45 thoughts on “Working So Hard!

      • There’ll be a book filled with nothing but this gibberish.

        Funny, Smithsonian TV has a program on Obama titled something like ‘Writer in Chief,’ which details six of his speeches and the story behind the words. His words. It is staggering to have gone from someone like him to this Orange Degenerate who can’t even structure a basic sentence.

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        • When the early campaign stuff was happening, he would hold some of those bizarre Nazi style rallies, and at that time he was relatively coherent; instead of sounding like a slow witted child, he would veer in mid-sentence, making complete sense for as long as the thought lasted, and then veer into a kind of ‘oh that reminds me” state–and more than one news anchor remarked at how well he did this.
          And it was quite remarkable. No one realized that this veering off into other islands of thought was going to get worse, not better.
          He is the first ( and I hope the only) sitting president we have ever had who not only pokes holes in former candidates (it’s over, Mr. President, let it GO) but former Presidents but only if they are not Republican. He has never let up on Obama, and one would think the man was still running against Obama for the presidency.

          It is also a courtesy that I’ve always admired about our government people, they may despise the people they work with and for, but no one ever tears into a sitting official, congressman, senator, former anything. On either side. Name calling not allowed. Until now. I think on that alone the man should be attached to the rear end of a horse and sat on. slowly.

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        • I agree. And it’s not only his wandering mind/speech, but it’s also his school-yard verbal attacks on ANYONE that publicly disagrees with him! Good grief, Man! Grow UP!!

          And what really gets to me are the thousands and thousands of his supporters — who NEVER keep up with what’s really going on in this administration — sitting in front of the TV (watching Faux News, of course) and/or reading his tweets and shouting “Damn Right!” at everything he says and does.

          It’s truly sad that he’s created such a violent us vs. them atmosphere in this country.


        • I always try to not read what he writes, but now and then… a bit of pain is good. It feels so good when you stop…but I’ll wager you couldn’t parse one of his sentences and come out even.

          I saw a video clip of him from several years ago, in which he was carrying on a reasonably intelligent conversation, no whiney sounds, no back tracking to pick up the stray bits, and it seems that he’s rapidly disorganizing himself. It’s almost as if he has to hear the words to know what he says, but he can’t retain even that. No wonder his wife looks glazed over most of the time.

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    • now that’s a tad scary. I just had ‘a’ kidney removed three months ago, and the scar I got looks like I had a full hysterectomy. Definitely not ‘in the heart.” Unless…

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  1. I’m making an appointment with my doctor. All the custom I’ve given her over the years and I end up disappointed. My kidney isn’t there and I shall want to know why not and how much.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. DJ Trump is obvioysly on the Melania Trump bandwagon. She has kidney surgery, and he decides to make it a political cause. I hope he gets syphils soon, so all the sick pricks in America can get reimbursed for lost wages and hospital costs too. (My apologies Nan, but the temptation was too great!)

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  3. That’s why his people love him. They never feel intimidated by his intelligence. Obama was so much smarter and blacker than so many Trump voters it was just too much for them to take. Sad.

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  4. Ever wonder where the President’s head is located? Just listen to him and you’ll realize it’s up his own ass.

    Our only hope is that he farts himself to death during a golf game.

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  5. I actually can’t listen to him. He puts my fillings on edge. It’s like watching a 3rd rate actor reading the wrong 4th rate script to a failed indy movie made by sophomore students from the *Hicksville Film Institue (*behind Jebs Diner).

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  6. Every time I hear him speak it grates me to my core. I feel as if I have been time warped back to grade school and have to listen to the slow chubby kid recite “See…..S….pot. See….S…pot…..rr..uuun. Rr..uuun… S…pot…rr..uuun.”

    I want to pull my hair out and smash the tv set. It is painful to endure.

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