The Impeachment Circus

Did anyone else happen to watch yesterday’s Judiciary Committee impeachment proceedings? I watched them for awhile in the evening (my usual TV-watching time) and one thing stood out to me above everything else.

The Democrats again and again gave clear and concise REASONS — and cited evidence — for why President Trump should be impeached.

The Republicans, on the other hand, could do nothing more than lambaste the impeachment hearing, continually complaining about how the process was being handled. Even calling it a “kangaroo court.” Yet, from my perspective, the speakers on “their” side offered little to no defense to the claims presented by the Democrats against the president.

Essentially, it was just a bunch of whining.

While I admit I lean towards impeachment, it will be interesting to see what information the Republicans present when the impeachment action moves to their home territory.

Hopefully, after all has been said and done, the Moderates and Independents watching this circus will be able to ferret out the truth and make an informed decision next year at the polling stations.

One thing is for certain. Even if the Senate lets Trump off the hook, it does not mean his hands are lily white.

Nor does it mean he won’t continue to push the limits of his authority. Or make up his own …

19 thoughts on “The Impeachment Circus

  1. But…but…but…HER EMAILS!!!!! Yeah, the Repukes have NO defense for Trump’s criminal actions but they will still NOT remove him from office. I’ll be stunned if even one Repukelican Senator votes against him. They have surrendered their party to Trump. They are his puppets and his playthings. To say anything against him is to be primaried out of office. We are in for deep, dark, awful times. I just hope I’m wrong about that.

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  2. There is that nagging fear that he will not be convicted and it is true, the Republican enablers will kiss ass and no one wants Pence. A nation wide rebellion, some say, might result either way. Next election, it will be the youth that will save America. GROG

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  3. I did not watch any Impeachment Hearings yesterday. I had no interest in doing so. I did, however, watch them in the early days, two-ish weeks ago(?), and found essentially the same display of facts/evidence versus tRump-esque drama as you describe Nan. Since then I’ve just been skimming over headlines off my news-feed and reading Robert’s (The Secular Jurist) headlines/blog. 😛 Those small doses are more than sufficient for MY patience, intelligence, and above-average understanding of how our 3-Branched Constitutional, federal government PROPERLY functions and carry out their duties/roles, or how they are SUPPOSED to carry them out. Those undramatic roles and functions are very different than what we so often see on television. 😦

    Unfortunately, reality and human emotion are a different kind of wild animal. Point and case, if the general (majority?) American TV audience loves, laps up, and supports (Nielsen ratings), and/or are pandered to (get their dramatic fixes) by broadcasts of sensationalism, degrees of fiction via cinematic license ala The Kardashians, Jerry Springer, Live PD, Cheaters, The Walking Dead, or Real Housewives of ________, etc, then these Impeachment Hearings are certainly their syringe and rubber-tube injection. Just imagine what the upcoming circus will be in the Senate! As you’re alluding to Nan, there could be Academy Award nominations afterwards! 😉

    What is shameful, indirectly mocked, and lost in the melodrama is our Constitutional democracy… executed by equal, collaborating 3-branches of government, something our POTUS has absolutely no clue of its proper/improper processes, protocols, history, or implementation as merely ONE SINGLE cog in an entire complex wheel. Besides, Republicans have unsheathed and rattled their impeachment swords several times in the past as well. Why not just stop the childish dramatics and execute your office’s/committee’s duties and get on with it!!!

    Ugh, why does the American public have such an addiction/affliction for sensationalism rather than the beauty and sacredness of liberty, freedom under the rule of Law? 😖

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    • Oh YES! And what a fit he threw! On top of that, his whole tirade was completely incoherent so I’m not sure what he accomplished.

      And absolutely! The gender dividing lines are deeply etched into our society.

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  4. When you are on a side that has no defense, at least no credible defense, then you go on the offense, which is exactly what the republicans are doing. Matt Gaetz little tirade about Hunter Biden was a) irrelevant to the impeachment charges, and b) made him look like the little jackass he is. Trump will be impeached, but he will not be removed from office. We best turn our sights now toward making sure there is no voter apathy, that every eligible voter understands the significance of this election, that it is a choice between a republic or a dictatorship, and gets their sweet patooties to the polls! I’m sick and damn tired of the games the republicans are playing, and I plan to do everything in my power to see that they are largely rendered ineffectual after next year’s election. To go a step further … well no, I best not do that, for I don’t want the men in dark suits and dark glasses pounding on my door in the morning! Use your imagination!

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  5. Hello Nan. I tried to catch the hearings as much as I could. I even recorded a couple when I was not able to be home. On the 14 HR hearing I fell asleep at my desk, which may have been my mind’s way to preserve what sanity I have left. I have read that the histrionics of the Republicans serve three idea. They want to turn off as many viewers as possible who can not stand to watch that yelling and other crap. They want to make sound bites to be played on State Propaganda TV AKA Fox. The last thing they are trying to do is show for the cult base that they are the alphas in the room. They are the loudest shouters, they are the he men that break the rules, they are not weak know it all Democrats. All hail the thug leader and his minions they scream. This morning on clips from MSNBC I watched a clip of Lindsey Graham beseeching the Senate to not make up their minds, not say they won’t vote to convict, to wait and hear out the evidence, and decrying the idea of making your mind up to not hear the case. Oh yes that was Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. Now he screams the opposite of what he begged then. Hugs

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