Hate-Filled People

The following is from a letter to the “Public Forum” section of our local newspaper:

Concerning the far-left Democratic party, news media and their never-ending attacks on President Trump: Democrats are in lockstep with the Communist Manifesto.

The writer goes on to define the Manifesto:

It encourages domestic violence, insurrections, riots, political unrest, to lie, teaches citizens to give up their rights for the sake of the common good, but always ends in a police state.

And adds …

This is called preventative justice. Gun control, prohibition is front and center now. Politicians are trying every trick in the book to deprive “we the people” of our constitutional rights. I believe our governments, federal and state, are riddled with communists or communist sympathizers.

Further on, he declares that an ex-representative from Florida believes that 75% of the Democrats are members of the communist party. (!)

He then writes …

The communist Democrats have tried countless tactics to run Trump out of office with lies, false information, attacks on his family.

But the portion of his letter that really got to me is when he wrote:

I never saw such a bunch of hate-filled people …

I couldn’t help but wonder if this individual proofread his own letter — or if he has ever read the mind-boggling number of comments made on Twitter, Facebook, blogs (and undoubtedly other sources that I don’t follow/read) that are FILLED with hate against anyone who doesn’t support the current POTUS.

I’m not saying that anti-Trumpsters don’t get their dander up as well, but IMO, the MAGA hat-wearers far and away make some of the nastiest, meanest, insulting comments I’ve ever come across.

Not only that, they tend to overlook (ignore?) the “lies” and “false information” uttered everyday by their esteemed leader. Even when you point it out to them, they deny-deny-deny. Or make excuses. Or, like this person, call you a “communist” (or worse).

I truly dread to think where this nation is going to end up if its leadership doesn’t change in 2020. I fear the HATE that has been festered is only going to get worse.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

27 thoughts on “Hate-Filled People

  1. And yet if one believes some of the liberal intellectuals who criticize the democratic socialists, only right wing venues are willing to listen to these debates and talks. Sam Harris has been pointing this out for over a decade now, that when the public debate arena is firmly organized and occupied by the right wing, this should be a wake-up call to those who continue to think today’s left wing gives voice to moderate liberals and reflects liberal values. It just ain’t true. The current left wing IS communist in all values except in name. That’s what Identity Politics is: group based rights and that is the core value (class) to Marxism. And you can quote me on that in a decade’s time when the left tries to figure out where they went so wrong and we suffer a string of right wing national governments. Those of us on the left must stop trying to blame everyone and everything else and look inwards because the left has lost its liberal moral compass and really has embraced fundamental Marxist values.

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    • I don’t agree with some of what your wrote, but the part I do go along with is this: the left must stop trying to blame everyone and everything else and look inwards.

      This idea has been brought up many times before … and I can’t argue that it has some merit. I’ve often wondered why Democrats can’t seem to settle on a platform and then vehemently defend it against all comers. Instead, each one seems to think their idea is best — and then they end up arguing among themselves when they should be working together.

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      • A return to the principles of classical liberal values by a majority of voters would make fast work of this.

        It works so well, in fact, that even people from both ends of the political spectrum can, do, and did work well governing together and being held equally responsible for results.

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        • I would have to ask, Tildeb, what. is wrong with communist principles? I am talking about the principles themselves, not the way in which they have been put into practice! And what is good about capitalist principles: They pit person against person, company against company, corporation against corporation. Humanity has no meaning, money is the only god (even for the religious)! Communism is not a political movement, it is an economic movement, and thus should be rated against its real opposite, capitalism. Capitalism cannot hold a candle to communism if you care about people, and other living beings.
          Conservatism vs. liberalism, two peas from the same pod, just not side-by-side. But both still worship capitalism. Neither is a healthy political position. Some form of socialism is needed to counteract the division of us vs them. When people can “be” truly equal, instead of just being “born” equal, then we have something to be proud of. As long as you live in a more expensive house, drive a more expensive car, wear more expensive clothes, and so on, you are a victim of capitalism. You are competing with your neighbours, not living with them. You are literally saying, “I am more equal than you.” This divides, not brings together. The goal of life, one hopes, is not to compete with others, but to share and share alike. Unless you are left of the political centre, you do not ascribe to equality, you ascribe to competition. If you need to be a winner, you are already a loser.

