33 thoughts on “Wanna’ Move?

  1. Both Australia and NZ have acted putting a priority on lives not weapons. I wish others would follow suit instead of moaning about second amendment rights and the next assault weapon they want to buy. Some people prefer to have more weapons than they have arms to use them but still lives don’t matter.Some gun control must be forthcoming no matter what the NRA are saying, their bottom line is just profit. People matter more.

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    • What’s unfortunate about gun ownership is there are people who are legitimate gun-owners. They enjoy target shooting, hunting, collecting, etc. For them, it’s more like a hobby. But as it is with most things, it’s the fringe elements that make it bad for everyone.

      In the U.S. environment, I don’t think there will ever be an answer to mass shootings. There are just too many loopholes in existing laws and even if Congress FINALLY decides to do something, I fear it will only be a token action to make themselves look good.

      Truth be told … there are just too many “crazies” running around and gun laws will never stop them.

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        • Sorry, accidentally slide, scrolled, and PULLED THE TRIGGER prematurely on my Weapon (mouse) over/atop the “Send” button. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I actually wasn’t finished…

          And with that quote above Nan, the truth is that poor mental-illness clinics, hospitals, professionally licensed staff (pill-prescribing Psychiatrists who make GREAT money are the exception), and the most dire needed long-term inpatient programs (of a minimum 180-days!) are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the majority of Americans — duh, because healthcare in general keeps being scaled back, cannibalized, fought over, and/or cut by Congress — all because mainstream America stigmatizes mental-illness as someone else’s problem rather than the reality of 80% – 95% of all Americans have some degree of mental-illness requiring non-medicated treatment/rehab!!!

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        • ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† I know RIGHT! (realizes he’s about to make fun of himself and prove Nan’s point!) ๐Ÿค— Just think of all the ensuing chaos and mass hysteria that would SURELY follow if everybody on WordPress couldn’t get their obese doses of Professor Taboo’s brilliant pedantry!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I mean, this loss for humanity could rival even…

          “Oh the humanity… lost for lack of PT’s words, and words, and those more words, and… …oh I’m sorry folks, I can’t keep talking!” ๐Ÿ˜›


        • sweetie, i was attempting (on my blasted phone for pete’s sake) to answer someone else who stuck all americans into the same tired description. wasn’t you at all. sigh. dunno if it was a wp thing or my own muckup.

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        • Ahh, okay. That soothes my concern completely. Thank you Suze. ๐Ÿ˜„ When I read your comment-reply I was asking myself, “Self, did my attempts at humor and cheekiness NOT go over very well? Did I screw-up… like I often do?” ๐Ÿ˜ฌ ๐Ÿ˜›

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    • The gun toting and freedom blessed Americans are expecting their government to turn against them at any time and because crime such as shootings are so common they will have to have their guns to defend themselves. No wonder Americans pop so many pills, they are all paranoid.

      Apologise to the normal people of America, I know there are some of you.

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      • they will have to have their guns to defend themselves

        Boy-oh-boy! Have I heard this line before! Or they need their guns … just in case. I mean, rattlesnakes may take over their home!

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    • Do you have a plank in your platform on this issue, IBTD? Perhaps MANDATORY gun ownership is the answer, with every house and apartment fortified and every vehicle an armored car?

      With opportunities for Gawd-fearing heartlandishly hued American Troo Patriots to obtain more…potent…weapons to keep the lesser breeds in check?

      “A Cruise Missile in Every Caucasian Christian Conservative Castle!”

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        • Well gosh. Why even bother with an election? I suggest all of the Gun-Toting, Heartlandishly-Hued Americans* who dominate this commentariate simply nominate by acclamation The Inspired One. I suggest a March on Washington in early October, 2020. This will also save taxpayer money on those silly elections!

          * As shown by our fearless Mango Mussolini, our movement will also accept “help” from right-thinking foreigners. So non-Americans here, feel free to contribute!

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        • “Mango Mussolini”. I like this! Ha! Oh, also, here’s something I’ve discovered. Thoughts and prayers really do work and make the world better and free of gun violence but ONLY when used TOGETHER!! See, many pray, but don’t think too much, and others think TOO much but don’t pray. So, the key word in order for thoughts and prayers to work is AND. Thoughts AND prayers, at the same time, simultaneously. If used separately, they don’t work. So, please, use thoughts and prayers TOGETHER and we will surely make America free from gun violence and crazy killers. OK? ๐Ÿ™‚

          (BTW, do you, or did you, own a Basenji pup? I have one that’s mixed with a Beagle and I LOVE ‘er! Greatest pal EVER!)

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        • I did. See my responses to Nan below. Tasha was a challenge, but she was worth it!

          I can only imagine the STUBBORNNESS involved in a beagle/basenji mix! The mind boggles. ๐Ÿ™‚


          I have a friend who had a basenji/chihuahua mix, and it was the nastiest dog ever. Not a good combination at all!

          Tasha nipped, Mr. Bingley SERIOUSLY BIT people (as in hospital visits).

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        • Kassey is a wonderful, loving pup, but has a will entirely her own. I can’t even teach her to sit or give paw. She refuses! But she is SO loving, snugly and sweet. She does the yodel thing often and will only bark when playing at the dog park with other dogs or at large, noisy, trucks. She also goes INSANE when she sees a squirrel or a rabbit and will literally eat every and anything she finds on the ground. She’s a great pal. If only she’d LISTEN better when we’re on walks, it’d be heavenly all the time. Wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s not in the least nippy. I can reach into her mouth and pull out the crap she picks up without the slightest nip as long as I get to it before she gulps it down.

