15 thoughts on “Dog Gone

  1. Only in Virginia? I doubt it. No will should ever be allowed to be written that requires the needless death of a living being. And if the azzwipe demands it be written, they are already dead by the time it is read. There is the need for a law to stop such a will from being executed. This is murder!

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    • Sure!.
      ._according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, vets are *allowed* to perform euthanasia in such cases_.
      That means that they could also refuse to perform the euthanasia. As Dr Kenny Lucas, a veterinarian at the Shady Grove animal clinic, said. Why didn’t the other vets take that stance, was it piety for the decesaed owner?

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  2. Hello Nan. Horrible, disgusting, inhumane. This seems to be about privilege the same as in ancient days warlords, rulers, pharaohs and such had servants killed and entombed with them. There is no way she loved the dog when she was willing to have it killed, its life cut short. If she had loved the dog she would have made sure someone was available to take care of the dog or it be taken to a vet or shelter. This reminds me of the way the Christian deity love us. He sees us as his to command to love him or pay with our after life. Hugs

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  3. This is ridiculous. I suppose since nobody has been this damn stupid before, there is no law against it?

    Kind of like how the “norms” of our government institutions were geared for people who actually respected those government institutions, so there was no need to Trump proof it all…

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  4. Truly sad and despicable. I’m amazed that they could find a vet even willing to do such a thing. I’m a huge animal lover. The story broke my heart.


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