglycan Party? Somewhere must be someone brave enough to jump off the runaway train. Or they all commit political suicide together, and there is no GOP anymore. Can none of them look into the future? Obviously not. Therefore there is no future, for anyone…

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    • I think there are individuals among the Repukes who see and know what’s happening but unfortunately, they are overruled by others in the party that have more “say-so” … and more control. (Need I name names?)

      Another point that I just came across in an article:

      Trump has been a remarkably conservative president. For most Republican lawmakers, to oppose him would be to oppose their own interests since many of them were sent to Washington to fight for spending cuts, lower taxes and conservative judges. It would be political suicide to stand against a president who has delivered on each count.


      • He has delivered on some, but what are the results of those deliveries. As humane beings, we are moving backwards. His tax cuts are favouring mostly the rich. And hasn’t your deficit risen by leaps and bounds? Doesn’t that speak to more spending, not less.
        Trump was tweeting today about the econmy being the best ever, but I’m betting inflation takes the better part of that for whatever affect it is having on the poor and middle classes.
        Trump is not concerned about anyone but himself, and his rich cronies. Everything he does, he does for them.

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  5. Year Total eligible Total votes Percent

    1992 189,493,000 104,600,000 55.2%
    1996 196,789,000 96,390,000 49.0%
    2000 209,787,000 105,594,000 50.3%
    2004 219,553,000 122,349,000 55.7%
    2008 229,945,000 131,407,000 58.2%
    2012 235,248,000 129,235,000 54.9%
    2016 250,056,000 138,847,000 55.7%
    2020 ?

    Herein lies the problem…..
    We barely get over half the eligible voters to vote, yet the republicans and especially trump supporters, do in much higher numbers.

    I got this from Wikipedia

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