Restful Days

From the front window of our motor-home

We got away from the grind this past week and spent a few days in Florence, Oregon. For those not familiar, it’s a town located on the Oregon coast, about two hours from where we live.

We visit this area fairly frequently to enjoy the weather (which was beautiful this trip), do a bit of shopping, dine in some of their nice restaurants (several are next to the water), and just “hang out.”

The RV park we stay at is owned by the Elks (my other-half is a member) and costs considerably less than most parks. It’s located inland, so no “ocean view,” but it’s set among the trees and offers quiet surroundings. Its only downfall is minimal wi-fi. *sigh*

Anyway, we’re back now — and I’m trying to catch up up on the many, many blog posts and comments that I had to skip while we were gone. 🤪

13 thoughts on “Restful Days

  1. You can escape from life, but life refuses to escape from you. The main thing is you were able to get away, to rest and recharge your batteries. That cannot be a bad thing, for most. Welcome back, but I hope you take your time. The world hasn’t changed–much.
    The “straight pride” parade in Boston, though, gives one pause. Heterosexuals are now a
    “suppressed majority!” Go figure…

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  2. Nan I envy your getaway. The seemingly endless sand dunes, warm sun drenched beaches and seemingly endless things to see a do makes the greater Florence area special. For hikers looking for a different form of natural beauty the nearby temperate coastal mountains offers spectacular outdoor activities. The state of Oregon spends freely the money generated from lottery revenues on its state parks and they are plentiful on the Oregon central coast.

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  3. Went to Oregon many years ago with my husband. It is a beautiful state. We went all down the coast..Cannon Beach, Otter Rock, then up through Bend, Columbia River Gorge. I also find Washington state gorgeous too.
    Glad you had a nice getaway..


    • Thank you!

      We’re heading for Washington state later this month. 🙂 Will be staying near the Columbia River. I hope to be able to post pictures. Moving them from my i-Phone to the computer is tricky.

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