The Impeachment Circus

Did anyone else happen to watch yesterday’s Judiciary Committee impeachment proceedings? I watched them for awhile in the evening (my usual TV-watching time) and one thing stood out to me above everything else.

The Democrats again and again gave clear and concise REASONS — and cited evidence — for why President Trump should be impeached.

The Republicans, on the other hand, could do nothing more than lambaste the impeachment hearing, continually complaining about how the process was being handled. Even calling it a “kangaroo court.” Yet, from my perspective, the speakers on “their” side offered little to no defense to the claims presented by the Democrats against the president.

Essentially, it was just a bunch of whining.

While I admit I lean towards impeachment, it will be interesting to see what information the Republicans present when the impeachment action moves to their home territory.

Hopefully, after all has been said and done, the Moderates and Independents watching this circus will be able to ferret out the truth and make an informed decision next year at the polling stations.

One thing is for certain. Even if the Senate lets Trump off the hook, it does not mean his hands are lily white.

Nor does it mean he won’t continue to push the limits of his authority. Or make up his own …