Pro Birth Accountability Act

Scottie at ScottiesToyBox just posted an excerpt/link to the following article. IMO, it’s an idea whose time has come!

States That Ban Abortion Should Have to Pay People Forced to Give Birth


Last week, a South Carolina state senator filed an incredible bill that every pro-choice lawmaker in the U.S. should copy. It says that if the state wants to ban abortion, it should have to pay all of the costs of birthing and raising children born as a result. 

I say Right On!

What say you?


11 thoughts on “Pro Birth Accountability Act

  1. I love the meme.
    I would add that while I disfavor abortion (in the sense that I support those who choose to give birth, and Scottie’s post) and I am anti-death penalty (as a matter of policy, logic, and recognition of a flawed legal system), I fully support anyone’s right to choose, to live, or to die (if that seems reasonable).
    So I second your ‘right on!’

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  2. Hello Nan. Thank you for the mention and the link. I also love the meme you posted. I think you once made the statement that basically it is a women’s body and her right to decided what to do. I agree. But if these males, these religious people are going to force birth on women then they must take the responsibility for all the things they would legally saddle the woman with that she wouldn’t have if she was given body autonomy. How is it these people can not see this? They are not pro-life, they are forced birth and demanding male control over a woman’s body and sexuality. Hugs

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      • Hello Nan. I use to have a lot of what I thought was well thought out arguments for a woman’s right to choose. Then I read what you wrote several times on the subject. I read what you wrote and thought hard on your point. It is clear no matter what argument you want to bring pro or con, no matter your philosophy or science, even your religion, it is very clear as you make the point repeatedly, it is the woman’s body. It is her body! Can it be any more simple? My body is my own, and no authority has ever done anything to lessen that. Every male has body autonomy. Shouldn’t females also have that same right? I think so. Hugs

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        • Hey, Scotty, I would hope you do not just “think” so, but believe it with every fibre of your male body. We males have absolutely no say in a woman’s decision how she wants to live. We have absolutely no say in anyone’s decision how they want to die. That males suddenly own a woman’s body just because they put one sperm in it is ridiculous. Anyone who does believe that should get their head out of their religious book and look at the real world around them. People are people, and they belong to themselves, and no one else.
          I don’t know how to say this properly, but it is time for women to go on strike again. Ladies, cut off male access to your bodies unless they agree to honor your wishes, in writing. I know this won’t solve all situation, such as rape, but it might be a start. OWN YOUR BODY, AND YOUR MIND! (And if I said something stupidly, please resay it in your own words.)

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          • Hello Rawgod. As I said I had all kinds of reasoned arguments and things I felt were spot on. Yet Nan opened my eyes with just the truth that it is a woman’s body. Just that. Simple. It is her body! I wouldn’t allow or be OK if those restrictions were placed on my body, so why is it OK for a female body? Nan made it simple and unable to be denied. Hugs

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        • In every post I’ve ever written and in every conversation I’ve ever had on this subject — I have stressed that it is the woman’s body! It is HER choice. SHE is the one who must live with the decision. The man who deposited the sperm may offer input, but it is THE WOMAN who indisputably has the final say.

          I don’t get wound up about very many topics but this is one that I will stand toe-to-toe.

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  3. I give a thumbs up to everything.You can’t reasonable refuse a rape victim an abortion and make her suffer all those months with a baby growing then expect her to give birth and accept the baby. A woman has total right to make any decisions regarding her own body.

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  4. Right On!!! “Right to Live” is a misnomer, for the same ones who would take away a woman’s right to choose, also support the death penalty, AND they do not want their tax dollars to help the poor with housing, food and medical care. They aren’t ‘pro life’, they are quite simply anti-abortion misogynists.

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