Are You Pro-Life?

Many of you are familiar with Scottie’s Toy Box and know that most of his posts primarily consist of links to various news articles and/or other relevant topics of the day, with a daily sample of political cartoons. However, in his “comments” section. he regularly shares his own thoughts in response to a visitor’s remarks.

Today, I felt what he wrote was quite powerful and encouraged him to turn his comment into a regular post. Regrettably, he declined.

Scottie suffers from intense arthritic pain in his fingers. He notes that some days are better than others … and today happened to be one of the bad ones … so I let him off the hook. However, I felt his remarks were simply too good not to share and decided to copy them here:

How can you rage for the protection of a zygote and call your self pro-life, then be for the death penalty, caging kids at the border, taking away food programs for kids and families, taking away health care for kids and families, taking away education opportunities for kids and families, and refusing to place children in acceptable homes with people who love them if those people do not share your religious views. No way that is pro-life.

In my opinion, he nails it!

Too many “pro-lifers” wave banners and signs and adamantly profess their beliefs related to abortion, yet seem to forget that “life” continues on even after birth.

Along with Scottie, I ask … how can people ignore the needs of children who have been placed in cages simply because their parents happen to be brown? How can they support a president who takes away basic healthcare and food programs in order to build funds for his “wall?” How can they endorse laws that deny children a home simply because the parents are not “Christian?” And the list goes on.

Are we not all human? Why does skin color or religious belief or political leanings play a role in caring for others … particularly children?

We need to stop worrying about the “unborn” and start paying more attention to living children — especially those who are being mistreated and/or being denied even the basic needs of life.

In other words, we need to truly become “pro-life.”

18 thoughts on “Are You Pro-Life?

  1. Excellent example of the hypocrisy of the pro lifers ( As though any one is not pro life but the determination to take dominion over others bodies and will is the paramount agenda for these radicals). Once that baby is in the world they no longer care what happens to that human being and are actively eradicating social programs that would help them survive.

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  2. Well said Nan.You have it exactly right. It seems very few of those Christians who claim to be pro-life ever have a truly Christian thought in their heads.They seem to want to bring everyone into line but it must be to a line of their drawing that bears no similarity to any of the professed ‘Live and let Live’ that Christianity proclaims. I may not be a follower of that or other religions but I do follow the teachings of ‘Jesus’ as a way of life. These people do not.
    Huge Hugs

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  3. You and Scottie are really spot-on here.

    Years ago (back when I was in high school), I actually went to the March for Life. I made a sign that not only protested abortion, but also the death penalty. The anti-death penalty part of the poster got a very mixed reception. While I no longer favor making abortion illegal or making severe restrictions on it, that day will forever serve as a major lesson for me that “pro-life” is often not really pro-life.

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  4. Great quote from Scottie and kudos to you, Nan, for bringing it to our attention. When the Bush administration blocked stem-cell research using the “pro-life” argument, I realized the thoroughly evil nature of conservative, Republican, fundamentalist thought that proclaims to save those babies for Jesus–code for State–so that when they turn eighteen we can use them for cannon fodder in a trumped-up war against whoever is out there disagreeing with our exploitive agenda. Oh, and if they get blown up or maimed or driven insane…that’s okay–they’re heroes!

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  5. Thumbs up to both you and Scottie. Funny, isn’t it, how those of us who are not religious, don’t bleat that we are “pro-life”, have more human compassion and love in our hearts than the most die-hard Christian, the most adamant “pro-lifer”? Hugs to all, from a non-religious, pro-choice old woman.

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    • Pro lifers annoy the cuss out of me. Let some of them try to raise 7 kids with no husband, no job, and no money, and see how they like it.
      A lot of this flap over contraception is due to poor knowledge about sperm and eggs, and the person who says you are murdering unborn babies by using contraception needs a few lessons in biology.

      I agree with you, all the way, jill.

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      • Thanks Judy! ‘Pro-life’ is really a misnomer for their ideology, since they largely support the death penalty. Oh, and about those babies they are so supportive of? Once those babies are born, these ‘pro-lifers’ fight against a single dime of their tax money going to help feed, clothe, and educate those kids. No, they aren’t pro-life, they are simply against women’s rights. Sigh.

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        • and typically when that woman with the five kids goes on welfare because her husband walked, and she can’t afford to work and keep the kids, then she gets blamed for the whole mess.

          I think what the pro lifers are regurgitating is the ethic from the immigration days in the country, when women stayed at home, husbands worked, and kids had paper routes and they were runners for the stores, and they all worked hard and survived. Women took in washing, or worked as house cleaners.
          My grandmother took in washing, and was a seamstress. So was my husband’s grandmother. She also made cheese and butter.
          There were no income taxes, only property taxes, and everyone was pretty even.

          The folks nowadays are trying to force a 19th century ethic onto 21st century women. It just doesn’t work.

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          • You are definitely right about that! I have long thought that it wasn’t so much that they care about the fetus, as that they want to reverse the progress that women have made over the past century. Some of them would like to go back to the days when women were not allowed to own property or vote. And some women play into that mentality, too. I know one woman who asks her husband who he wants her to vote for!


  6. Well said Scottie. The hypocrisy among the evangelical community is difficult to bear, and certainly diminishes my ability to respect them at all. I guess it’s not hard to see why someone might consider a fertilized egg as life, but when they don’t consider harm to all the other examples of life out there that moral inconsistency tells me that they really only are getting off on judging people and not about the sanctity of life.

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    • Of course.

      And while we’re all guilty of judging others to some degree, many who profess to live by the teachings of an individual who stressed love over judgement seem to have lost their way.

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  7. There’s a saying that the pro-lifers really care about pre-life in the womb, but once you’re born….see ya later. Still holds true to this very day.


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