A Solemn Message

The church that sponsored this poster was denied participation in a local parade.

What??!?! 😮

I’m amazed! Simply amazed! Doesn’t the message seem perfectly ❤ Jesus-loving ❤ to you? How could anyone possibly think otherwise? The creators simply wanted to warn the people who do these bad, bad things to change their ways.

I mean, look again …


Surely the committee members that made the determination were influenced by SATAN! 👿

Resistance is futile. 😁🤣🤣🤣😂😂…😇

25 thoughts on “A Solemn Message

  1. A friend if mind just posted on Facebook that whether Jesus was god or not didn’t matter. But he couldn’t think of a better example of pure kindness and love the world has ever known. Haha haha. Ha!

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  2. They should’ve been allowed to a. People need to see the true heart of what it means to be a Christian.
    Maybe next year arrangements could be made to have a witch being burned at the stake?

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  3. Hello Nan. I think I am in need of remedial schooling, maybe a summer school will do. The reason I think this is so is because I fail to understand something about these people. They seem to understand pride parades are a celebration, an event to celebrate basically being alive and happy being who you are. So why do they think such a message as that one would be welcome or even allowed. That is silly. So silly I wont give examples. The truth is they wont reach anyone. They wont convince anyone. They may get people upset and then have a heated yelling match about their being correct because they have Christian privilege on their side. The reason they do stuff like this is for the attention. It is not to win souls ( almost wrote soles ) nor is it to convince any of the people in the parade. It is so they can be seen proudly being the victims of the horrible LGBTQ+ monsters who wont let them persecute and belittle them. Those LGBTQ+ are so uppity they wont let you scream insults and that they are an abomination that is loved so much they will burn in hell for eternity. My favorite is when these type people show up at LGBTQ+ events to share their love by telling the people there that they are going to die 20 years sooner than “the normal” people, that any type of same gender sex causes horrible illness and disease ( they seem blissfully unaware that St8 people do those acts also ) and of course the old fall back of recruitment and demanding sex with all the children. ( segregated by gender of course. ) Hey what are facts when you can lie for Jesus. When will they understand that being LGBTQ+ is not a choice? When did they try all the different combinations of LGBTQ+ to decided which one was good fit for them? At what age did they make their choices and did they stick to them or change them as they aged?
    These church people who do this remind me of the ones who get angry there is not straight pride parades. Hugs

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  4. No, the message is un-Biblical and not at all what their God would expect of them. It fails to explicitly include beard-trimming, wearing mixed fabrics, eating shellfish, picking up sticks on a Sunday, and failing to be a virgin before marriage as sins to be condemned for. Also, I think they’re mistaken at including hate. I don’t recall the Bible condemning hate anywhere.

    As for Jesus, he explicitly said that he did not abrogate the Old Testament laws and that all of them remain in force until the end of the world (Matthew 5:17-19), so he would presumably hold them to the same standard.

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  5. I need to get the people who made this poster to make some campaign posters for me as I seek the Senate in 2020 on the platform of making America a Christian theocracy where we will gas and cremate the poor, the disabled, the gay, and the undocumented in order to help keep America “clean” for Christ’s love. These folks are great, Christian thinkers. I can tell this from the poster shown here.

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    • You’re not a true Christian if you want to gas them before cremating them. Why bother? The true Christians in the Dark Ages Golden Age of Theocracy never worried about that with witches and heretics.


      • I know. I do need to look into cost, however. If it is cheaper to just cremate these “people” alive, we’re gonna do that instead. Zyklon B is expensive, or so I hear. In other words, cost will be the ultimate mitigating factor here. 🙂

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  6. These people are so positive they are going to heaven, their religious cult and denomination must be the true and real one and only. I think the doubt should be seeded at every opportunity.

    My larger sign would say, all gods are delusions of the mind and all Christians are coming to hell with me and the LGBTQ, with the thieves, murderers, abortionists and all the sinners and the bad atheists, do not trust mythical genocidal gods.

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  7. Going to Hell? Even if I believed in the inerrant nature of the Bible, I don’t, I doubt it.

    Read carefully the Bible implies that Hell does not exist. Read the new testament closely and note how Jesus vary carefully complies with Jewish law and tradition. He observes the sabbath, he makes the required sacrifices, he follows through with the words and ceremonies. Jesus is clearly shown to be a depiction of an orthodox Jew of his day. Jews do not, as doctrine and historic fact, believe in Hell. If the supposed son of God doesn’t believe in the existence of Hell, and Christian doctrine is that I should strive to be ‘more like Jesus’ then I must assume that I should not believe in the existence of Hell either.

    In this I am, even as an atheist, more in line with Jesus than most Christians.

    Keep this in mind: Jesus was an orthodox Jew. Jesus never renounces his Judaism. When Christians kneel in front of a crucifix they kneel before a Jew. When they proclaim a desire to be more like Jesus they are wanting to be Jewish and not believe in Hell.

    And, before anyone gets it wrong, I have nothing against Jews. I think the Jewish doctrine on sin as, for the most part, its own punishment rand requiring neither confession nor punishment, atonement is always welcome, is far more enlightened than Christian doctrines.

    If I had to declare a religion it might be a toss up between Judaism and Zen Buddhism.

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