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        • I think your theory might be correct. After the Christchurch shooting, I didn’t hear any of our leaders offering thought AND prayers, but there were plenty of foreign leaders and dignitaries that did.

          All that our leaders, dignitaries and the public could do was provide compassion WITH action. Not the same at all. Little or no suggestion of prayers. Just as well our entire nation is outnumbered (by at least an order of magnitude) by the many Christian fundamentalists and NRA supporters in the USA alone who did offer thoughts AND Prayers.

          The fact that we haven’t had a mass shooting since Christchurch, provides the evidence that God listens to thoughtful fundamentalists and NRA supporters, even when the thoughts AND prayers are for those who are opposed to the principles of both.

          As I don’t think there’s enough fundamentalists and NRA supporters to have the necessary impact for the whole of America, perhaps they need to offer thoughts AND prayers state by state. If they could all combine thoughts AND prayers on the same state for perhaps a year or three before moving on to the next one, I’m sure progress could be made. They should start on those states with the least distressing statistics first, as they will be easier to think AND pray about. With plenty of practice, they’ll be better skilled to work on the more difficult states later.

          Doing it state by state instead of nation wide should see an improvement by the end of the twenty first century I would think.

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        • Yes, offering thoughts AND prayers together is a very difficult skill to learn, and, if used incorrectly, can actually cause more harm than good. Too much thought minus the prayer pisses of Da Lawd! Then, He (Da Lawd) being pissed, might rain fire down upon the very things you’re thinking too hard about helping. Too much prayer, with too little thought, and Da Lawd may get confused as to whom it is who’s praying and offer His magic to help a person who does not need it as much as the victims of NRA/GOP-inspired gun violence. Yeah, it’s tough to learn how to pray AND think correctly, but, when done, it is a beautiful thing to see. I’m offering lessons, BTW, for 56 dollars an hour for anyone who’s interested, FYI. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • This was so awesome an article.

        Really nails how ineffectual we are in the face of the gun craziness.

        Except (my evillllll Misotheism shows through once again):

        “At a certain point you need to have an honest conversation with yourself and ask whether you are praying to the God of love (me), or whether youโ€™re praying and listening to a false God that cheers aggression, that…”

        This is serious, serious cherry picking. Yahweh is The Owner of All Infernal Names. Christianity IS evil. One can argue that the Biblical God is a God of war, aggression, and above all else, petulant punishment.

        (Misotheism put aside for the moment. Carry on, folks!)

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  2. Research since has shown that firearm homicides and suicides by gun have both reduced dramatically in Australia.

    Yep. THAT is actually one of the hard facts about advanced civilizations with quality primary, secondary, and under-grad education infrastructures MINIMUM — that naturally equip their populations for multiple, ingenious conflict resolutions, better positive communication skills or therapy/rehab, and better capacities to benefit/improve the Greater Good (for everyone!) — all REDUCES violence, especially gun-violence or the need to have any or more than 1 gun in a household!!!!!

    There’s also many studies, stats, surveys since 1984 and sharply since 2007 that have been done these last 3.5 decades that show unequivocally that homes with 2 or more weapons owned inside usually end up killing one or more of the residents rather than any burglar or habitual criminal breaking in or threatening the family/residents. IOW, weapons are NOT being used in a 2nd Amendment context within a local militia defending/protecting against foreign armies. Duh, like that has EVER been the case since maybe our North-South Civil War or the American Revolution against Great Britain.

    Here’s just one website with all the hardcore facts:


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  3. And right here in the “MORE ON WORDPRESS.COM” section at the foot of this page, there’s a link to a post by hummingbird027 titled “Donโ€™t turn over your right to bare arms! Just look at Venezuela. It will happen to YOU!- โ€“ New Zealand Starts Disarming Citizens with Gun Buyback Program”. So absolutely misleading!

    As guns aren’t registered here, no one knows how many guns there are, but it’s estimated somewhere between 1 million and 1.5 million. The number of guns that were previously legal to own on an A Category licence and now illegal on that licence is estimated to be between 10 and 15 thousand. Do the sums, and it represents about 1% of the guns in this country. Hardly what I’d call disarming.

    As for the “right to bare arms”, it’s never been legal here. In fact, to bare a weapon of any type (including knives or baseball bats) for self defence is prohibited. Even the slightest hint that you might want to keep a gun for protection is a guarantee that you will not being able to get or renew a gun licence. The only people here who need guns for “protection” are those involved in organised crime, and they, in most likelihood, won’t have a firearms licence anyway, and would have no chance of getting one.

    As the site linked to by Professor Taboo above shows, merely having access to firearms markedly increases your chances of being killed or injured by one. So why take the chances? Anyone using a bit of reason will realise I am safer without a gun than with one.

    And of course people like you, Nan, would be most welcome here (in moderate numbers – one in four NZ residents are immigrants and that’s putting quite a strain on our infrastructure and resources).

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    • Thank you, Barry. I visited NZ many years ago and thought it was beautiful country. Believe me, if circumstances were different, it would most definitely be on my list of potential residences.

      You’re fortunate to live in a country without a lot of gun-crazies. Be thankful every day.


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