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          • Two things, rawgod.

            First, you say, “When people can “be” truly equal, instead of just being “born” equal, then we have something to be proud of.” This is the core principle of Marxism and the fundamental misunderstanding illiberals try to impose on everyone… out of necessity. This is not ‘equality’ in enlightenment terms (a meaning of the same rights and freedoms and responsibilities every citizen shares, protected in law and by law enforcement and the judiciary) but its opposite. The correct term for this is ‘equity’, meaning as you say everyone truly equal in OUTCOME. In every case, imposing this principle in practice means privileging some by rule and discriminating against others by rule. It forces the population to be grouped into segments with different rights and freedoms and responsibilities to try to achieve equal results and use the metric of unequal results to justify additional privileges and policy discrimination. This achieves exactly what you say you are trying to eliminate: fundamental inequality (the ends justify the means). This is historically a failed political model that always causes division, discrimination, and usually entrenched violence. I don’t think this is what you want but I don;t think you recognize that promoting it pits you against reasonable alternatives to Trump and harms their chances of replacing a truly terrible leader with a more enlightened one. This position you hold is absolutely and unquestionably illiberal.

            Second, capitalism is the human default. you are willing to trade for what you think is a fair deal. That’s capitalism. But in its wider use as a foundation for trade not just between individuals but competing enterprises, fiarness can only be achieved by playing with the same rules. And that means necessary regulation. Sectors of a healthy society requires certain services to be fully socialist without much if any concern about cost and certainly no competition, as well as ranked by hierarchy of value for the social good… things like different levels of national and local defense and national and local policing, national and local fire fighting, and so on. The capitalist model in order to work requires a level of regulation sought after not just by the individuals involved but by large enterprises who face competition in some marketplace. Graft and corruption are seen as vices and treated in law as criminal. In any socialist state that subsumes the local into central direction only, graft and corruption are absolutely necessary components to get anything done. I don;t think you want this, either.

            Under secular liberal democracy, capitalism is the de facto economic system not because it doesn’t have problems but because it’s the worst possible system… except for all the others. We can and do regulate capitalism all the time but do it only because it works imperfectly to eliminate monopolies and keep the majority of economic transactions relatively honest and competitive enough to maintain value in the currency. When an enterprise is no longer responsive to need but able to impose profit (or threaten the entire monetary system), secular liberal democracies can and do intervene. When a lack of regulation causes a tipping point of harm to the general population by some enterprise, then the state can and does intervene. In any fair and honest comparison with Marxist ideology imposed on a population, at best you get economic stagnation and at worst catastrophic economic failure.

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            • Second, capitalism is the human default.

              True, by the definition you gave.

              Sectors of a healthy society requires certain services to be fully socialist without much if any concern about cost and certainly no competition

              Also true.

              Taking both these points, I think Tax returns should have a section where thirty cents of every dollar on the total bill can be allocated according to the tax payer. Options being Defense, Education, Infrastructure, Space, etc. You determine where those thirty cents go; split evenly, or dumped into just one category if that’s what you want. I Think that’d be an interesting social gauge of public interest.

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            • These are your thoughts, thank you for them. They are NOT my thoughts, so please do not try to tell me what I think, mean, or understand. If you cannot see good in socialist or communist thinking, we will never see eye to eye. I personally am an anarchist, specifically a responsible anarchist. I do not believe having a government will ever get us anywhere close to a workable society. Only when people freely work together because it is the responsible thing to do will we create a living society, not a competitive one, which always means stepping on someone else.

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        • Tildeb, you’ve reminded me of a fantastic social campaign being led by Australian philosopher/author Roman Krznaric. He promotes getting very personal with your opponents/enemies or gaining empathy with your enemies in order to catalyze first steps toward collaboration… 🙂

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    • As an independent voter with a liberal ideology, I can only say that if what you say is true that the “left wing” no longer reflects moderate values, it is largely because there is no longer a middle ground, period. The “Tea Party” movement that started in 2009 as a pushback by republicans against the election of an African-American President, largely pulled so far to the right, that the left was forced to move further to the left, and today there is a great gap where there was once a place for moderates, a place for bi-partisanship. Communism and Socialism are like every other ideology in the world … they work well on paper, but when you involve the human factor, there are flaws. As a liberal thinker, I will tell you that the only real difference between right and left is who or what matters most. Those on the right will say that profit and the attainment of wealth matter, while those on the left will say that people … ALL people … matter. To quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

