Biden for President?

I recently came across this quote as part of an article title — “Joe Biden inspires no one” — and I must say I agree.

Yes, I know. He’s the most likely candidate to put Trump out to pasture, but I have real concerns about replacing one oldster with another one … that’s even older!

What I find rather interesting is that much of Biden’s support is simply because he’s familiar. People seem to forget his previous attempts at the presidency … or why he lost. They tend to overlook that he’s waffled on some of his platforms, and has had little to nothing to say about many of the critical issues facing us today. Instead, their primary focus is on booting Trump out of office. (While this is certainly a noble cause, it’s also important to know the objectives of his potential replacement.)

I will admit there’s something to be said for the fact Biden supports Democratic values and viewpoints, along with having experience and maturity, but I’m not sure that’s enough to sway me.

(Some have said Biden is simply Hillary Clinton 2.0. And in some ways, I don’t think that’s too far off.)

Interestingly, while the media continues to paint Biden as the inevitable 2020 candidate, there’s been some rumblings the grassroots enthusiasm for him may be receding. And I, for one, am not too disappointed at this news.

Who am I rooting for? At this point, I really like Pete Buttigieg, even though I recognize his election chances are slim. I don’t care for Sanders as I think he’s too focused on one issue (plus, I would hate to watch him deliver a State of the Union message with all his arm-waving).

Of course it would be great if Elizabeth Warren stepped into the Oval Office. Allowing a woman to run this country for a change would definitely shake things up (read: improve). I may not support all of her platform, but I can’t help supporting her gender. 🥰

Bottom line. When voting time rolls around, I’m going to vote for the person whose name is on my ballot. If it ends up being Joe Biden, then so be it. That’s where my “X” will go. We simply CANNOT allow Trump to run this country into the ground any longer!

And I have a hunch most of my readers feel the same.

P.S. Just curious … how many of you donate to political candidates?

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    • Hello House of Heart. Funny I totally disagree and think nominating Biden or someone who is status quo is a vote for trump. Why I say this is history. Every time the Democrats have gone with the person “most likely to win” they have lost. Think Kerry, think Hillary. Those that are going to vote for tRump wont be swayed by a republican lite or establishment candidate. The voters we need to attract are the ones who did not vote in 2016. The young, the POC, women, and we need to push the policies people want such as Medicare for all, help with their daily lives, help with education, help with stagnate wages, help with issues of elder care, help with fixing infrastructure, help with making them safer from a run away justice system, help with the environment. Simply repeating the failed campaigns of the past is a losing strategy. IMO Hugs

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      • I think you’re mistaken. I personally don’t think Biden has what it takes. I think if we continue to push left though we will turn off the people who actually go to the poles. I’m afraid that’s not the young people , or the new immigrants who often fail to for the main event. I recognize we will never have free healthcare ( or Medicare for all) but need to work on Obamacare. It will be a disaster if we shoot ourselves in the foot as the Dems are prone to do, we can’t endure four more years of trump and the republican senates tyranny. I’m hoping a stand out candidate whose ideas will work for the majority will show up soon.

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        • Hello House of Heart. New immigrants can not vote. Over 100 countries with far less GDP than the US have universal healthcare. We wont have it unless we fight for it, and it is better for business also as they don’t have to figure rising healthcare costs into the business model. As for turning off people who go to the poles now, no they wont stay home because of Warren or any of the other candidates because they want tRump and his polices gone. Democrats swung the House in 2018 on things like healthcare. As for Obamacare it was always to be a stepping stone to something better, Obama said so. We have to get the middlemen out from between doctors and PTs for the system wot work. It simply is not sustainable as it currently is. It is killing it self off, and soon no one will have any healthcare insurance except the wealthy as no one will be able to afford it and companies can not afford to offer it. I agree we need to get rid of tRump, and also we need to win the senate. Both are do able. According to the polls even McConnell is in big trouble in Kentucky. Here is the thing that watching MSNBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS rarely mention. Poll after poll that asked about what voters wanted showed they want universal healthcare, and all the other things I mentioned. I have seen the polls. If you ask people if they want these things they say yes. So we won’t be turning them off. We will be turning them on. The one thing we can not do is run the failed campaigns of the past. Populism is not just a Republican / right wing issue. It is also a left wing issue. The reason so many working class people felt left behind is the Democrats stopped fighting for the poor / working person and started working for Wall Street. That has to change and centrist Democrats like Biden don’t understand that. Hugs

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        • Most Americans want a version of Medicare for everyone … but there is an enormous catch: Not all Medicare expansion plans are the same and there is more support for some than for others.

