And Away We Go!

It’s summertime in the U.S. and tomorrow we’re heading for the cool (almost too cool) Oregon coast for a few days. My i-phone and i-pad will be accompanying me so don’t think you can talk about me while I’m gone! 🙃

Seriously, I hope to take a break from all the political garbage and the ever-present believer vs. non-believer “discussions.” Not sure how successful I’ll be (I do wonder at times if I might be a bit obsessed), but that’s the plan.

I’ll be back with bells on a little later this month. Try not to miss me too much.😉

P.S. While most of today will be spent packing the motorhome, don’t be surprised if I pop up on a blog or two throughout the day.

Image by Ruben Eduardo Ortiz Morales from Pixabay