And Away We Go!

It’s summertime in the U.S. and tomorrow we’re heading for the cool (almost too cool) Oregon coast for a few days. My i-phone and i-pad will be accompanying me so don’t think you can talk about me while I’m gone! 🙃

Seriously, I hope to take a break from all the political garbage and the ever-present believer vs. non-believer “discussions.” Not sure how successful I’ll be (I do wonder at times if I might be a bit obsessed), but that’s the plan.

I’ll be back with bells on a little later this month. Try not to miss me too much.😉

P.S. While most of today will be spent packing the motorhome, don’t be surprised if I pop up on a blog or two throughout the day.

Image by Ruben Eduardo Ortiz Morales from Pixabay

13 thoughts on “And Away We Go!

  1. Lucky you, Nan! I love the Oregon Coast. Our eldest was attending University in Victoria, BC so I flew out one spring and we drove from there to the northern part of California, along the coast. (In her old Jetta) Some of the hairpin turns through the mountains are unbelievable!! And the gigantic redwood trees!!! Have fun and try lots of new vino – we did!! 🙂

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    • The Redwoods are the primary attraction of No. California, not so much Oregon. The Oregon coastline itself is the visionary experience …

      Type in Oregon Coast at You’ll see what I mean.

      We mainly go to hang out at a couple of the beach towns that we like. Interesting stores, good food, great views. 🙂

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  2. Hey, Nan. Thank you for honouring my wordart blog with a visit. Loved your comment.

    Enjoy the “southwest” coastline. (If you want the true northwest coastline, you gotta travel to British Columbia and Alaska. As beautiful as yours is down there, ours is ruggedly beautiful, true mostly-untouched nature; use a big canoe! Lol.)

    See you when you get back, if not before.

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  3. Have a wonderful vacation, my friend! Just shut the phone down and stay away from the news … we’ll hold the fort down ’til you return. Post pictures!!! I love the Pacific Northwest! Have fun … keep safe. Hugs!

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  4. Have a good break Nan, like you I sort of think I may be a bit obsessed sometimes as I look for something juicy on the god followers web sites, however when I think about the crimes they commit against humanity and indoctrinate the kids that thought disappears.

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