I’m Baaack!

Yes! I’m back!


I’m going to be taking a bit of a break as I have some computer issues related to my Quickbooks program which are about to drive me stark raving mad! (Old version started acting up so I downloaded new version — and now it won’t recognize the backup file that contains the most recent entries. Been working on it ever since we returned.)

On top of that, I’m getting really, really tired of the two subjects that I generally pontificate (and read) about — politics and religion.

So until either one or both of these two issues are resolved, I’ll primarily be offering occasional comments on your blogs — and of course responding to any on my own blog. 🙂

Think of me kindly while I’m “gone.” 😈

11 thoughts on “I’m Baaack!

  1. You’re never far away, Nan. Hope you had a good holiday on the coast. Be well, and if you come up with a new topic, please let us know.
    When you say you are sick of talking about religion, does that mean you are sick of discussing atheism? I find too many discussions are anti-religious, rather than pro-atheism.
    As for politics, with the upcoming American elections getting underway, maybe things will turn away from Trump, which is the most boring subject in the world today. I personally would prefer to talk about getting rid of democracy. It was democracy that allowed Trump to get power. It has to go!

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    • Yes, rawgod … a great time on the coast! And it seems “fate” was on my side as far as getting away from it all since internet services were sorely lacking at the places we stayed. I admit I did try to keep up, but it was a slow and painful process. *sigh*

      Right now, I’m avoiding pretty much any and all discussions about religion (in any form). I’m still reading posts and comments, but avoiding (as much as I can) getting into discussions.

      Perhaps a post on “democracy” will be the topic when I “return.” Ya’ never know …

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  2. Hello Nan. Welcome back and I am glad you had a great time. Sorry to hear your computer troubles. Computers are grand when working well, but become a bear when there is an issue. For a labor saving device they need a lot of labor to keep well. I hope your sabbatical is short as I enjoy your insights and comments. Hugs

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    • Thanks for the good wishes, Scottie, related to my computer hair-pulling problems! I’ll tell you one thing for sure — NO ONE will ever convince me that “new and improved” has any validity when it comes to updated programs.

      Right now I have about 6 browser windows open trying to figure out what I need to do to get the new program to recognize files from the old program. It’s said “OK” to one, but the information in it is 1-1/2 years old! And it refuses to read more recent files.


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      • Hello Nan. Is it possible that the file extension ID is different and you can just change that? I know that happened to me with an update on Word. The new word doc extension was different from the new one. Hugs


  3. Did you try exporting your old backup from your old program in a different format and let the new one translate it back? (Can result in garbled translations, but … something is better than nothing.

    Another possibility is to take a copy of the backup and open it in a friends computer to do same.

    Oh, and welcome back! (Computer geeks of the world, unite!)


    • Not totally sure I understand your suggestion(s).

      In summary — I’ve been using QB-2011 for ages and had NO problems. Even after moving it from old computer to new computer a couple years back. Then suddenly, I started getting error messages so I decided it was time to upgrade to 2019. The new program simply refuses to recognize recently saved backup files from the 2011 version. As I mentioned, it did open one file, but the data is OLD (over a year) and I’d probably have to spend a WEEK updating.

      I plan to keep trying, but I may be beating a dead horse. (Losing financial information is scary!)


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