Four Pinocchios

I subscribe to the Washington Post “Fact Checker,” an email newsletter that usually arrives about once a week and includes brief articles rated by “Pinocchios” as to accuracy — with four of the characters indicating pretty much an untruth.

The following was in the issue I received today.

Eric and Don Jr. each get Four Pinocchios

President Trump left his sons, Eric and Don Jr., in charge of his global business empire upon taking office.

Like their father, the sons have been criticizing former vice president Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for his business dealings in China and Ukraine during the Obama administration. It was all very unseemly and wrong, they charge.

But, wait a second, Eric and Don Jr. run a business that profits from foreign deals while their father sits in the Oval Office. Trump’s ethics filings show his foreign assets have generated more than $100 million in income since he became president. So what’s the big idea?

“When my father became commander in chief of this country, we got out of all international business,” Eric Trump claimed on Fox News. “The media said, ‘Oh, you’re enriching yourselves.’ We’re like, ‘We literally stopped,’” Don Jr. said on the same network.

Wow. That’s a Four Pinocchio claim. Trump properties in Ireland and Scotland are gearing up for large expansions. The Trump Organization sold land in the Dominican Republic for a reported $3.2 million. A Beverly Hills mansion was sold for $13.5 million to an Indonesian billionaire. The list goes on and on. (The Trump Organization says all its foreign business merely builds on deals that were inked before Trump took office. )

Here’s a link to sign up for the Fact Checker.

20 thoughts on “Four Pinocchios

  1. Hello Nan. Yes I watched a few clips of Donnie Jr going on about how rich he would be if his last name was Biden. Totally clueless or maybe just projection? I have recently found information about how unprecedented tRump’s raking in of money from those that want favor from him. We are in deep trouble in the US. I hope we can get enough Democratic voters in all elections to save some part of the US experimental democracy. Hugs

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  2. I am a big fan of the Washington Post’s Fact-checker too. Over on PolitiFact dot com almost all of tRump’s public speeches and (bogus) claims/propaganda are this:

    Over and over and over, day after day, week after week! It never ends. 😔

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  3. Since almost everything Trump says/tweets is a lie or gross exaggeration, it would take infinitely less effort to keep track of what he says/tweets that’s true (and even that serves to self-glorify or to mislead)..

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  4. The ultimate hypocrisy. They criticize Hunter Biden for using his dad’s name/reputation to get a foot in the door, when they are hanging on their own father’s coattails. And … if they claim to have gotten out of the international business, then why the Sam Heck are we paying for the Secret Service to protect them as they fly all over the world, supposedly on Trump company business??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    • Unfortunately, the SS must accompany them everywhere they go simply because they’re “family.” I’m not big on history, but I don’t recall grown/adult children of other presidents gallivanting around the world (or holding parties at Camp David). Maybe it’s because he’s one of the oldest, which means his kids are adults (and I mean that strictly based on age, not actions).

      But then again, it’s far more likely it’s simply the way they are. Living their lives on someone else’s nickle.

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      • Reagan had grown children, and I’m sure they were afforded SS protection, but like you, I don’t remember them traipsing all around the globe on our dime! I think Trump should have to pay for at least part of their ‘protection’. I’m willing to bet that when he leaves office, the tally for what we’ve paid for his golf trips, entertainment, and his kids’ expenses will be higher than any other president in our history. I mean, when he went to … was it the G7? I don’t recall, but one of his overseas trips, he took his whole bloomin’ family! Junior, Eric & his wife, Ivanka and Jared, Melania … the whole case of nuts! Sigh.

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