This Is What They See

Excerpts from a letter in our local newspaper.

The writer starts out by saying that although he was not originally a Trump fan, he simply couldn’t support Hillary because of, well, all those BAD things she’s noted for. (He actually wanted Cruz.) However, as you will see from the following excerpts, he’s now a solid supporter.

First, he points out that “Congress has wasted 2 1/2 years to try to dump Trump because of so-called collusion with Russia, when the Democrats actually worked with Russia to get that info in the first place.”

(Note: I don’t think he understands the big picture.)

He continues by saying what a “waste of valuable time” it’s been in the attempts to “dump Trump” when we could have used the time to … “rebuild infrastructure to close the border with Mexico and stop the drugs.”

He continues …

What angers me most is that Democrats thought Trump was more important to dump than fixing roads and airports, stopping illegals flooding into America, ending drugs killing our younger population and the murdering of our newborns.

(Note: I wonder if he realizes that “fixing roads and airports” is part of the “infrastructure” that was supposed to be discussed at a recent meeting between the Democrats and Trump … that ended rather abruptly.)

Then he scolds the Democrats! “Shame on all of you that are still in that Democratic camp” … and tells them to “Stop hiding behind that donkey.”

And finally, the coup de grace:

Trump has decreased the tax rates, increased jobs, increased trade, appointed great men as Supreme Court judges and hundreds of district judges, eliminated federal regulations, fought MS-13 gangs, destroyed 95% of ISIS, reduced the killing of our policemen, backed up our military and 200 other important items.

He has kept his word in every aspect except where Democrats have blocked it in the House. Wake up people. You are destroying all we have built upon the last 200 years.

(Note: The Democrats have only been in control of the house for less than six months.)

I actually liked his phrase, “Wake up people.” In fact, I couldn’t agree more because it’s pretty apparent he and others like him really need to wash the sleep out of their eyes.

This letter clearly demonstrates the views of approximately 40-45% of the U.S. population. Less than half. Yet that group of people have dug their heels into the ground and refuse to see their “leader” for what he truly is — a man who is simply incapable of effectively running a country. Few are aware that many of his “accomplishments” are nothing more than the termination of actions made by someone else. Rarely has he offered anything to replace them or set up new and better options (e.g., Affordable Care Act).

Further, they look the other way at the MANY harmful actions of Trump as regards our relationship with other countries. They’ve become so enraptured with MAGA that they refuse to accept the importance of cooperative interactions.

And of course, since most of them refuse to accept climate change, they’re blind to Trump’s fateful decisions related to the environment.

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I can’t help but wonder if they will like it if/when he puts on the robe and crown that he is so ardently seeking.

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  1. They’ll cheer him on until he takes away things they need and/or want. The elimination of medicare and social security will ring some VERY loud bells for some of these folks. However, I’m sure they’ll probably blame the dems and Obama for that, too. Trump had 2 full years with both houses and did NOTHING but muck up people’s health care and give massive tax cuts to the rich. We’re in deep poop-poo here in America and Trump is on top of the pile.

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    • Luckily, we have YOU Jeff, to establish the Troo Christian Kingdom we need. I have already established a Prospectus for Investment in the Human Population Purification Industry that might be of interest to the readership here!

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      • 😀 Say, I just noticed your avatar name more closely. (Yes, I’m slow to the party at times.) Does the basenji part have to do with the dog breed of the same name? My pooch is half basenji and half beagle. She’s friggin’ awesome! Never barks either! (Except when she’s playing at the dog park with other dogs.)

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  2. I couldn’t agree more Nan. I live among the Trump Cult. They are without a doubt, some of the most ill-informed people in our country. No ability for nuance. No intellectual curiosity. Frankly, the Dems need to forget even trying to persuade any of these folks. He has them for as long as he’s president. I do believe there are other independent minded voters who may have voted for him simply to ‘blow things up’ and try something different. Perhaps now they’re horrified at the choice they made. Damn, I would sure hope so!!

