Heaven Forbid! Trump is Upsetting the Evangelicals

A Trump-supporting West Virginia state senator who represents many evangelicals got three phone calls from constituents complaining about Trump’s profanity after a recent rally.

Oh my! It seems the residents of this senator’s district are upset that Trump was “using the Lord’s name in vain” when he …

  • Bragged about bombing Islamic State militants: “they’ll be hit so goddamn hard.”
  • Warned a wealthy businessman: “If you don’t support me, you’re going to be so goddamn poor.”

While it’s not uncommon for Trump to use numerous profanities in his speeches, it seems some of his supporters are more fixated on the off-limits and casual use of the word “goddamn.” 😲

As many of us know, Evangelicals played a key role in Trump’s 2016 win, yet it now seems some of them are growing fatigued with the irreverent language that often seeps into his rallies and official events. Some believers have even threatened to stay home during the 2020 elections rather than vote if Trump “doesn’t tone down the rhetoric.”

Interestingly, although Trump has …

  • Been divorced twice
  • Faced constant allegations of extramarital affairs
  • Previously supported abortion rights
  • Stumbled when trying to discuss the specifics of religion (once saying “two Corinthians” instead of “Second Corinthians”)

… he has maintained broad support from evangelicals, including the unwavering backing of prominent conservative Christian leaders. Even Jerry Falwell, Liberty University President, says he wishes Trump would be a little more careful with his language, “but it’s not anything that’s a dealbreaker and it’s not something we’re going to get morally indignant about.”


Although Evangelicals tend to agree with Trump’s social policies, praise his appointment of conservative judges, and extol his commitment to Israel — when it comes to “using the Lord’s name in vain” … gasp! … many draw the line.

They’re also not too happy with his use of “bullshit.” Or saying we should keep radical Islamic terrorists the “hell out of our country,” and that we should throw undocumented immigrants “the hell out.”

And yet … and yet … even though many are appalled at Trump’s irreverence, they continue to support him and are “inclined to extend grace to him” when he swears or makes inappropriate comments.

One can’t help but wonder … where do Evangelicals and other God-fearing individuals draw the line? Are they so certain that Trump is going to usher in a Christian Nation* that it’s O.K. to put aside the standards of their beloved religion for a future utopia?

Then again, as many of us know, Christians have been known to ignore/overlook the teachings of their Leader when it’s convenient for them to do so. Why should it be different this time?


(Material and excerpts for this post came from here.)

*A country that recognizes a form of Christianity as its official religion and often has a state church which is a Christian denomination that supports the government and is supported by the government.

53 thoughts on “Heaven Forbid! Trump is Upsetting the Evangelicals

  1. Such a shame that they can’t use their indignation for things you would expect their Christianity to be up in arms about. The plight of children removed from their parents in concentration camps at the Mexican border., the number of multiple killings in the Country, specifically those at schools, the rising costs of medical insurance since Obama care was cut and not addressed by Trump.Trump’s deal with the Devil being his agreements with Russia. Actually the list goes on and I see little for Christians, especially the Evangelical side to be proud of.

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  2. Okay, NOW I am even MORE confused about Who & What God-fearing God-invoking tRump is and Who & What God’s Church/People Model to the Devil-world!!! Why do the goal-posts of righteousness, sin, and judgment always move/switch weekly!?

    In the Fall of 2016 those two were one-in-the-same! God helped Russia get tRumpsky elected; and God loves North Korea’s “Hatchet Man” Kim Jong Un, the new Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud O Blah Dee O Blah Dah (who kills objectionable Journalists), Philippine Mob-boss Rodrigo Duterte, “Big Daddy Xi” of China, Egypts “The Pimp” Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi Pizzas, Islamic Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan Al Erjordans of Turkey, and Russia’s ex-KGB Hitman Vladimir Pootsie Puten… WHY? BECAUSE our President tRump loves them with his passionate man-crushes on them!

