Loving Darkness

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Even though I long ago stopped believing in the fairy tales that define Christianity, there are a few lines from the “The Book” that have stuck with me over the years.

One in particular has repeatedly come to mind as I read and listen to all the events, circumstances, actions, etc. surrounding the current POTUS …

Men love darkness rather than light
because their deeds are evil

(For veracity’s sake, the actual scripture (John 3:19, KJV) is as follows: And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.)

Naturally believers will insist this scripture be read in context and will adamantly point out that John was talking about Salvation (printed in red for obvious reasons) through J.C.

However, I think most would agree that believers have been known to “cherry-pick” scriptures now and again to support their cause.

I’m just doing the same. 😎

But back to the saying.

Anyone following the Twitter King is continuously and diarrhetically reminded by him that every and all claims of malfeasance on his part are LIES, LIES, LIES!! (All generated by the Democrats, of course). Yet any requests for him to provide documentation, witnesses, phone records, TAX records, etc. to support and validate his position are immediately (and vehemently) DENIED. In fact, he has even attempted to utilize “the law” to protect his (many) secrets.

Now why do you think that is? Why do you think it’s so important for Donald J. Trump to keep some things in the dark??


17 thoughts on “Loving Darkness

  1. I’m sure Donald Trump prefers to keep some things in the dark in case people of lesser intelligence than himself should misinterpret them and think any less of him for them. Given his various ‘business’ loans given by Russian Banks when he’s been at his most vulnerable (bankrupted 5 times) and his obvious friendship with Russia’s leadership, and then his friendship with various other leaders who may also be under Russia’s sway, I can’t understand how anyone could possibly come to the wrong conclusion.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. Easy…he’s probably one of the most corrupt and cold hearted humans to ever walk the face of the earth. Some had him beat in outright cruelty, torture and murder, but he has them beat in his ability to destroy one of the finest countries in the world by manipulating and controlling an ignorant, racist, religious extremist, bigoted base and exposing just how many walk among us.

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  3. I think Trump is desperate to keep things in the dark because he knows if he doesn’t win in 2020 (and the odds are stacking up against him) that he will face criminal charges. He has cheated on his taxes. He has misused charity funds. He has robbed the American public of their tax dollars. He has accepted gifts and favors as a result of secret political agreements, especially with his boyfriend, Putin. And now we can add bribery and extortion to the list.

    And I agree with John above–to watch the Republicans try to defend him is stunning. It is human depravity in living color.

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  4. The acorn as they say—or a-horn, or more precisely still the A-hole for our purposes here—never falls too far from the tree.

    Donald J. tRump is the spitting product of his father Frederick C. Trump and his grandfather Frederick Trump (Kallstadt, Bavaria). Read any of these three men’s authentic, full biographies and you’ll clearly, easily comprehend the patriarchal family motto The ends justify the means in every situation at all times. Failure is never an option, let no one stand in your way… not even the laws of the land! Attack those who are not loyal to you. Never apologize. Women are China-dolls to be used as lucrative compliments to your power and fame. Secret Mistresses or Courtesans are man’s rights for their natural needs and desires. However, publicly deny ever having or knowing any. And finally, whenever possible hire lawyers such as Roy Cohn and surround yourself with similar power moguls no matter their backgrounds or methods of ascension and control.

    This sums up the tRump family oak tree and its droppings of A-holes. Oops, sorry. Acorns. 😉

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    • It does look like, however, that tRumpsky messed up when he hired Michael Cohen. tsk … tsk.

      I truly hope some of that stuff he does in “darkness” comes back to haunt him someday!

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      • Me too Nan. I like to think that karma does indeed exist and that it catches up with the evil, corrupt, and self-absorbed WITHIN their lifetime. But sadly I cannot prove that 10 out of 10 cases. 😦

        Nevertheless, it is no debate whatsoever who Donald J. tRump cares most about. He, his father, and his grandfather have unequivocally demonstrated repeatedly, it is NOT the common U.S.A. citizens in all of their melting pot of equality and protection for ALL by the Laws of our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and EQUAL Checks-n-Balances of three separate Branches of government.

        If tRump were blindfolded, taken to the worst impoverished counties in the U.S. where crying screaming infants were not being fed or cared for by their mothers or even Nannies, Donald J. tRump would NOT do a damn thing for that crying, starving, dying baby. Why? Because he would simply not know the color of its skin NOR its disadvantaged mother and/or parents and their background. The cold, megalomaniac, tyrant has no ability for any empathy for anyone except his own interests, his own class, his own opportunistic take-all, take as much as you can wealthy moguls—F*CK everybody else. That’s how tRump defines the American Dream and he is the 3rd generation of that Predatory class.

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  5. Hello Nan. Not much I can add to the discussion as we all know what tRump is and how he acts plus we have all heard of his possible crimes. Where there is this much smoke there must have been fire or more like continuing fires. I am enjoying the comments and will follow along as best I can. To the Professor’s Karma idea I sure hope tRump gets full measure of the harm he has caused others. Hugs

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