Mink the Bear

I don’t usually post human (or in this case, bear) interest stories, but this one got to me.

Mink The Bear Is Almost Back Home

22 thoughts on “Mink the Bear

  1. This is likely to become an absurdly tragic story, just because some azzhat has no appreciation for nature. Obviously Mink is not a threat, to anyone. Travelling that far to get back home she had plenty of opportunity to show if she was dangerous. She has not done so.
    She deserves to live, and live where she wants. I hope some nice person adopts her, and gives her her favourite foods. Anything less is murder.

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  2. Mink Brook nature preserve in Hanover is only an hour and a half from us. 🙂 So I guess she’s pretty close to us too. I wouldn’t like a bear in my backyard, but living where we do, we know it’s possible. I agree with rawgod, if she was a serious threat something would have happened along her travels. Of course there are always circumstances where wild animals could become dangerous. We just need to keep our distance and respect them.

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  3. No matter what we humans may think (or don’t think!), always… we always have a “footprint” left everywhere we go, where we stay, what we interact with, what we leave behind — not just in material things like items, waste, etc. — what we build and tear down, but in many ways what we can’t see or sense, or possibly know in weeks, months, decades to come… as Heraclitus taught us in the 5th century BCE.

    Wonderful story Nan. ❤

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    • Me too! Hopefully we won’t hear about it if it does. I mean, this article wasn’t headline news … just something I happened to come across. In any case, I’m pulling for the bear. ❤

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  4. If they think this through, there must be some way to contain her in the preserve. It would be the fear-mongers who would make the loudest case. May they do no harm. They are the intruders. Bear populated that area long before we were there.

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  5. Hello Nan. Great post. When we spent the summer of 2001 at Lake Winnipesaukee in NH there were bears that came right up to the cabins and walked around the place. The rule was do not bother the bears and they wont bother you. Don’t run at them, yell at them, beat pots and pans, and other stupid stuff. They came basically for any food stuff left in the trash, and to see what was going on. They had regular routes around the area. The reason I mention this is I am worried that some towns person afraid of the bear or trying to show how brave they are will do something to harm or enrage the bear. If the bear needs to be relocated again, can they not find a really nice zoo with decent habitats and friendly staff to give the bear a home, friends, and treats? Hugs

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    • From all indications, it was bound to happen. Let’s just hope the people will do as the article suggests and “understand their responsibility in not feeding the bear.” Good grief! She’s survived this long on her own … humans certainly don’t need to lend a helping hand!

      Thanks for the update.

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