    Now suddenly when the REAL tRump stands up inciting the Herd of Foaming Mouths with some schoolyard Bullying Mobbish flatulence he has ALWAYS spewed with no forethought (from his no brain cranium) all his entire life and will never change… they are saying the Who & What God’s Church/People Model and the Who & What God-fearing God-invoking tRump are splitting up!? (GASP!) Say it isn’t so! 😮 They are divorcing!? Or just seperating? Or having angry sex and making up later?

    Geezzz, I’m SO (NOT) CONFUSED!!!

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    • HA! You get soooo wound up!

      Simple fact is tRumpsky is being his normal self but the Evangies are just now beginning to look beyond his “promises” and see him for the person he’s always been.

      (Sometimes it’s necessary to clean those rose-colored glasses.)

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      • Well, yes I do get wound up… especially by YOUR blog-posts Nan! In a way, YOU are like inciting those tRump rallying Herds of Foaming Mouths in me! I need to/take you in much smaller doses I guess, huh? LOL 😉 😛

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      • I think they are just being petty and silly Church Ladies myself. I imagine most of them still thrill to his rhetoric. They will fall back in line once the tempest in a teapot is over.

        I agree with Hehmet over at Friendly Atheist. The idea that the heretical, uneducated, ahistorical American Evangelical Church can be a guide to morality on anything is risible.

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        • I am talking about the lack of a long-rooted church tradition. In the burned over country era, we got known scamsters “translating” golden tablets. Undereducated preachers introducing the idea of the prosperity gospel (Trump just appointed a particularly ridiculous one to an official position). The reliance on self-appointed prophets to found churches. Doctrines not based on tradition.

          Now…I also think the heritage is questionable as well. But Joseph Smith? Jim Bakker? Give me the traditional high church. 🙂


  3. Possibly, when some shooter walks into a private christian school and blasts away at children and openly christian teachers they might find some indignation, or shooting up a white christian church in the middle of a rich area of the bible belt. Right now it is okay to shoot up unchristian public schools, or synagogues or mosques, or even black churches. Hit them where it hurts, and they will scream!
    ( Writer’s note: I do not want to see any place get shot up. As an atheist I have respect for all life, and believe all living beings should be allowed to live to their natural death. However, it is obvious that most shooters are from white christian families, as their places of worship and education are being spared. This is not because god is saving them, but because the racists consider themselves terrorists for god.

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    • While your comment is relevant to the recent shootings, I’m not sure what it has to do with the Evangelicals being upset over tRumpsky’s language … ???

      Am I missing something?

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      • What I think you are missing is the red herring of Trump’s language. If his followers are going to get upset about “god damn” but not about the killings that are going on, or any of the other things he is doing, they don’t deserve any media time about not liking Trump’s language. They need to be taken to task about the big things, not the bullshit.

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        • They need to be taken to task about the big things, not the bullshit.

          Of course they do! But I pinpointed this particular action on their part for its level of ridiculosity. I mean, really! They’re worried about his use of goddammit, bullshit, hell, etc.?

          However, I do think his language plays a role in some of the horrible events that have been taking place. Not the “cuss words,” per se, but the prejudicial derision of certain groups of people, as well as his ongoing (superficial) threats to other nations.

          When push comes to shove, this man is nothing BUT words. He doesn’t have a clue on how to run a country so he uses his twitter fingers to create unrest and dissension … and to keep the spotlight on HIM, the most important person on this planet. 😖

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        • Your last statement is truer than anything. He is the greatest living being on this planet, with greater intelligence than whatever is the oldest living being, probably a giant sequoia or redwood tree. What an insult to the trees!
          Yeah, the language issue is beneath contempt. His words are the cause of many of the mass shootings. And apparently the cause of a new round of mass extinctions, according to Jill’s latest post. No one in this world matters but him. Well, maybe Vlad, but that is about the extent of it. I wish he would just disappear…

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        • Your comments are not making any sense and from my perspective (the one that matters) are not related to the conversation at hand. Thus, from now on, you will be moderated until you can contribute something meaningful.

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        • Enjoy your rules it doesn’t change the truth. In normal humanistic discussions intelligent beings reserve the right to make comments on texts however graffittish or academic and progressive. Since you have rules can I read them please.