          In fact, after being told that a Medicare-for-all plan may eliminate all private health insurance companies, only 37% of all Americans still favored the proposal and 58% opposed it.

          Around half (47%) of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents said Democrats in the House should focus on improving and protecting the 2010 Affordable Care Act, while the other half (44%) wanted to focus on passing a national Medicare-for-all plan,


          Medicare-for-all is still contentious. It is not a hard-and-fast-everyone-is-sold-on-it issue.

          Now, having made this comment … please stick to the topic of my post, which is Biden, not healthcare or general issues.

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        • Hello Nan. The framing is the important thing. No one says they love their insurance company. No one wakes up and say great day I get to argue with my insurance company for procedure X. What people hear when you tell them you are getting rid of health insurance is ” I am taking away your ability to get healthcare”. When it is explained that they still get their doctors, they still get all the coverage they had plus some, when they hear they wont have huge out of pocket expenses the polls switch and people are for it by a large margin. It is how it is framed and of course the insurance companies are huge business that make their money on taking payments in and trying hard not to pay any money out. How does this relate to Biden, well here is how. Biden represented Delaware, and where are a lot of insurance and credit card companies Incorporated? Yes Delaware. As Biden is deep into the large PAC’s, going to all the large donor events, the idea he will do anything to buck these companies from making more profit off the working people is not likely. In fact Biden recently went to the same place as Warren and Buttigieg. Warren did a rally and no private fund raising. Buttigieg did a rally and private fund raising after. Biden did just the fund raising with no rally. It seems he is very clear in that he intends to represent the wealthy donor class, not the working people of the US. Hugs


        • We are all immigrants or ancestors of; Newer immigrants may be citizens as well. I disagree with you. If you Don’t like my opinion and want to make it appear less informed than your own I don’t play that.

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        • Hello House of Heart. I am sorry I gave that impression and I do not feel that way. I apologize. I enjoy politics and I watch / read news all day long. So I tend to repeat what I have taken in. Again I am sorry if it appeared an attack, I did not mean it that way. Be well. Hugs


  1. Whoever wins the democratic nomination gets my vote. Period. Why? Well, first of all they’ll be something Trump isn’t: human. They also will have two other things Trump does not: hearts and at least some amount of empathy. This nonsensical battle within the Democratic Party and its voters is, without question, exactly what Trump and the GOP want. Combine this with the fact Russia is, without question,”fixing” the 2020 election for Trump and the GOP, and the fact the GOP are lying, despicable rat-bastards that will stop at NOTHING to win, and the 2020 election is theirs without so much as any of them having to break a sweat. Trump will win in 2020 because Dems simply are unable to get together and fight to win a National election. We are in for 6 more years of shear hell. Republicans stick together and fight. Dems whine, cry, and bitch; thus, they lose. Hopefully, I’ll be shown I’m wrong, but sadly, I doubt that I am.

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    • I WANT to disagree with you, Jeff. I really, really do. But I’m so terribly afraid what you say is going to be the case.

      However, on the other hand, we MUST think positive. If we let those UGLY thoughts of tRumpsky in the White House for four more years float around in our brain and work them way out into the atmosphere, we’re sunk for sure.

      We simply have to send out positive thoughts that THIS TIME, the Dems will get off their hind-ends and pull together and back someone that will get us out of this terrible, terrible rut we’re in.


