Guns and Abortion

28 thoughts on “Guns and Abortion

  1. Well that’s a start at gun control, it might even be effective if it wasn’t for Daddy ready to get the statutory 4 wheel drive into gear to help Sonny earn his stripes.He’d run over the protesters.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. Although, I can get behind some additional measures for purchasing firearms, buying a gun is nothing like an abortion.

    Points like this always fail because they conflate into a jumbled mess. Yes, gun ownership can end up in loss of life, but it has also saved countless lives. Abortion always ends in a loss of at least one life.

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    • Guns save countless lives? Please tell me whose?
      Nature causes all kinds of abortions, for countless reasons. Some abortions nature cannot take care of, but women know they need to be done. What is the difference? A life is what happens when a baby is born. Until birth it is only a potential life. Anyone who says different is crazy as a looneybird.

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    • Actually Nan’s analogy is quite apt. If the culture and laws support easy access to guns, it matters not that 99 out of 100 users are safe, if one person murders. Society has still created an environment that leads to loss of life. It’s like having an unsafe intersection, or improperly banked road that causes cars to slip in bad weather. It matters not that many people get through those situations alive, when fatalities happen, we still course correct and find ways to make those situations safer so there are preferably no fatalities.

      Finally in regard to abortion, you are entitled to an opinion of when life begins, but it is just that. To think that keeping the baby doesn’t also have negative consequences to society would also be a mistake. The mother may die during child birth. Overpopulation also kills. It drains resources, damages the environment, increases poverty, putting stress on institutions. It increases the number of kids who may bounce around the foster system. It impacts child development, allows for mental illnesses in children to go untreated, and increases the chances that some of those kids might not grow up to be violent themselves. Overpopulation also increases the chances of the spread of communicable diseases which also leads to more deaths. The impacts of over population are well documented. Terminating a pregnancy before the 23rd week causes far less suffering than preventing women from having legislative rights over their bodies.

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    • There may not essentially be a connection between gun buying and abortion, Corey, but the point of the meme is there are those who have attempted to pass laws that hinder … or even prevent … a woman from having an abortion (which, by the way, should be her choice). Yet if an individual wants to buy a gun to kill not only pregnant women but scores of other innocent people, he simply purchases a gun and carries out his desires.

      IMO, it simply goes back to the (mistaken) male superiority syndrome. IOW, it’s OK for a male to acquire the means to take the lives of scores, but it’s not OK for a woman to have control over her own body.

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    • um, excuse me but….exactly whose lives are saved by guns? since there are “countless” I am sure you will be able to list a few and the resources involved in posting them. and from a female (and scientific) point of view “life” occurs with the first breath of oxygen…not when an embryo is started.


    • Corey
      August 4, 2019 at 6:06 pm
      Although, I can get behind some additional measures for purchasing firearms, buying a gun is nothing like an abortion.

      Points like this always fail because they conflate into a jumbled mess. Yes, gun ownership can end up in loss of life, but it has also saved countless lives. Abortion always ends in a loss of at least one life.

      Zoe: Responding to your comment here Corey -> “Yes, gun ownership can end up in loss of life, but it has also saved countless lives.”

      Are you willing to concede that abortion has also saved lives? Consider the lives of women who may die as a result of a pregnancy.


    • One of the “unforseen” consequences of sex is potential life, or has no one divulged that information to you? If women dont want to bear children, they can opt out of such activities that would lead down that route.


      • If sex were ONLY for making babies I might agree with you. But sex is also necessary for a healthy and happy life. If you don’t want to be healthy and happy, that is up to you. Other people do.

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      • Following your line of thinking, Corey, if men don’t want to take the chance on wiping out another human, perhaps they could opt out of owing a gun.
        Or they could have a vasectomy . . .

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      • How is it that you know exactly what life has been like for every woman on Earth? I mean it couldn’t be that you are completely clueless about what other women experience, what factors might impact their emotional state, their parental support, the asshole men they might have to deal with, the failed birth control, their lack of sex education….? I mean that couldn’t be it. Everybody should just be like you apparently. Where do they hand out these badges of self-righteousness?

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      • I was raped and became pregnant…are you honestly saying I should have given birth to that fetus or that i should have just said no thanks to my rapist? He was holding a damned gun on me at the time so a polite no thanks wasn’t gonna do too damned much good! MEN damn well need to stay our of deciding what we do with our bodies!~ Sorry, but that remark just totally pissed me off.

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        • Oh, Suze. How awful. I think the reason that comment pissed many of us off is because we can empathize. The fact is that women get pregnant for all kinds of reasons, and under all sorts of circumstances. Not to mention that pregnancy/childbirth/childcare is – for the most part – the domain of women. Bodily autonomy is a woman’s right and needs to stay that way.

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        • I think that would be the most devastating situation to be in. If this ever happened to my daughter or granddaughter, it would break my heart .

          I’m against abortion, yes but some decisions need to be left between the individual and God. It’s not for us to judge but God alone. Telling some one to carry a baby in this situation full term and give it up for adoption (or keep it) would be punishing the victim and cast the blame on them. We have no right to do that. We are not God.

          May God be your strength and keep you in his care.

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          • Most of my women readers and followers do not believe in “God” — or any gods — so in their lives, abortion is not a decision that should be made by anyone except the woman. She may consider input from others, but in the end, it is her body and her decision.

            And in a situation such as Suze expressed, one can’t help but ask where was “God” while she was being raped?

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      • Corey, you’re kidding? Right? Seriously. Are you implying no premarital sex? Abstinence?

        Tell that to many women who in fact are married and are using birth control and don’t want an unplanned pregnancy, yet, nothing is 100% protective. You telling them to stop having sex?

        And the woman who experiences marital rape, yes, it’s a thing, has no one divulged that information to you? She’s trapped in a situation and at the time has say 3 or more children under the age of 5. Has no job, no outlet to help her get away from her abusive husband. She’s tired, her children watching their mother fade away both emotionally, physically and throw in spiritually if you want. Husbands who rape their wives don’t give a shit about them not only as a woman but as a human being.

        Tell that to a ten year old, yes, it’s a thing. Has no one divulged that information to you? She’s been raped by someone in her family. Her little body ripped open to indulge a man/monster in her family. You want her to continue the pregnancy?

        And so all of us could continue with experiences we know about and may have experienced ourselves.

        Might you reconsider such a crass comment as “they can opt out”?

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  3. I posted on Rand Paul’s twitter, that maybe another solution was to have all young white males go to Somalia so that when they come back to America they could appreciate it more. Seems like it might save more lives than his suggestion to send Ilhan Omar there.

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