      • Could you just have been intentionally indignant to the comment just because of your sentiments… I’m African and not interested in American Evangelicals but a few who God knows. They have and their followers have been killing people does that make sense that Trump instigated murderers and will see the handiwork of God when he’s alive


  4. So … let me make sure I understand the “evangelical” point of view. It’s okay to rape women and girls. It’s okay to start a race war. It’s okay to abuse children. But it’s not okay to say ‘goddamn’. Wow. What hypocrites they are. Can we maybe ship them off to Russia or DPRK or Saudi Arabia? I’m sure they would fit in better in any of those places than they do here. Sigh.

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        • Indeed Jill. :/

          There is a long standing blueprint all throughout known history of what exactly makes the most prolific, timeless leader. This old, essentially unchanged blueprint has always had (2) TWO hallmarks that are and have been crucial components of their personalities:

          • Serving Others …and

          • Leading from the front, literally! If that isn’t possible, then always empathizing (bleeding or crying) with your frontline volunteers sticking their own necks/lives out for you; the fodder, the ones at the tip of the spear. Team. A band of brothers/sisters where NO ONE is a scapegoat. Rise together, fall together… no exceptions!

          A few iconic examples? Modern examples? Franklin D. Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt. Nelson Mandela. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Abraham Lincoln. Mohandas Gandhi. Hariet Tubman. Alexander the Great. Major Richard “Dick” Winters. What do all of these greatest leaders have in common?

          They gladly served others even when it meant possibly/probably losing your own life — going into harms way with no hesitation. Does our current President have ANY remote, inkling of a personal history of doing that? Serving others FIRST? Literally putting your life on the line for others like those 9/11 firefighters and police officers did rushing up into both towers!? HAH!!!! 🤨😒 That’s a blatant rhetorical question everybody.

          No, our current POTUS has NO CLUE how to be a leader, much less a timeless great leader of history.

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        • No, Trump is no leader, has no courage, no compassion or values. His daddy paid off a doctor to say he had blisters on his feet and couldn’t serve in Vietnam, then he bought his diploma at Wharton. In any comparison between him and the others you named, he ranks right down there with pond scum. And yet … some 40% of this nation think he is great. Says a lot for what we are, doesn’t it?

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        • and that is the REAL problem. His supporters still are firm. It makes me sad, because some of them are people I like otherwise. And my own brother. 😦

          I can’t believe the missives I regularly get from a grandfatherly but curmudgeonly in an amusing way retired former coworker. He is still ranting about Obama destroying the country years later! Nothing but right wing media memes. Endless memes. 😦

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        • You’re so right … his followers refuse to listen to facts, refuse to see that his policies are ultimately going to hurt them. Ignorance is bliss, so they say. Like you, many people that I thought I knew, are turning out to be something I cannot stand. Friends, former co-workers, even nephews and nieces. Sigh.

          You have hit the nail on the head when you mention your former co-worker ranting about Obama. Much of Trump’s success can be traced to the push back against 8 years of having an African-American president. They will deny it, but it was 99% the colour of his skin that those who now support Trump hated about Obama. It’s like a pendulum … it swings one way, and an equal distance the other way. But what worries me is the divisiveness we are seeing, the hatred of “other”, the tribalism. There is no longer any middle ground whatsoever. I’m not sure how we fix this.

          By the way … by your name, might I assume you have a basenji?

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    • It’s okay to rape women and girls. It’s okay to start a race war. It’s okay to abuse children.

      The Bible contains plenty of examples of God flat-out ordering his followers to do all those things. Why would Evangelicals object?

      But it’s not okay to say ‘goddamn’.

      Because one of the Ten Commandments say not to do that.

      What you’re describing is completely consistent with Christian “morality” as prescribed by the Bible, because that “morality” isn’t real morality. It’s a taboo system, one derived from backward tribesmen who, even by the standards of their time, were dumb hicks existing on the fringes of civilization.

      It’s a mistake to think that only certain “interpretations” of the Bible are evil. The Bible itself is evil.