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    • Hello Jeff. Do not lose heart. The primary is where we Democrats get to pick the person we like most and represents what we each want. Trust me come the general election it wont matter if it is Biden or any of the others, the Democrats / activist will get behind them and push that person to a win. Yes the ones you mention will cheat and steal , so that is why we have to do a better ground game and vote overwhelmingly. Be well. Hugs

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    • Anyone who gets on the democratic ticket, from Ronald MacDonald to the Cat in the Hat, has to be better than what we have now. We need to break the stranglehold this president has on people, and the only way to do it is to get someone in office who can speak coherently, understand what’s being said, and has a decent Vice President. We can sort out the details later. =)

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  2. From a non-American:
    I don’t know that much about the Democratic candidates, but I listen to what Americans have to say. It seems to me that Biden is the safe candidate, the one who won’t shake up too much if elected. He will do a job, but he won’t ever be considered a great president. He will attract centrists and those swing voters right of center who do not like Trump. He would never turn a Trump voter into a Biden voter.
    What the American electorate need is someone who is dynamic, someone willing to shoot for the moon. I don’t pretend to know who that is, but he or she cannot be someone who is labeled a socialist, because socialism, no matter how good it can be if properly introduced, is a swear word in most of America. Capitalists have taught Americans to fear socialism, not because it is bad for the people (It isn’t!) but because it is bad for the capitalists. Listen to the people around you. Socialism is EVIL. Fence-sitters will not vote in a declared socialist.
    What the Dems need is someone who appears to be capitalist-leaning, but humanitarian in direction. And, again, someone who can attract voters from both sides of center.
    He or she needs to be a great orator, with a charming personality. A go-getter, but not a loner. He or she has to show they are willing to work with others, and consider all options, but still be a decision maker. No wimp will do!
    And he or she has to be strong enough to take on the NRA, without being a spineless yes-man. Add in some relative youth, and a bit of sexiness just to add some spice.
    Is there such a person among the Dem candidates? I don’t know. But this is the person who can and will defeat Trump.
    Again, this from an outside watcher.

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    • Great points, rawgod!! Spot-on!

      Now if that person will just come out from the shadows and make him/herself known!!!

      I do wish Buttigieg were a bit older (not much … just enough to convince the older generation) and had a better resumé because I think he fits your description. But alas. He’s only has a mayorship to his credit.

      Maybe … just maybe … there’s someone still in the shadows who will step out as we get closer to the actual elections. Hope springs eternal.

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    • Hello Rawgod. Regardless of who the nominee is, even if it is Biden, tRump will scream socialist. For all the reasons you mentioned, they have managed to turn the word into a scary thing. That is what the Republicans do. They can not argue on the issues as the majority of the population doesn’t want what they are selling. Their demographic is dying. The same with the demographic that supports Biden. The fact is there is a shift in the country right now that is similar to the shift in the 1960’s. It is being resisted, but it is happening. Biden is the old guard and the old guard is going away to be replaced by a younger demographic with different ideas. Hugs

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      • Hugs to you, Scottie. Unfortunately, you may remember what the repugs did to the younger voices in 63 and 68.
        If you can’t beat them, assassinate them. That reduces the opposition sharply.

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  3. I’ve always liked Joe Biden — but not as a presidential candidate. He has a problem with “foot in mouth” disease.

    I think I like Pete Buttigieg most among the candidate, but there are several that I would prefer to Biden. However, like you, I would prefer Biden to Sanders.

    Yes, in some ways Biden is Hilary Clinton 2.0, but without the years of built up hate from the right.

    In any case, I’ll take what I get. I will be an “anybody but Trump” voter.

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  4. It’s often said that Biden’s popularity is just a matter of name recognition. I don’t agree.

    For one thing, he’s overwhelmingly popular with black voters, which is probably related to his role as Obama’s Vice President. This is important. Black voters are the largest part of the Democratic base. The party cannot win without their votes, and would be foolish to nominate a candidate who has failed to demonstrate appeal to them. Black voters are also mostly moderate, not radical (“progressive”).

    For another, throughout the campaign Biden has aimed most of his rhetorical fire at Trump, not at rival Democrats. This appeals to the typical rank-and-file Democrat who is focused on getting rid of Trump and has little interest in the moderate-vs-progressive internal squabbles that so fascinate the activist fringe of the party.