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  3. From the other side of the pond Trump is(mostly) viewed as a blight upon American policy. His stupidity in reneging on the Pars Accords affects the whole world. His decision to return to some form of gunboat diplomacy with Iran could embroil the US in yet another war and will upset the fragile stability of that region forever.His friendship with Saudi Arabia seems sad to all those who felt for the death of Jamal Khaggoshi especially if it was just to facilitate weapon sales. Trump seems happy to show friendship towards all those viewed as dictators elsewhere but also quite happy to be very offhand or even insulting to long time allies. Jobs don’t seem to have improved much and the economy isn’t that hot.The only ones feeling any real benefit from the tax cuts are the wealthy and the drip down economy doesn’t seem to have worked as the National Debt has increased a lot. The country seems to be in grave trouble. We don’t look forward to Trump’s state visit here as he’s the least statesman like person we know,
    I think our National prayer is that the Democrats unite behind one great candidate and sweep to victory gaining a bigger majority in the House and making some headway in the Senate.

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    • David, I really appreciate you offering your perspective from “the other side of the pond.” I think I can safely say people like the letter writer have no clue how we’re viewed by other countries.

      There’s simply no other way to put it … Trump is a disaster! He’s like the witch who continues to add things to the cauldron … and the resulting concoction is making many of us sick to our stomachs. I long for the day when we can sing …

      Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

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      • Like Trump, his followers don’t care what anyone else thinks. They know their president is god, and can do no wrong, and everything he says is right(wing)! They believe all white people will eventually come around to their way of thinking because there is no other choice. Whites are so superior to all other races/colours/peoples that we will want to maintain that superiority at any cost. They have so little understanding of sharing, they are the rightful owners of the world, if not the whole damn universe.

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  4. And so many touted his business acumen for why they voted for him…saying he will balance the budget. Well his trade deals (or no deals) and his reduced tax rate have cause the deficit to soar. He is FAR from balancing the budget…and he isn’t even dealing with a recession like Obama. If the economy is so fucking good then we should be getting more government revenues. I feel that these good economic times will be short lived.

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    • in many ways he has become a cult, a religion. He says things, people cheer, they believe him. He changes his mind and heads in a new direction, people cheer, and follow after him. Back and forth, back and forth, and no one seems to recognize the devastation he’s leaving in his wake.

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      • Agreed…it is much more cultish. I know a lot of people loved Obama to perhaps unhealthily high levels…but if they literally saw Obama doing half of this shit, they would have dropped him like a bad piece of fruit.


  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … that letter made me so furious that I had to re-start three times before I could get through the whole thing. Ignorance is bliss, they say, and whoever wrote that letter must be knee-deep in bliss! I saw one similar in my own local paper a couple of weeks ago and wondered then what the heck the writer had been smoking/drinking. Sigh.

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  6. I don’t know guys? I personally am not enamored of Trump’s personality, especially these endless tweets. But, on the other hand, among other things, our unemployment rate had dropped to a fifty year low, and I understand that the Black and Hispanic unemployment rate has hit an all-time low. Overall, the economy is booming.

    I think it’s a mistake to suspect that all the Trump supporters are simply racists or to suppose that because people are concerned about border security, they are all xenophobic.

    Right now it seems that both parties are in gridlock, unable to effectively move forward in the best interests of the country. I personally think that some fault lies on both sides of this bipartisan divide.


    • Hello Becky. Of course you’re welcome to your opinion. Just as this letter writer is. But for many of us, the few “accomplishments” attributed to tRumpsky are not enough to overcome his blustering and blundering. And his lies! His constant, continual, never-ending LIES!

      Many of us see him as a bull in a china shop … every move he makes, he is breaking not only long-held traditions, but he’s also breaking LAWS. He has set himself up as the Grand Poobah and no one, I repeat, NO ONE dare defy him.