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      • Thanks, Infidel! Let’s avoid the “But Gawd is really a good liberal guy” meme many liberals throw out. There is as much or more evil in Yahweh than good. The very concept of a flawed omniscient deity who screwed up his Creation repeatedly blaming his contingent, imperfect creations for what are ultimately HIS sins seems really messed up to me!

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        • It’s getting completely ridiculous what modern liberal Christian will do to have their modernity and liberalism and their Bible too. I even see people trying to hand-wave away the condemnations of homosexuality in Leviticus and the Lot/Sodom story as actually being condemnations of something else (which somehow was completely overlooked by the previous 2,000 years of Christian interpretation of those texts). Somehow an ancient compendium of barbarian myths and taboos turns out to be propounding values identical to a present-day upper-middle-class American liberal moral consensus that didn’t even evolve in anything like its present form until a few decades ago. What an amazing coincidence!

          It’s valuable to note the fundies’ hypocrisy in ignoring Trump’s taboo violations while condemning his language, but liberal Christianity is even more incoherent and dishonest.

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  5. Evangy-Fundy Christians are so incredibly gullible about the world they fear as Devilishly controlled by evil, it’s often comical. tRump is exactly like a WW1 and WW2 Q-ship. He has even proudly proclaimed himself as the Supreme King of “The Deal”! IOW, he will do ANYTHING — including farting out foul language to appear tough — say ANYTHING to achieve THE DEAL, victory, and self glorification! His public and private track record demonstrates this is his REAL character! Duh. And for those naive Xian tRump voters, here is what Q Ships were (vessels of fatal deception!)…


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  6. I believe it says somewhere in the bible something like: Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. What is it about the meaning of those words that evangelicals don’t understand about almost everything Trump says?

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  7. Wow is right! Guys like Falwell and Graham are nothing but frauds. Is it any wonder they support the most fraudulent president in history? Kindred spirits, these guys. So the language he uses bothers them? All the other un-Christian like behavior? No big deal. Just keep installing right-wing whack job judges and he’ll be their hero for life I guess….this is so NOT normal!

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  8. I’ve been saying for years that if we had to choose just one word to sum up right-wing Evangelical Christianity, that word would surely have to be “hypocrisy”. Trump and their fealty to him have just made that inescapably obvious. They’ll accept all his viciousness to the poor and powerless, and all his violations of their taboo system, so long as he gives them anti-abortion and anti-gay judges, and lends the legitimacy of the Presidency to their hatred and prejudices.

    The fact that some of them (and remember, we don’t yet know if it’s very many of them) have finally gotten uncomfortable with his mere use of a word, just makes that hypocrisy more flagrant, not less.

    I suppose it’s possible that some Evangelicals have actually been getting uncomfortable with Trump for some time, but were afraid to speak up against the consensus of the herd — and now find that his “taking the Lord’s name in vain” affords them a pretext to do so that is defensible in Evangelical terms. After all, given Trump’s generally intemperate use of language, it’s hard to believe this is the first time in two and a half years that he’s said “goddamn”. Maybe those who noticed it this time did so because they were looking for something to notice.

    Well, if it makes a few of them comfortable with not voting for him next year, however warped the underlying thought processes, I’ll take it.

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  9. jilldennison:

    Tasha passed on quite a few years ago. 😦

    I am a mere renter now, and my landlady (who gives me an unbeatable deal on rent) doesn’t want pets, so not currently. If I (unlikely as it may be) ever get my act into gear again and buy a condo or small cottage for retirement, I may adopt another one.

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    • They’re the dogs that don’t bark, right? Sure wish that was the kind our next-door neighbor had!!! I doubt I need to expand on that wish …


      • Generally correct. Although they “yodel” when particularly excited. (YouTube of course has videos).

        Tasha actually did “bark” once. When we were in Berkeley, California, there are amazing rock formations that people use for climbing. She was so freaked out by one climber that she actually did kinda sorta bark at him!!!! Amazing!

        They are amazing dogs, and I love their aesthetics. But they are not Golden Retrievers! I describe them as completely cat-like. They do not exist to please YOU. Tasha could also be nippy to people who annoyed her, some of whom deserved it!

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