    That activist fringe has been pushing a narrative that Biden is somehow being forced on the party by the “establishment”, ignoring the fact that in every poll he has led his rivals by margins ranging from large to huge. That reflects the views of the mass of Democratic voters.

    Why is the engaged, activist, politics-savvy, internet-savvy fringe so out of touch with the mainstream voters who make up the party? What are they getting so wrong and failing to understand about real Democratic voters?

    I haven’t chosen a candidate to support (it’s far too early) and I have reservations about Biden — his gaffes, his age, his coziness with insider politics. On policy, Warren generally appeals to me the most. But the nominee cannot accomplish anything unless he or she can actually beat Trump next November and take the Presidency. And the polling always shows Biden beating Trump by a bigger margin than any other candidate.

    I’m well aware that the election is over a year away and the polling results could change. But so far they haven’t, and right now they’re the only hard data we have.

    And yes, I agree about the bottom line.

    If Biden is the nominee, I’ll vote for Biden.
    If Sanders is the nominee, I’ll vote for Sanders.
    If Warren is the nominee, I’ll vote for Warren.
    If Harris is the nominee, I’ll vote for Harris.
    If Buttigieg is the nominee, I’ll vote for Buttigieg.
    And so on. Delaney or Williamson would take some real nose-holding, but I’d still do it.


  5. In 2008, this incredibly racist country was so fed up with the status quo (in which the rich kept getting richer and we poorer) that we elected a Black man president. Think about that. Then when that administration didn’t change the status quo much at all, we went over board and elected Donald Trump rather than a competent exponent of the status quo. Donald Fucking Trump. Think about that.

    Now, should the Democrats offer up Joe Biden, another icon of the status quo, as their candidate for president, that moron Donald Trump might get re-elected.

    We wanted a president who offered hope and change and didn’t get it. We need to try again. Selecting someone based upon some idiotic idea of electability is self-defeating.

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    • Every poll for months has shown Biden defeating Trump by a bigger — usually much bigger — margin than any other candidate does. That’s not “some idiotic idea”. That’s data.

      As I said above, it’s a long time until the election and voter preferences could change. But so far they haven’t, and this is the best actual data we have about what will beat Trump with the actual electorate.

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      • There’s no doubt we have to go with whomever steps behind the “final” debate dais. But I do wish more people would pay attention to who represents what. Too many (and I used to be one of them) lean on their favored party affiliation and spend little to no time reviewing what that “party person” stands for.

        Yes, if the Democrats are able to pull it off, we will most likely end up with Biden. I just wish it was because he is truly the most qualified candidate and not just the one who is most “familiar.”

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        • Yes, I read your “longer comment.” And I totally agree with it.

          But for the people who simply go to the polls and never research the candidates, they’re going to vote for Biden because, as I indicated, he’s “familiar.” They know him because he was Obama’s VP … and that’s about all.

          Listen, I say this because I’ve been there, done that. I never researched the candidates. I never watched or read political stuff. If I were in that same place today, I’m quite sure I would be voting for Biden. And there are hundreds of thousands of others just like me.

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        • I really think the fact that he mostly attacks Trump and rarely attacks other Democrats is a major point. People outside the activist fringe don’t want to see infighting and circular firing squads. The other candidate of which that’s somewhat true is Warren (she mostly talks policy, not criticism of rivals), and she’s the only one who has ever come close to catching up with Biden in the polling. The one time Biden lost real ground in the polls was right after his clash with Harris in the first debate, when he did start sniping at her and Booker. This is all consistent with voters reacting to what the candidates are saying, as opposed to merely going by name recognition. Most people don’t go to the trouble of researching candidates, but they do hear what they’re saying.

          It probably also helps that Biden talks a lot about working with Republicans. Now, obviously he knows that that’s impossible and the Republicans will just try to obstruct everything. He knows that better than anyone, because he was right there with Obama for eight years while they were acting like rabid pit bulls toward everything he tried to do. But it’s what a lot of the electorate wants to hear.

