I’m Baaack!

Yes! I’m back!


I’m going to be taking a bit of a break as I have some computer issues related to my Quickbooks program which are about to drive me stark raving mad! (Old version started acting up so I downloaded new version — and now it won’t recognize the backup file that contains the most recent entries. Been working on it ever since we returned.)

On top of that, I’m getting really, really tired of the two subjects that I generally pontificate (and read) about — politics and religion.

So until either one or both of these two issues are resolved, I’ll primarily be offering occasional comments on your blogs — and of course responding to any on my own blog. 🙂

Think of me kindly while I’m “gone.” 😈

And Away We Go!

It’s summertime in the U.S. and tomorrow we’re heading for the cool (almost too cool) Oregon coast for a few days. My i-phone and i-pad will be accompanying me so don’t think you can talk about me while I’m gone! 🙃

Seriously, I hope to take a break from all the political garbage and the ever-present believer vs. non-believer “discussions.” Not sure how successful I’ll be (I do wonder at times if I might be a bit obsessed), but that’s the plan.

I’ll be back with bells on a little later this month. Try not to miss me too much.😉

P.S. While most of today will be spent packing the motorhome, don’t be surprised if I pop up on a blog or two throughout the day.

Image by Ruben Eduardo Ortiz Morales from Pixabay