Home Sweet Home

A few pictures from our recent RV trip to Washington State …

View of Columbia River from a hilltop winery in Washington.


A vineyard at a Hood River, OR winery where we tasted wine and had lunch.


The countryside as seen from King Estate winery.

Overall, we had a very nice RV trip, although it was either raining or threatening rain much of the time. 🙁 When I planned the trip, the forecasts had indicated some rain, but mostly sunny. Oh well, the weather guys can’t always get it right.

Our first stop was south of Portland so my other-half could visit with his daughter, who lives in Oregon City. We stayed there for three days, then on to a very nice RV park in White Salmon, WA for four days. We really enjoyed this park EXCEPT for the set of train tracks located just down the hill. Unfortunately, they were used mostly at night!

We did check out the town (and a winery) while at White Salmon and the surrounding area as well, but spent much of our time across the Columbia in Hood River, mostly sightseeing with a bit of shopping. And course — wine-tasting. (Just an FYI for anyone considering a visit to this area … bring plenty of small bills. Bridge tolls are collected on both sides of the river … $2 each way.)

As we headed back home, we stopped for an overnight stay at the Elks Lodge in Salem, then on to the Eugene/Springfield area where we stayed at a very beautiful RV park for two nights. It was while we were in this area that we visited the super elegant King Estate winery with its fine dining restaurant (and primo wines!).

As you’ve probably already figured out, we do enjoy wine 😍🍷🍷🍷 and many of our travels involve visiting the local wineries. Perhaps surprisingly, one of things we also enjoy on these visits is meeting other wine-lovers and sharing tasting notes.

Anyway, we’re settling back into our usual routine but looking forward to next Spring so we can start our travels once again.

11 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I know, isn’t crush a great time of year to visit any wine country destination. Most people have no idea the amazing wines produced in the Pacific Northwest. Just north of Salem Oregon is the 45 parallel and has many of the climate and soil conditions found in a best wine growing regions of Europe. Attached is a link to a fun place to stay in the middle of one of the premier Pinot Noir growing area in the state. Unpretentious and deeply rooted in NW culture. https://www.mcmenamins.com/hotel-oregon


    • Thanks for the recommendation, but we always travel in our motor home. With two dogs, it works out the best for us. 😄

      I totally agree with you about the quality of Pacific Northwest wines. Definitely some of the best!

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  2. I love the Pacific Northwest … sounds like a fun trip! Next year … take me!!! I like 🍷🍷🍷 too!!! And, I drove a school bus for a lot of years, so I can take my turn driving the RV! 😊 Not, of course, at the same time as consuming the wine!


  3. Awesome pictures Nan. As you know, my better half and I were in region a few weeks back. Loved it. I wish I would have had another day or two in Hood River. I think that was my favorite part of the trip. But the wine? Yes, the wine indeed. Lots of wineries in the region. The one we went to in the Yakima Valley in WA actually sold a nice red in cans, believe it or not. And it was excellent! Sent a six-pack to my sister in Ohio. She really liked it. Happy to see you had a nice time. We will definitely return to the area at some point.


    • I have no doubt we will return to that area as well. It has lots to offer.

      For me, it’s a bit difficult to see wine in cans. I feel like it loses some of the “mystic.” Guess I’m old-school. Besides, what do you do if you don’t drink the entire can of wine at one sitting? Obviously, it won’t keep. Nevertheless, for picnics and such, it’s perfect. (And it’s probably a lot cheaper to ship!)

      I have to constantly remind myself to take pictures! I think it’s a carry-over to the “old days” when you had to actually carry a camera instead of being able to pull out your phone and *click.* Anyways, thanks for the compliments. 🙂

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      • Hi Nan. I lost our previous conversation..due to WordPress issues. Anyway, yes…I sure as hell hope they get rid of block editor eventually. If enough of us complain…maybe it will do the trick. I think I have things back to normal for my sight. Geez, if I would have known plug-ins can cause functionality issues…I wouldn’t have done it! Anyway….very frustrating indeed. Take care!

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