Two Different Impeachment Playbooks

Following are some of my thoughts related to this article.

I don’t know about you, but on several occasions I’ve considered the differences between Clinton’s impeachment and what’s happening with Trump. Although Clinton didn’t “own up” at first, he finally did … apologized … and got back to running the country for the American people. Trump, on the other hand …

Well, I’ll let you read this excerpt from the article:

While Trump rarely goes more than a few hours without weighing in on the impeachment inquiry, Clinton’s strategy was to appear above the impeachment fray, a figure too busy working on behalf of the American people to spend his days focused on the investigation by Ken Starr or the impeachment proceedings that followed.

Take note: Clinton’s strategy was to “be a figure too busy working on behalf of the American people.” (He has said he would advise Trump to do the same.)

And Sen. Lindsey Graham (Yes, that Lindsey Graham) actually said this:

President Clinton defended himself but he never stopped being presidential. The public may not have liked what the president had done, but believed that he was still able to do his job, and as he governed during impeachment, I think that was the single best thing he did.

Some of you may remember when Clinton apologized and asked for forgiveness for the hurt he’d caused his family and the American people. He added that he was “genuinely sorry” for the pain and the damage that he had caused and for the wrongs he had committed.

Trump, on the other hand, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, frequently reiterating that his call to the Ukrainian president was “perfect.”

The article does point out that at the beginning, Clinton attempted to discredit and dismiss the investigation and the individuals conducting it. Eventually, however, he took his lumps and admitted the error of his ways.

One can hardly deny the difference between the two presidents.

Clinton acted like an adult and came out ahead in the end. Trump has acted like a child who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, all the while insisting the cookie jar doesn’t even exist.

As he commented at one of his recent campaign rallies: “How do you impeach a president who didn’t do anything wrong?”

25 thoughts on “Two Different Impeachment Playbooks

  1. Very good insight Nan. And I also remember that Bill Clinton left office with high ratings. Of course, we have to keep in mind, Bill Clinton is a very intelligent man, a Rhodes Scholar who became a world-class politician. Had he left Monica alone, we would definitely have voted Al Gore in as president, instead of that other Republican idiot George Bush, and the world might well be a better place. But I do have to admit, Trump makes Bush look almost intelligent…almost.

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  2. Trump has no honor. No dignity. No self respect. No ability to self analyze like many of us would. He believes the lies he tells himself because he has no one around him to put the foot down and demand he face reality.

    He lives his delusions because Republicans in the Senate don’t have the integrity to stop this bullshit.

    We are in a dire situation here. Our very country is at stake. I fear we are on the verge of our democracy being hijacked by a dictatorship, if something can’t be done about Trump.

    Even if he doesn’t get impeached by the Senate does anyone believe he will willingly give up the presidency if he gets voted out in the next election? Does anyone have the power and a willingness to use it to make him step down?

    Does anyone think the Republicans would see a problem there if they cannot see the problem here?

    The reason things have gone this far is because the Republicans will do anything to remain in power. That should be fairly obvious at this point.

    Be concerned. Be very concerned with how all of this plays out. We are in a serious test of democracy. The problem with a democracy is it requires people of integrity and honor to stand up and do what is best for our country. The Republicans, who control the Senate control our future. They have neither…

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    • “Even if he doesn’t get impeached by the Senate does anyone believe he will willingly give up the presidency if he gets voted out in the next election?”

      Since when have the Democrats acknowledged that he was elected President?

      The problem with the whole cookie jar analogy, is that the jar has changed shapes so many times, who knows which “bombshell” we are looking at any given day? There has never been a president elected that has gone through the scrutiny and backbiting that Trump has.

      I don’t endorse everything he says and does, but I’m tempted to vote for the guy because the Dems look crazier than he does!


      • Corey, you wrote: There has never been a president elected that has gone through the scrutiny and backbiting that Trump has.

        Perhaps you have a point. But I tend to ask … has any other president created so much dissension among both the people in his cabinet as well as the general public … and made so many derogatory remarks about so many people … and been so secretive about so many things … and lowered the reputation of the United States among foreign powers … and placed his relatives in sensitive positions without security clearances? Not to mention … taken so much time off to play golf?

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      • There has never been a president elected who has blatantly trampled the constitution as Trump has. There has never been a president who lied with every word he speaks as he does. The has never been a president who’s only concern is his own self interests. There has never been a president who has created do much chaos and trouble across the globe. There has never been a president who was less fit for office as this one. Ever.

        You want to vote for that, be my guest. But you have no business sitting st the table with the adults

        So piss off.

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  3. I know some of the very people that are clinging to every possible scrap of nonsense that would mitigate his criminality. Frankly, its disgusting.

    Its been said before, and I agree with the sentiment, that the worst thing about tRump’s presidency is the realization of just how stupid and racist our country really is.

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  4. Don’t y’all know, DT was ordained by god. True! Even Rick Perry said so, right there on national news. Since people actually think that, he can clearly do no wrong. So, there ya go.

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  5. Very astute observation Nan. You know, it’s been said by Graham and a few others that maybe a ‘censure’ of Trump might be a way to resolve this. Thing is, a ‘censure’ is exactly what they should have done in the Clinton case. Most Americans never thought what he did rose to the level of impeachment. He was an idiot, and was reckless, but not impeachable. Trump, on the other hand, has committed several legitimate impeachable acts, and he keeps committing them. Graham has it all twisted. A censure is, more or less, a slap on the wrist and voice of condemnation over an act. Clearly, that matched what Clinton did. Trump’s actions in the current case was a national security breach, as well as an attempt to influence the 2020 election. Dems are right to pursue the ultimate punishment.

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    • Unfortunately, our illustrious leader has no conception of right and wrong thus he has NO CLUE of why he’s being attacked. After all, he’s a bigly smart stable genius who can do no wrong! Right?

      I mean … whassamatta’ with people that they can’t see this??!!?!

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      • Close to 40% of the public will NEVER accept impeachment. That leaves the other 60% Nan. That’s who matters. The 40%? We might as well talk to a wall. It’d be the same result.

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  6. Hello Nan. Maybe the reason that the two men and their administrations are handling the situations differently is one accepted there is a standard of normal behavior and the other doesn’t think they have to hold to any normal standards at all. The tRump administration shows us just how thin the veneer of standard acceptable behavior is about / in elected office. Everyone kept saying tRump wouldn’t dare do this or do that, yet he does and he gets away with it, which causes him to go even further next time. Hugs

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