And Now For Some Comic Relief

Do you read the daily newspaper comics? You know the ones I’m talking about … Peanuts, Dilbert, Dagwood, Garfield, The Born Loser, etc., etc.

I think many of us do. It’s a nice change from all the “bad news” that so often dominates the headlines (and everywhere else you look).

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to share our favorites. I’ve listed the strips that our local paper carries — yours may be different.

  • Frazz
  • Pickles
  • Frank and Ernest
  • Peanuts
  • Dilbert
  • Sally Forth
  • For Better of For Worse
  • Garfield
  • Blondie
  • The Born Loser
  • Lola
  • Get Fuzzy
  • Pearls Before Swine
  • Luann
  • Non Sequitur
  • Beetle Bailey
  • Phoebe and Her Unicorn
  • Zits
  • Hagar the Horrible
  • Dennis the Menace
  • B.C.
  • The Family Circus
  • Doonsbury

My #1 Favorite is Pickles. Probably because it frequently represents things that occur in our household.

My other “daily reads” are Zits, Beetle Bailey, Peanuts, Garfield, Dilbert, Blondie. I also like Hagar the Horrible, but it’s only printed on Sundays.

Some of the older strips I used to like — Popeye, Nancy, Archie, Flintstones — seem to have disappeared. At least they aren’t included in our local paper. (Am I dating myself?)

BTW, I’ve been rather disappointed in Garfield lately. Not sure what it is, but to me  Jim Davis is losing his edge. Any of you feel the same?

Anyway — it’s time to share! Tell us about YOUR favorites — as well as the ones you never read.

P.S. Of course this post is based on the assumption some or all of you still subscribe to and read print newspapers. 🙂

15 thoughts on “And Now For Some Comic Relief

    • Thanks for the info. However, for me, I actually enjoy relaxing in my favorite easy chair at night and reading a real newspaper. Even though I’ve already read much of the “breaking news” online, there are local events and happenings to read about. Plus, I enjoy being away from the computer for a few hours!


  1. I still subscribe to the print newspaper, but only the Sunday edition now. That helps support the paper, and lets me get past the paywall for online access. And my paper (The Washington Post) carries a ton of daily comics, which I mostly don’t read, not even online. So often they’ve just been recycling gags, and I rarely find most of them worth the time anymore. On Sunday, I do read Foxtrot and Brewster Rockit, they are the nerdiest of the newspaper comics. I can’t read Garfield any more, it’s just too repetitive

    But I do read LOTS of comics, it’s just online webcomics now. They don’t have to appeal to a general audience, or be safe for kids, or be on a regular schedule or anything. So the ones I like best are ones like XKCD, or Questionable Content, or Order of the Stick, or Scandinavia and the World. I’ve replaced my morning routine of sitting down with the comics pages of the paper with sitting down at my computer to read the comics.

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  2. I haven’t gotten the paper for about 20 years. Scottie gets me all the comics I want (and don’t want) sorry Scottie…haha. I had a bike route when I was a kid. Collections were the worst part except around the holidays.

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  3. During the time I read Newspapers in the uk my favourites were Andy Capp and The Perishers. The one we had in common Hagar the Horrible I loved but we didn’t get that newspaper very often. Andy Capp stopped years ago with the death of his cartoonist. I don’t know with the other two.
    Massive Hugs

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  4. I used to read Blondie and Beetle Bailey, but tired of them and don’t anymore. A few years ago, the local paper dropped B.C. (which used to be one of my favs) and, to my annoyance, replaced it with Nancy, My favs now are Pearls Before Swine, Dilbert, and Speed Bump, with Garfield, Peanuts, and WUMO close behind.

    BTW, count me with those who prefer to read their comics in a newspaper!

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    • Maybe that’s what’s wrong with Garfield … I’ve just gotten tired of it. But it does seem to have gotten rather stale over the past year or so.

      I think most people who work tend to like Dilbert. The situations ring true more often than not. 😉

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  5. Don’t know about anyone else, but in my opinion when we lost Gary Larson’s FAR SIDE, Bill Watterson’s CALVIN AND HOBBES, and Berke Breathed’s BLOOM COUNTY in a very short period of time, we reached the end of newspaper comicstripping. Together they formed the Apex of Comicstripping, and nothing has come along to even threaten the trails they blazed. BC and a few other were once great, but if they are still around I do not know.
    We don’t get daily newspapers where I live, and when I do read one they are without real humour.
    But as I said, this is me. You are not me. I am not you.


  6. I read a small Canadian-city print paper. It carries a Canadian strip titled For Better or For Worse. It ran for 25 years, until the authoress divorced and stopped. Like Peanuts, we are now getting 25 years of reruns. The other strips are Zits, Between Friends, Hi & Lois, Drabble, Mutts, Sherman’s Lagoon, Pearls Before Swine, Non Sequitur, Hagar the Horrible, Pickles, Rhymes with Orange, and Dagwood. 🙂


    • It looks like your paper carries many of the same ones as ours. I admit there are some of them I never read. IMO, they’re not “comics” — they’re just filling space and paying the writer’s rent.

      I suppose electronic reading will eventually take over the “old-fashioned” print media. I’m not especially looking forward to it, but what can you do?


  7. Many of the comics you listed can be read here in Finland in our local newspapers. Sometimes the joke is lost in translation, though. My favourites on your list are Hagar the Horrible (Harald Hirmuinen in Finnish) and Peanuts (Tenavat in Finnish). Hagar especially thrills me, as I am a history enthusiast and viking age is one of my particular interrests. Hagar is based on all the stereotypes about vikings, so much so, that sometimes the joke is all about the stereotype. I wish people would learn from it how ridiculous it is, when we try to put each other in boxes according to preassummed stereotypes. When Hagar has his yearly bath, it is an obvious joke, but on the other hand people are all too eager to accept it as for real, that medieval people did not wash themselves often, or that they only washed themselves once a year.

    We have several Finnish comic strips, but alas they are not often translated to English.

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    • The reason why you like Hagar is fascinating. But I guess your avatar provides a hint. 😉

      I’ve always enjoyed reading about him. I don’t know why he’s only included in our Sunday edition … perhaps it has something to do with the cartoonist. In any event, I must have a bit of fondness for vikings as well. 😊


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