“Today Was A Good Day”

Yes, today was a good day. A man described as the “most-wanted human rights criminal in the world, responsible for the murder, torture, rape and oppression of tens – even hundreds – of thousands of people” was eliminated.

HOWEVER, it was not, as President Trump asserts, by the action of U.S. Forces. Rather, it was by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s own hand as he detonated the suicide vest he was wearing. While there is little doubt he was forced into this action as the result of a raid on his compound, it was not a direct kill.

No, this man ran for safety. And when he knew he was cornered, he took his own life. Sadly, there were children with him … and they also died.

Yet, as always, Trump has reveled in his own self-praise as he’s told the world how HE directed the kill of a major terrorist. (Although in true Trump style, he did direct a word of thanks to his buddy, Vladimir Putin.)

Undoubtedly, Trump and his sycophants will now claim the world to be a safer place without this man, but we must ask … is it?

As this article proclaims:

The Islamists are not going to disappear or give up just because Baghdadi is gone. Indeed the very same vainglorious Donald Trump who took obscene personal credit for his death has put Isis back in business by his withdrawal of American forces from Syria and giving Erdogan the green light to beat the hell out of America’s Kurdish allies. Now hundreds of hardened, trained, ruthless and cruel Isis fighters have been let loose in the region, at liberty to attack US forces and their allies wherever they find them, and to take fresh terror campaigns into Europe.

There’s little doubt that Trump believes the action he took to eliminate Baghdadi was a far bigger and more prestigious deal than that which was carried out by President Obama when he terminated Osama Bin Laden. However, what he fails to realize is that neither he nor former presidents have eliminated the hydra of militant Islamist terror and aggression.” Just because Baghdadi is gone does not mean the Islamists are going to disappear or give up. Another leader will soon arise. To think otherwise is foolish and misguided.

The referenced article concludes:

Depressingly, we also know that Trump will milk the death of Baghdadi for all it is worth, all the way to polling day: A great day for his country, Trump said, though he meant a great day for Trump. The war on terror is not over – let alone won.

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

16 thoughts on ““Today Was A Good Day”

  1. Outstanding work by our former allies the Kurds whom we betrayed—yet they still helped us—our Special Forces and military, all our Intelligence agencies and those risking their lives undercover, and all other foreign nations helping in the fights/war on terrorism. My guess is that tRump really knew NOTHING significant about any of these developments the last weeks and month leading up to Baghdadi’s suicide.

    What’s also nauseating (no longer appalling; nothing tRump does or says shocks me anymore) and peculiar is that NOW with this grand news headline, our fake POTUS suddenly likes our Intelligence agencies. Hahahahaha. What’s the definition again of a Bandwagon Jumper or Brown-noser/Ass-kisser, or yours Nan… a sycophantic Sycophant? 🤢

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    • That doesn’t surprise me one bit John. It would’ve been all over Twitter before they had actually cornered Baghdadi, huh? If the fake POTUS doesn’t care about every aspect of national security and protection of our Constitutional democracy, then why EVER would the Orange Orangutan care about our Special Forces and at-risk undercover agents abroad?

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      • at-risk undercover agents abroad?

        It’s already being reported that Trump’s crazed announcement betrayed information which could only have been supplied by a person working undercover within the Dâ’ish site. So he may already have put a person braver than most of us can imagine, who helped the US despite great personal risk, in danger of a hideous death at the hands of those monsters.

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        • 🤬🤬🤬 See Infidel, if someone had asked me about exactly these types of (high-level) risks to our superb agents in the intelligence bureaus and agencies and those associated with our elite Special Forces by this baboon in the White House back in 2016, I would have told them they would be just as safe if they just broadcasted everywhere on every available medium, pictures, names, aliases, GPS locations, unit designations, and mission objectives and plans if this idiot gets into the Oval Office. He simply loves (obsesses about) to see, hear, and watch himself talk, babble, talk, and babble (coherently?), and attack and attack perceived threats no matter WHO it’s about or regarding… including all non-Republican Americans.

          And I am utterly appalled and baffled that so many smart Americans didn’t see this reality in 2016 or earlier!!!

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    • True Judy. In the black underworld of crime, mobs, gangs, etc, when more than one person knows too much and can’t keep his effin’ mouth or arrogance in check, what do the other ice-in-their-veins professionals do to the “risk”?

      tRump is not even a convincing mobster or mob-boss like he pretends to be. 🙄


  2. I’ll give Trump some credit for this. It happened on his watch.

    He does not deserve credit, for he refuses to accept blame for bad things that happen on his watch. But I’ll give him credit anyway.