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      • And this is why it’s important to understand just how successful liberal values and capitalism have done just this, helped billions of people improve their conditions on an upward trajectory in almost all areas that can be measured while decreasing all those categories that take us on a downward trajectory. We are sold a bill of goods that today is worse than yesterday, that countries who most closely exemplify classical liberal values are ‘victimizers’, are countries that have caused if not all then certainly most of the world’s ills. It’s a complete and utter fabrication carried out to make room for demonstrably failed alternatives by teaching to the test, that western secular liberal values are not worth listening to, not worth defending, not worth acting upon because it causes harm and creates victims. And our younger generations buy into this Big Lie and help promote it by going along with the dogma and checking their privilege and signalling their virtue and accepting the group identity hierarchy bullshit by dismantling liberalism from within. It’s a travesty and an insult to those predecessors who paid for these rights and freedoms in law we take for granted with their hard work, struggles, and far too much blood.


    • Except the core value of Marx is man as an economic actor. The only thing Marxism really cares about is class. It reduces humans to class position.

      Ironically enough, I see elements of the right as doing this reductionist thinking as well. How different is The New Soviet Man from The Ownership Society?

      I share your…disdain…for some of the group identity thinking. As a bit of a gym rat and an avid recreational cyclist, I hang out at sketchy gym bro sites. The latest group identity nonsense is the demand by 300+ pound people who need a golf cart to move around for “fat acceptance.” Obesity is a human right and even if one cannot walk up a set of stairs one is “healthy”. People who question this are derided as “thin privileging”, and the latest human rights cause is demanding more space for the large.

      At the same time, to claim that there is not a moral element in leftist cant seems a little narrow minded. As with religious fundamentalism, it can be at its worst all about “morality” and thought policing?

      At heart, despite the snark above, I much prefer the modern left moral universe to the rather cruel antediluvian moral logic of the right. Lack of morality will not be the major reason for a failure by the left anyway.


      • Yes, economic class is certainly front and center in Marx’s writings. To do this means we are expected to classify people as belonging to some group, called a ‘class’ and is framed in terms of economics. My point is that framing individuals this way – as members of a group that has certain applied criteria to be a member – is the central failing of Marxist ideology and why it always fails in practice. You must have acceptance of group identity to have an apartheid state. You must have acceptance of group identity to have a genocide. This is the rotten core of today’s identity politics and political correctness – the means by which language is warped to fit the ideology that group membership is real and so we should act in accordance with ‘correcting’ imbalances in this hierarchical model of group positioning. This is what the Regressive Left is trying to do in social policies.

        My point is that any ideology that presumes that the equity of group outcomes is more important a consideration in public policy than the welfare of the rights and freedoms of the individuals who constitute them is not just a Marxist ideology but a totalitarian one that threatens everyone and needs to be criticized and challenged and turned back at every opportunity. That’s what responsible citizenship requires if we wish to avoid our secular democracies falling prey to this rot. And not enough people understand or even recognize this danger when all they can see is denying power to those populists they disapprove of. Yes, populism is a great danger, but we can survive them only be holding fast to our liberal values. Once those are gone in law, it no longer matters which talking head leads up the totalitarian regime we have allowed to take control.


  2. In the two years Trump has been in he’s made promises like Mexico will pay for the wall. Actually once he was in, the wall became pretty irrelevant at least until he needed it again to promote his chances for next year. It doesn’t seem though that any Republicans are asking what happened to the wall and why Mexico didn’t pay for it or it doesn’t seem like they care about that lie nor any one of the other thousands he’s caught out it..
    It’s easy enough to blame the Democrats for attacking him or the news sources for ganging up…..which they do, but the facts are there for thed looking if they want to. Take a look at this week as Trump, the declared friend of the armed forces has stolen millions from monies held back for Armed Forces projects including schools for the kids pf forces personnel. Worse still though are the millions taken from FEMA with a storm force 5 ( never heard of 1) causing destruction. He is a man without scruple who wants to enrich an already wealthy 1% and who is prepared to risk the health of America – of the World- because he doesn’t believe in global warming, no matter what eminent experts tell him.
    The left may have it’s faults but I think they are more considerate towards both people and country than anyone the right can promote.