      It would be one thing if we didn’t like his personality, but when his actions are endangering the very core of what this nation was built on, then we rebel.

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  7. Hello Nan. I do not think his cult like supporters care about any of the laws he breaks nor the norms he violates. I listened to one of them at a republican town hall give a totally clueless rant about the great unequaled tRump and his fight against the despicable Democratic deep state. I think for them tRump represents a time when in their minds white men were in charge, traditions they liked were respected without question, POC knew their place, women were subservient / compliant to the needs of males (kept the males home, stayed home, took orders / subservient to men, birthed and raised the men’s heirs, and of course served the man’s sexual wants regardless of any thing the woman felt or needed ) and LGBTQ did not exist. A place and time in their mind where it was OK to smugly discriminate against those who were “different”.

    This is what tRump represents to them. It is what they desperately want. There was a myth that the economics were what drove them to vote for tRump. That is not supported by studies done afterwards. So as others have said the Democrats / progressives / the left need to forget trying to win them over or even try to entice them to move away from tRump. By definition there is nothing the left can offer them that would move them from the fantasy place tRump seems to offer them. We really are in a fight to define our country and what we will be in the short term future. I keep reading people say they can not believe the regressive changes in our country in such a short time. Well if tRump and the republicans win in 2020 any restrictions will be let go. What the right will do is unthinkable but has happened in history. Hugs

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    • Scottie, my experience has been that many people voted for Trump because they found him in their opinion to be the lesser of the evils at the time. I don’t think it was so much about him as a person as it was about concepts relating to limited government, the free market, freedom of expression, the direction of the Supreme Court, border security, etc. It seems to me that the Democratic party in recent years has moved much further to the left which is problematic for people who are more moderate or classically liberal./libertarian.

      I’m sharing my own experience here so I can’t speak, of course, for all Trump supporters. There’s certainly “bad apples” in every barrel. But, I feel strongly that we shouldn’t automatically assume all who disagree with us, including Trumpsters, have these uniformly malevolent motives. Know I’m not the one to convince anyone here, but I am sharing my own experience and perception. Heck, there are actually African-American people and plenty of Hispanics who are supportive of Trump.

      Sitting back to listen. I personally wish there was a viable third party alternative. Feeling very sad about the deep division in our country.


      • Hello Becky. You lost me at the “lesser of two evils”. Simply because that is an an unbelievable statement. I want you to explain that please. Let me list the choices between the only two candidates who could be the next president.

        Hillary Clinton. A democrat. A woman who had given all her adult life to fighting for children and child rights. A woman involved with bringing down the corrupt Nixon administration. A woman who had been the First Lady, a Senator from NY, and Sec. of State of the US. A woman who had detailed policies on just about everything under the sun because she is a policy wonk. A woman ready to step into the office and do the job from day one.

        Now contrast that with the other candidate.

        Donald tRump. Republican. The man who lead the birther movement and made up lies about his investigators finding “unbelievable stuff” in Hawaii. A man who was a known racist who took out a full page advert in the newspaper wanting execution for the wrongly accused five black boys accused of raping a white woman. Even after it was proven by DNA that they were innocent and had spent five years in prison for it, tRump still demanded they be put to death. Yes there is a full newspaper page taken out by tRump claiming he didn’t care they were innocent, they still should be executed because… A man who has been sued or sued others almost 6,000 times losing most of the cases. He is well known to stiff contractors. A man who declared six business bankruptcies. He lost money on casinos. How bad a businessman do you have to be to do that? Skipping the list of failed business let’s move on to when he made his announcement. This man made his announcement to run for president by using every racist trope and slander he could about immigration and specifically Mexican’s. He made more and more outlandish claims about immigration while never offering a single policy plan, except that he would build a wall that Mexico would pay for. His speeches were always platitudes, he demagogue and never offered a specific policy plan to do anything. He simply was going to make America great again. ( by the way our country is not America. That is the entire continent. The name of our country is “United States”. Canada and Mexico are also America. So they are Canada of America, Mexico of America, and United States of America, including last I check Mexico of America ) tRump was recorded on tape saying he forced himself on unwilling women and grabbing them by “the pussy” because he was famous and could get away with doing it. He also said he never waited for consent but simply kissed any woman he wanted. He also was known at the time to have said one of the best things about owning the miss teen USA pageant was he would walk into the dressing rooms of underage girls with no warning to see them nude / various stages of dressed. He bragged about this before the election! This is child sex abuse any other person would be locked up for.