          I actually suspect Biden’s lead is going to slip over time because of the gaffes, which he’s obviously more prone to than ever, and which will create doubts about his ability to hold his own against Trump in the general election. But it’s going to be because of factors like that, just as his lead so far has been due (I believe) to factors like the ones I’ve cited. The “less-informed” 95% or so of the Democratic electorate is still a lot smarter and more discriminating than the politics-savvy 5% gives them credit for.


      • It’s certainly complicated. I would agree that getting rid of Trump is a primary concern and if Biden is that person I guess I’m okay with that, but I do see that the DNC didn’t do enough to recognize in the last election how many were tired of the establishment, on both sides of the aisle. The DNC didn’t take this seriously and threw their support behind Hillary.. As the Republicans have become more extreme, the democratic party establishment politically a lot more center right when you compare them to center right parties in other countries. This is a problem for many liberals and rightly so. I think that if the establishment wants to survive it at least needs to expand its platform to at least address the concerns of many people who wish the democratic party actually represented more liberal values. That being said the, the point missed by so many liberals this last election was the loss of the supreme court, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t get a democrat in the white house this next election. While Ruth Bader Ginsburg seems to be made of steel, she simply can’t last forever. If democrats aren’t picking her replacement the country is royally screwed.

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        • AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! (and also A-WOMEN!) with reference to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. GAWD! We will most certainly be up sh__ creek if she’s replaced by another conservative judge.

          That, if for no other reason, should motivate the more liberally-minded voters to go to the polls!!

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  6. Like all of you, I’d vote for anybody over trump. Biden seems a decent man and moderate, but unexceptionable or exciting.

    Pete is great, but hopefully his future is down the road. He should run for Congress maybe first and wait for the old anti gay religious bigots to die off.

    I like Warren’s enthusiasm and ideas and I think she is the only one who could dish it back to trump..
    I worry that trump would attack and disparage Biden unmercifully and make him look like a feeble minded old grandpa. They may be close in age, but trump has the ruthless biting cunning like a fox against a poor little rabbit.

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    • I definitely agree with your last paragraph. I just don’t think Biden has the chutzpah to stand up to tRumpsky’s merciless hammering. If it was all about issues, then it might be different. But as we all know, this is not tRumpsky’s forté. He much prefers personal attacks. And unfortunately, his “fans” cheer/egg him on.

      At this point, I think all we can hope for is for some dynamic and popular individual to step out of the shadows and make a GRAND entrance into the race. However, I’m not holding my breath.

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  7. I agree with you Nan. I have reservations about Biden as well. I’m open however, to him as the nominee. Echoing what most in this thread are saying, beating Trump is priority number one. We still have a long way to go. Once the field is narrowed to around 5 or so, I think we’ll see which candidate rises to the occasion. For me, personally I’m leaning towards Liz Warren. I know people are worried whether she can beat Trump. But as far as who is the smartest, most qualified person running, I think it’s her.
    She advocates for socialistic programs, but she’s not a socialist. She believes in the markets, but with proper regulatory guide rails in place. I love how she talks about the system being rigged for those at the top. And she has a multitude of plans to try and fix it. I realize many of her plans will never see the light of day due to Senate gridlock, but it shows she’s willing to tackle and think through some of the most difficult and pressing issues facing us.
    She still has to find a way to get people of color to believe in her, but if she becomes the nominee I have no doubt that she can do it. Still a long way to go. If it’s Biden, I’ll do everything I can to help him out. ‘Blue’ no matter who! My heart however is with Warren. We shall soon find out if she can rise to the top.

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    • Warren is tough. No doubt about it. But like you say, she has to embed herself with the voters who don’t really know her … and unfortunately, that’s quite a few of them.

      Like I said in my comment to Infidel … too few actually spend time studying the issues and/or the person. They simply make an “X” by the name that ends up on the final ballot. And unless some dynamic person steps into the spotlight … well, that name will probably be Biden. *deep sigh*

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  8. We can only hope that enough of the centrist voters who went for tRump, and the few who fell for the “what have you got to lose” line (who hopefully by now realize exactly what they had to lose,) will vote Democratic, no matter who gets the nomination.