    I’ll also give him credit for demonstrating that he is a buffoon. I’ll give him credit for clearly demonstrating that it he is more concerned with serving Putin’s interests than with serving the interests of the American people.

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  3. He also has no respect for life. “The oil is secured.” It doesn’t matter who or how many die, as long as his fossil fuel burning buddies keep raking the money in. Baghdadi is dead. No trial. No conviction. No appeal.
    Did he really blow himself up, or did someone put a bullet into the C4? Why did Trump gloat over the fact he blew up his own kids, if he did? And Trump and his cronies watched it on “TV” like it was just another movie. Was his ass on the line? Could he smell the burning flesh? (Maybe the White House has smell-o-vison?) He would have puked his guts out. Effin coward!

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  4. It is worth remembering how Dâ’ish (ISIL) behaved under al-Baghdâdî’s leadership. They slaughtered Shi’ites en masse and posted pictures on the internet boasting about it. They massacred many Yazidis, many by burying them alive in the desert, and reduced thousands of others to slavery, based on an ignorant Sunni belief that the Yazidi religion is a form of Satanism. They burned a captured Jordanian fighter pilot, Mu’âdh al-Kasâsbeh, alive in a cage and proudly posted video of that on the internet as well. In areas they controlled which had a significant Christian population, such as Raqqah, they beheaded those who got uppity and nailed the corpses to crosses in public places as a warning to the rest. They destroyed priceless relics of the pre-Islamic past. They openly boasted about formally restoring the institution of slavery. The men of Dâ’ish may well have been the most deeply religious people in the modern world.

    So whatever the circumstances of al-Baghdâdî’s death, he more than deserved it. And it may do some more lasting good. Groups like Dâ’ish are prone to factionalism. If rivalries for leadership produce divisions or infighting, so much the better.

    But I can’t give Trump much kudos. His announcement may have compromised an intelligence source by revealing that the US had information which only an insider could have provided. And as he himself insisted at the time of bin Laden’s assassination, the real credit in such cases goes to the soldiers who put themselves at risk to carry out the operation. Any Western leader would have given the order to kill al-Baghdâdî, given the opportunity.

    He also claimed credit for having destroyed Dâ’ish’s state, its “caliphate”, which was actually done mostly by the Kurds and allied Arab forces, with some help from the US, Iran and other countries.

    And remember that after Trump greenlighted the Turkish invasion, the US did absolutely nothing to help the Kurds, while several European countries imposed an arms embargo on Turkey, and Iran held military maneuvers near the Turkish border. After Trump is out of office, it will take a long time to rebuild American credibility with any group in the Middle East — or the world — which is considering us as a potential ally.

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    • I agree … there is NO doubt that the world is better off with this man gone. I don’t think anyone will argue with that.

      But what’s so totally disgusting is how tRumpsky handled it. To praise Russia for their(?) part? C’mon! And the crying and whimpering he attributed to Baghdadi? It’s far more likely it was coming from the children! But above and beyond all that is his disgusting and sickening self-praise for any and every event that has any kind of positive results.

      And yes … I think you’re correct. There’s far more to this event than the killing of an ISIS leader.

      Great comment, Infidel.

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        • I have heard that they dislike the name. I did write a post a while back explaining why I consider it the best name to use. I don’t like using ISIS because that’s the ancient Egyptian goddess of medicine and childbirth, as well as being a present-day girl’s name in some languages. Dâ’ish is commonly used not only in Arabic but in Kurdish as well, whereas ISIS or ISIL would not make any sense to Middle Easterners unless they were aware of Western media coverage of the subject. I am sure nobody over there cares that Dâ’ish doesn’t like being called that.

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  5. He just can’t do anything the way we would expect a ‘normal’ president to do. It WAS a good day for the world. But he cannot just leave it at that. It always comes down to HIM. Look how great I am. My ruthless terrorist killing was better than your ruthless terrorist killing Barrack Obama!! How about a nice 2 minute somber statement, and walk away? Is that asking too much? Obviously, it was.

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  6. Trump couldn’t kill a friggin’ mosquito by himself. Glad this guy’s gone, but Trump, like I stated, could not kill an insect by himself. Wait, I take that back. He might just be able to whine someone to death because he’s doing a pretty good job of doing that to me.

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