        There is more, but you get the point. There Is no way to say he was the “lesser of two evils”. A person voting for tRump had to have two things in mind. They bought into conspiracy theories about Clinton that were easily disproved, or they liked the racist message of tRump.

        Studies have shown that the narrative of people being worried economically and voting their money needs is wrong. Also again Hillary Clinton had economic plans / policies to help the lower incomes while tRump never put forward anything other than he was “going to make America great again”.

        As for the polices you mention Hillary addressed everyone of them. The only one’s tRump address with any specifics was immigration and the SCOTUS. The court he promised to stack with anti-abortion judges who would overturn Roe V Wade, and immigration where he promised to stop all Muslims from coming into the US. ***

        *** Sorry took a break to cook my hubby super before he went to work tonight. I made him deep fried chicken and deep fried french fries. He liked it so much he even took some for his 2 AM lunch ****

        Becky you say it seems to you

        moved much further to the left which is problematic for people who are more moderate or classically liberal./libertarian.

        Would you mind telling me where you got this idea from? See that is something the right likes to harp on, but it is really a right wing Republican talking point. However if you look at the real history the center left has moved to the right to be in the center and the far left, well it is in the same place it has been in since the 1970’s. This is again a myth promoted by the right, Rush limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and that ilk. I can provide you with quotes from Democratic politicians in the 1960’s /1970’s /1980’s that disprove this myth.

        Becky actually we can assume the worst motives to tRump supporters. Again polls show this. It was not their economic situation, it was not their jobs, it even was not their locations that surveys show the majority of tRump voters voted for him, it was bigotry (the idea that the white race in the US was soon to be supplanted and all the white race had done to make this country would soon be undone) , race ( whites would suffer the same things they had done to the non-whites) That they wouldn’t have the automatic supremacy they do now. White unassumed automatic privilege. Ever heard someone say “why do I have to push 1 to hear my message in English this is America”? I hear that all the time in my southern Florida mobile home park. These same people go off the rails if they hear a language spoken they can not understand even if they are not part of the conversation. We can see that often happening on YouTube videos. That is why tRump took over the Republican party that was going that way, just tRump said the quiet parts openly.

        Now Becky I am open to chat. If you have things you wish to use to dispute what I wrote, please let me know. We will have to be mindful and courteous to Nan as this is her blog and we talk this out by her grace. Best wishes. Hugs

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        • PHEW!

          One thing I’d like to add — if his supporters would take off their rose-colored glasses and look beyond the *shit* that he spouts, they would see that little of what he claims to have done amounts to a hill of beans. His primary “accomplishments” have been little more than “Executive Orders” — most of which have been simply to “undo” Obama’s initiatives.

          And any “improvements” that he claims to have made have been offset by numerous other actions that “we the people” are going to pay for in the future (and I don’t necessarily mean monetarily, although in that area as well when you consider the current deficit).

          Don’t believe me? Hide and watch.

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        • Oh, Scottie what a mess this all is. I personally don’t know anyone who voted Republican in the last election who fits this racist description. I’m certainly not saying they aren’t out there, but I haven’t met them. I am geared up to teach ESL, and am currently learning Spanish to be more effective. I’ve also been very supportive of gay marriage, BTW. have you ever listened to Dave Rubin on the Rubin Report? He is a partnered gay man who takes more conservative/libertarian views.