    I agree Biden is the most vanilla sure thing I have seen in a while. I’d much rather see Warren get the nomination and then I’d like to see her get Sanders for VP.

    But as you alluded to, no matter who gets the D nomination, gets my vote. We have suffered enough. I am so sick of all of it I hardly watch news or do the blog thing anymore. My frustration with this mess is making me an internet introvert. Why? Because if I can’t hit it with a hammer, I need to stay as far away as possible 🙂

    It’s nice in my little dark room where I make baskets and drool during my nappy time 😉

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    • Well, I haven’t quite confined myself to the “dark room,” but I can identify with that action because I too am “so sick of all of it!” Mostly tRumpsky and his continual blathering and changing directions and castigating others and … TWEETING! Egads! What did we do to deserve this punishment??!?

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      • It’s a bloody freaking nightmare and I can’t knock it out cold. I so want to punch that a$$hole in the nose, I can’t stand it…

        See I like my little quiet place, when I stick my head out I get angry. I’ve been trying to enjoy the pleasures in life and do my best to ignore the shit show. It isn’t good for me.

        Back playing music again, got some good guys together, we are doing original material, we are working it all out now. It is a slow process, but I think we will be able to play live before x-mas. I have a lot of fun with that.

        The wife and I have always been close, that seems to be improving as we go. So it’s nice to spend time together when we can. 18th anniversary a few weeks back.

        Have a grandaughter playing soft ball again this year, we will be going to games soon.

        These are the things that keep me sane in light of the shit show. I feel like the Hulk, they really dont want me to get angry, and neither do I. My little quiet place is a good place lol.

        Vote people! If nothing else to help keep SD sane 🙂

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        • Good to read that some of the good/positive stuff is going on. We all need to focus more on that (as much as possible, considering). I will say I’ve cut back on my “political” TV-watching in the evenings and that’s helped. But I’m still a bit addicted because I always check the “headlines” on my phone each morning. *sigh* And of course, I get a fair share of the *crap* from the internet.

          HOPEFULLY (!) … we’ll all be able to return to normal living in 18 months or so.

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        • Indeed. Normal is so far in the rear view now it is a distant memory. I long for normal.

          In a normal world tRump, his cronies, and his cronies in the senate would all be in jail. It is mind numbing to have seen all of this play out and absolutely NOTHING has been done about it. Maddening.

          I want some normal…

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    • Bugger … don’t you hate that? When your shaking old fingers hit the wrong button and send stuff off before you are finished?

      What I was going to say ….

      I have a more universal observation to make. My own chosen profession has age limitations. It’s a little bit specialised, I suppose, but it’s not rocket science and its certainly not about running the most powerful nation in the western world (or even the least powerful one). There is a general observation that once past a certain age one’s skills cannot, on average, be relied upon to perform up to the required standard.
      I’m not offended by that. It’s true. If I am honest, I think I can report that I peaked at about the age of 35 – when a combination of mental and physical dexterity came together with experience to produce the best possible me (still, to be sure, something less than a superstar).

      So why are we hiring a bunch of geriatrics to run the planet? Can’t we find some youngish candidates? Some with a vision of the future and a reasonable chance of personally experiencing it?
      Why do we see the same cranky old men stumbling up to the stage? Where are the inspired young women?

      Answer: New Zealand.

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      • I agree, older people, while experienced, simply do not have the stamina to deal with government as it’s run these days. It’s draining. Look at photos of any modern president, from Roosevelt on; pictures of Carter, of Obama, of Reagan, all look like different men after 4 and 8 years of that kind of stress.

        I think people in their forties and 50s would be ideal, and these days mid 30s isn’t nearly enough time to be able to deal with government as it’s handled today. But the money issue comes into it too. It costs a ridiculous amount of money to campaign, and few younger people have that kind of disposable income to spend on what is basically a crap shoot. and you don’t get your money back, win OR lose.