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  3. WAAAAA!! WAAAA!!! WAAAA!!!! I hate it when libtards say bad things about Trump!!! WAAAAA!!!!! WAAAA!!!! They’re nuttin’ but cry babies!!! WAAAA!!! WAAAA!!! It hurts my feelings when libtards call us conservatives names and say we are hate-filled people! THEY’RE THE HATEFUL PEOPLE!!! THEY MAKE ME CRY!!!! WAAA!!! WAAAAA!!!! I friggin’ HATE whining libtards!!! WAAAA!!!! They hurt my feelings!!! WAAAA!!! WAAAAA!!! MOMMY!!!!! MOMMY!!!!! I need my conservative, right-wing mommy to protect me from the big, bad libtards who poke fun at Trump and all the wonderful things he does! WAAAAA!!!! WAAAA!!!! I HATE whining libtards!!!! WAAAAA!!! 🙂 $Amen$

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  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m literally laughing so much because of the audacity of this McCarthy-J.Edgar Hoover acolyte!!!! It’s almost as red-neck slap-stick as Hee-Haw of the 70’s and 80’s. 😉 Nevertheless, here’s the definition of McCarthyism…

    McCarthyism — a vociferous campaign against alleged communists in the US government and other institutions carried out under Senator Joseph McCarthy in the period 1950–54. Many of the accused were blacklisted or lost their jobs, although most did not in fact belong to the Communist Party.
    • a campaign or practice that endorses the use of unfair allegations and investigations [Fake rhetoric/news?]

    Or blatant, audacious, no couth lies similar/identical to Trump-propaganda, McCarthy-propaganda, William Shockley, Richard Bertrand Spencer, Barbara Coe, David Duke, and about 25 more Americans* and their extremist-hate propaganda, Saddam Hussein-propaganda, Stalin-propaganda, Goebbels/Hitler-propaganda… should I go on? I can. There’s a minimum of 75-80 figures/organizations throughout domestic and world history I could list, BUT they’d only touch the tip of the iceberg. :/

    And then another more subtle, more concealed forms of hate or discriminating propaganda is strategic subterfuge of which six (6) American figures/groups utilized to disseminate false information/propaganda like your local columnist Nan:

    • the George C. Marshall Institute

    • Robert Jastrow – a planetary physicist and lead scientist with NASA, Jastrow, along with Seitz, Nierenberg, and Siegfried Fred Singer to propagandize climate-change denial.

    • the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) for Reagan’s Star Wars initiative.

    • the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (aka Nabisco Group Holdings)

    • the Office of Science and Technology Acid Rain Panel (OSTP) headed also by the aforementioned Siegfried Singer and pushed by President Reagan.

    • U.S. Agencies and their funded interest campaigns defending Chlorinated Fluorocarbons (CFCs) – the same chemicals that almost destroyed our Ozone Layer if not for Nobel Prize winners Sherwood Rowland, Mario Molina, and Paul Crutzen.

    In our modern day Agnotology needs to be a core subject/curriculum in our high schools and universities! Otherwise, 80% to 90% of Americans won’t know how to recognize propaganda, rhetoric, opinion, and flat-out audacious LIES. Period.

    * – Source: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual?f%5B0%5D=field_ideology%3A170

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    • And this is why responsible citizenship requires fundamental understanding of enlightenment values and more people understand that they individually are the state writ small and an obligation to their neighbour to be civically informed, to recognize the tools of despotism, to pull support from those who would threaten them and to support those liberal values even when in strong disagreement with others. These liberal values – not Marxist values of GroupThink, not fascist values of TruthSpeak, not the populist values of patriotism – create unity (e pluribus unum rather than In God We Trust) and allow us to see ourselves in the Other rather than categorize the Other as different from us and somewhat less than. This attitude is prevalent today and a clear warning symptom of a dying liberal society. Any policy that moves towards weakening liberal values deserves our strongest condemnation, and those who wave the flag to do so our common enemy.

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  5. The comments in your post from the writer in the paper’s editorial section were jaw-dropping. Where … what rock have these people been living under? The post triggered some interesting conversation, though, and naturally my fingers added my own two cents worth before the brain had a chance to stop them. 😉


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