          Frankly, sometimes I don’t know who to believe in all this. I’ve also read plenty of reports relating to questionable business dealings involving the Clintons over the years including connections with the Soviet Union.

          The truth is that we don’t know any of these people personally. Often the news reports and articles that we read reflect a confirmation bias.

          I also think that where people live in the country and who they associate with is huge. One of my own grandsons is bi racial. I certainly don’t have any truck with racists.

          Anyway, appreciate hearing your thoughts. Hugs back atcha. And, thanks to Nan for allowing the conversation. That’s the cool thing about these blogs. We get to have discussions with all sorts of people that we might never meet or know otherwise.

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          • Hello Becky. Dave Rubin is a huge sell out sponsored by big republican money. In the progressive gay community he is a joke.

            Regarding the Clintons there are some valid questions about the Clinton foundation, but not anywhere near the level of the tRump foundation. However every legal investigation of the Clintons has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they are not guilty of a crime. To keep saying they are is to buy into conspiracy theories. What would you call it to say you keep hearing of nefarious dealings of XXXX person yet nothing over the years has been shown to be true? Think of it. If the Clintons had done any of those things you heard of with the amount of Republican hate mongers don’t you think they would have been prosecuted? Shit tRump would give his sons in exchange for getting any real evidence the Clintons committed a crime!

            See Becky this rumor mill stuff is what I am tired of. Well we can not prove George Bush was a pod person but we can not rule it out crap!

            Becky we don’t need to know them personally. I don’t know where you live but how many of your local leaders do you know personally? Do you know your state Governor? I have met my childhood Senator from a very small state, have you? That makes no sense in judging them for fitness of office. As far as confirmation bias you are correct, that is why I urge you to expand your reading base. Try to pin down any accusation of wrongdoing. Try to find out if what you think is true. Most of the time we are victims of assumptions. You must have heard that after repeatedly hearing of the child sex ring run by Hillary and the Democrats out of a pizza parlor a guy went in with his assault rifle to save the children. Turns out that despite Alex Jones and the right wing blogs reporting on it the place doesn’t even have a basement! Lucky even though the guy fired his gun, no one was hurt.

            Maybe you heard rumors of Hillary and selling Russia our uranium. Turns out that is not true either. There is no Clinton Russia connection. Putin hates her for god’s sake! Why do you think Russia went all in to defeat her?

            Becky this is what is dangerous about our system right now. To many “rumors” and “I have heard” without anything to back them up. Foreign operators love that. Best wishes. Hugs

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            • Scottie, I wonder if the real intent of the Russians is simply to sow division, and political dissension, mistrust in our democracy in general? You know, might they want to further inflame our cultural divide in general for their own future benefit and the weakening of our democracy.

              Why would they just somehow prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton? Maybe it’s deeper than that.

              I, for one, think we should just keep talking, and go out of our way to reach across the political divide no matter what.

              Totally agree that we should do our best to investigate these various rumors and not accept blindly what someone might say.

              Have enjoyed talking with you Scottie, and will certainly think deeply about what you have shared with me.

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            • Hello Becky. You are correct that Putin wants to sow as much discontent and chaos as possible. Let me explain why. Many people do not understand the truth about Russia and why they are doing what they do. People see the size of Russia and they think it is a huge prosperous nation on par with the US. That is what the USSR tried so hard to pretend in the past. However trying to keep up around the world and militarily bankrupted the old USSR. See despite their land mass Russia is really a poor country and that is made much worse by Putin and his cronies raiding the country. He and his cronies have raided every business and financial transaction to the point where the people in the country have a shortened life expectancy and live in poverty. Russia’s economy is smaller than the states of Texas or New York. Almost 40% of the country live in life threatening poverty. They could be more stable and prosperous but the corrupt oligarchs in charge siphon more and more money from the country so they don’t have the ability to pay for services. Sound somewhat familiar. The average lifespan for males is about 65 years in Russia.