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      • So why are we hiring a bunch of geriatrics to run the planet? Excellent question!

        IMO, a lot has to do with the fact that more “geriatrics” vote. I mean, for some, it’s the highlight of their day to go to the polls. The younger generation simply has too many irons in the fire to spend much time worrying about who’s going to run the country. Plus, laying their phones down for a few seconds to enter a voting booth? Horrors!

        As for more women in politics? As I mentioned in my post, I’d LOVE to see a woman in the Oval Office. We couldn’t do any worse than what we now have … and in fact, IMO, we’d do several thousands times better!

        I agree with judy in that someone in their 40’s to 50’s is the ideal candidate. I would even go so far as to bring it down to 35. I don’t know if you’re aware, but we currently have a 37-year-old candidate that, in my personal opinion, would be a great choice. The big problem with a younger president is having to deal with and convince the “old fogies” currently holding offices in the Senate and House that your ideas are worth considering.

        In any event, I appreciate your input.

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  9. Weirdly, despite the polls, I have yet to meet a *single* person, either in real life or online, who is a fan of Biden. I wonder who the survey-takers are who answer “Yes, Biden’s the one for me.” Yes, I get that many people feel he’s “more electable”, but actually their first choice? (Also, we need to quit worrying about “more electable”. Look at Trump. That grifter was in NO way “electable”, yet he gained the necessary electoral votes.)

    You’ve seen my “blue no matter who” post by now, so you know my feelings. It literally doesn’t matter who we get past the primaries. In fact, I’d rather the DNC skipped the next eight or nine *months*, drew a name out of a hat, and began campaigning against Trump *now*. We’re wasting a lot of money and air time by familiarizing voters with candidates who won’t be on the 2020 ballot.

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    • You make a good point with that last sentence. And perhaps if the field were narrowed per your suggestion, the candidates left would recognize how vitally important it is for them to come up with solid plans and policies — instead of just standing on a stage and snipping at each other.

      Too bad the people who supposedly run this country don’t pay more attention to their constituents. We might actually see some things get done.

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  10. I read your post again and saw this line in a new light:

    “We simply CANNOT allow Trump to run this country into the ground any longer!”

    Lately, in conversations, whenever I’m tempted to say “Trump”, I replace it with “Republicans” or “the GOP”. My reasoning is thus: Yes, Trump is bad, incompetent (and probably incontinent), offensive, dishonest, etc. and so on, but the actual stuff he’s doing — policies implemented — are almost 100% backed by Republicans, cheered on by Republicans, and have been for many years championed by the GOP. Gutting the EPA, building a wall, cutting taxes on the uber-wealthy, chipping away at women’s rights, etc… All these are Republican policies — rather than “Trump policies”.

    I want to avoid the situation I foresee — when Trump is gone, the Republicans shrug and pretend they never really liked him — and all our complaints and angst about Trump are meaningless.

    Just something I’ve been thinking about. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • And very solid thoughts they are!

      I think most would agree with your analysis. But I also feel Trump himself is not totally averse to many (most?) of the policies he’s attempting to enact. And even if he was … he LOVES the attention he’s getting (even the negative) so he’s going to stir the pot every chance he gets.

      Your last “thought” also seems quite possible. In any case, once he’s out of the picture (in 2020, I desperately hope), I tend to think “politics” will return to a bit more “normal” state. Of course there will always be division and discontent between the parties, but perhaps not to the ugly point that it is now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • “I tend to think ‘politics’ will return to a bit more ‘normal’ state…”

        I’m sure you’re right, and this bugs me. Because so many of us have directed our outrage at Trump the person, once he’s gone, everyone will be relieved and *welcome* “business as usual”, which was the problem in the first place. Who knows. We’ll see in a few years, won’t we? 🙂


        • “Business as usual.” Interesting point. And one that I doubt has been considered by most.

          But you’re right. Were it not for tRumpsky, there might never have been so much interest in “politics.” Hopefully, now that the spotlight has been on the ugly side, we, as a nation, will recognize that simply kicking back and letting “the government” run things is not always the best idea. Hopefully.

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