              The serious and sad thing is that Russia must be taken seriously because they have the old nuclear weapons and the Russian government has diverted so much of the countries wealth into increasing its military and building new weapons including delivery systems such as planes, ships, and ground launchers. The fact is in an all out war without using nuclear weapons Russia can only last about 6 weeks before totally collapsing due to lack of money. So they are a threat, but not as big a boogeyman as people think.

              Where Russia excels is in spying, both the old fashion ways and the new cyber way. They have devoted huge resources to cyber warfare. Right now they have infiltrated all of the US power grid and most of the other utilities in our country. They could use their computers to shut down much of our countries electric, water, and financial systems. We couldn’t use our debit cards or ATM’s until we got our systems back. They have entire military departments devoted to this. So do the North Koreans and the Chinese. Our hands are not clean in this as the release of the NSA hacking tools showed. Our country was making progress to protect our self under Obama. That work has almost halted under tRump.

              To understand why we need to look at who Putin is. He is an ex-KGB officer. His defining moment was during the dissolution of the USSR he was in an understaffed KGB facility with a mob out front looking to sack the place and kill them all. He went out to them and bluffed his way out of it while the staff burned as much papers as they could. He basically lied and told the mob he had a well staffed armed command inside that would kill them all if they tried anything. In the end he won but was humiliated and angered at what happened to the state he treasured. He blamed the fall of the USSR on the US. He seen the influence of Russia shrink and the rise of NATO in the former USSR countries. This really pissed him off and again he blames the US. His goal is well known. To destroy the western nations by any means not military, to destroy the western nations working together ( Russia is trying hard to destroy the EU ), and to increase the Russian sphere of influence and say around the world. He wants to rebuild the old USSR and NATO blocks that.

              See a pattern. Everything Putin hates and everything Putin wants to build is at odds with what the US has been doing until the presidency of TRump. When tRump became president he started to attack the structure of NATO, he tried to seperate the US with our traditional allies, tRump has basically done everything Putin would have wanted to accomplish. If tRump is not a compromised agent of Russia he is an unknowing asset being managed to support the Russian government.

              you ask why Putin would prefer tRump over Hillary. Two reasons. One is personal for Putin. During her time as Obama’s Sec. of State Hillary questioned and promoted the US position that one of Putin’s elections was fraudulent. Putin blames the US and Hillary for causing upheaval and uprising in Russia against him. The other is Clinton supported all the things the US had been doing world wide that Putin sees as the things holding Russia down and back. She supported NATO, our allies, our treaties with other countries, our boycotts and sanctions on Russia. Do not forget the US under Obama had put huge punishing sanctions on Russia for invading the Ukraine and stealing Crimea. The tRump campaign had illegally ( this is proven by the Mueller report ) reached out to Russia and asked them to wait until tRump was president when he would remove the sanctions. Congress stopped him from doing that. During the forming of the 2016 republican party the campaign of TRump demanded only one thing. The removal of any language harmful to Russia and the insertion of language favorable to Russia. Becky, do you see now why Putin / Russia would greatly prefer tRump over Hillary? I have not even covered the desire of tRump to build in Russian territories and the fact that it seems very clear that the Russian criminal elements have been using tRump properties to launder money.

              Lastly Becky I agree to keep talking, with you. However too many tRump supporters are members of the cult of tRump. They have drunk the koolaid and nothing you can show them, not any of the facts and figures will make a difference. They are hook, line, and sinker in to tRump and State TV gives them the narrative they demand to form their world view. While I can explain to you the reality, and show you the facts, they refuse to accept them because the facts differ from what they want to believe, what Fox News has feed them steadily for three years.

              Best wishes. Thank you Nan for allowing me the space on your blog to write this long reply. Thanks to everyone reading who has not gotten totally tired of this subject. Hugs

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