Do You Love the U.S.A.?

If your answer is YES, then I implore you to read and think about the following excerpt from Robert A. Vella’s blog post.

Another mass shooting has struck an American school, this one near the site of an even worse mass shooting at a school.  Meanwhile America’s president is waging a multi-front war against all comers.  Donald Trump is waging a political war against the U.S. House of Representatives because the Democrats who control that legislative body are attempting to perform their constitutional duty to conduct oversight of his thoroughly corrupt administration.  He is waging a propaganda war against journalists in the news media who dare to investigate his shady past and behavior in the White House.  Trump is waging an ill-conceived economic war against China which threatens to undermine not only the U.S. economy but also the world economy.  He is on the verge of waging an incredibly dangerous military war against Iran simply because his despotic allies wish it.  And, Trump is waging an ethnic war against migrants and asylum-seekers who have committed no more serious offense than wanting to escape the destitution and violence of their native countries.

These ongoing shootings, the depravity of President Trump, and many other worrisome trends, are symptoms of the demise of a once-great nation.  America is at war with itself.  It has lost its moral compass, its appreciation of the importance between discerning right and wrong, and the ability to correct itself.  Its leaders have failed, and its people have fallen into primitiveness.

As long as Americans fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous and cruel.

If I wasn’t a U.S. citizen whose life is dependent upon the health of my country, I might be inclined to wish for America’s end to come quickly.  The American people as a whole deserve neither admiration nor sympathy, for we have collectively abrogated our responsibility to uphold and defend the constitutional principles which our nation was founded on.

What is happening to this country under the current leadership is not only appalling but downright scary! Each and every day brings a new crisis. And few, if any, are resolved before the next one takes its place. It is a three-ring circus that never leaves town.

I realize there are those who are convinced the U.S. is better off under the current POTUS. For whatever reason, they believe he can do no wrong and they back every action he has taken. All I can say is … I hope you’re right. Because if you aren’t, every single individual who calls this nation home is eventually going to suffer.

63 thoughts on “Do You Love the U.S.A.?

  1. I have nightmares, now. Eyes wide open nightmares, with the ticker tape streaming through my ears, of what this loon has done today and will deny tomorrow, what he did last week that everyone roared approval of, and now that he has reversed his stance on whatever his last reversal was, they roar approval of that one, too.
    My husband is now a straight ticket republican, and we Do Not Discuss it. He thinks Sarah Palin is wonderful. He Likes KelleyAnn. I think he’s segued right into senility when I was out shopping one day.

    I’ve never been a flag waver, nor someone who”s heart races faster when the National Anthem comes up, and Im afraid the day will come very soon when it will be dangerous to be a Democrat, a cross-over Republican, or an atheist. I have never been one to say I love my country, but I do think we had something cool happening and I was proud of how well we held together for 200 + years, but now Im just embarrassed by it all. It’s like being pitched back into the 40s and 50s, but with better hair.

    There was a time when you could discuss politics, in a desutory, half humorous way, with your friends. But since the Bushes, it’s a bit like circling the burning paper bag on the step, rather than stepping on it, just in case you aren’t on the same side…

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  2. Wow. I absolutely agree. And thank you for sharing that small excerpt. All my thoughts since 2016 summed up right there. It’s an absolute three ring circus with constant incoherent ramblings. Anytime an American uses the words, “great AGAIN” referring to Americas past, it makes me question their knowledge on its history. We definitely don’t want to repeat history in this country… THIS POTUS has caused so much devastation already…it gives me anxiety… Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject Nan.♥️

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  3. Hello Nan. I think there are two types of tRump supporters. The first is someone who gets all their news from state TV Fox News and doesn’t hear anything but the party line. Because of the repetition of a small set of talking points it gets drilled into them. The second kind of supporter is driven by their hatreds that they feel is supported by the tRump and crew. I just read a survey that said 47% of white Republicans feel very upset over hearing a language other than English spoken around them. Hugs

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  4. This is terrifying. Watching the GOP cater to this, encourage it, and defend it, frightens me. I’m afraid for my future and the future of the country and the world. I see no way out of this and nothing but awful things coming our way. Shame on every politician that is allowing this to go on unopposed. It’s sickening.

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  5. one thing i’ve had to do (and it wasn’t hard) concerning Trump, is face the fact that all the upset and worry and depression we feel isn’t going to change anything. Worry doesn’t stop the leak in the roof, and if you can’t reach it or stop it, you move the furniture, put down a bucket, and find a different room.

    When my mother was still alive, one winter we all had immense thaw and freeze spells, and the icicles on all the houses grew and grew, temporary stalagtites, sometimes reaching to the ground. One night she called up, all upset, at around 10 PM; “you’ve GOT to come over here and Do Something about these icicles” and I explained that they were rooted in three feet of snow on her front lawn, they weren’t going anywhere anytime soon…and she was furious. “well, the least you can do is come over here and help me WORRY!” and she slammed down the phone. yep.

    This, on a grander scale, is where we are now. I do not listen to that man, I do not read articles or watch videos of him, and when my husband has him on I make good use of earplugs or youtube to cover the noise.
    Once you realize that your worry is about as useful as someone else’s prayers to the Virgin Mary, it’s a lot easier to back away.

    What happens, is “not our fault. Right down to our toes. We had nothing to do with this. And short of marching to Washington and shooting him, we’re helpless.

    and hugs to both of you. Deep breaths, now. Om. Om. Om.

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    • Correct, it is not the fault of all of us. There are plenty of people out there who think they’re being profound by proclaiming that in some sense we are all to blame for Trump. They’re jackasses. I voted for Hillary. I couldn’t have done anything about Russian election meddling or vote-suppression laws in the Midwest. Neither could you. Sometimes people are simply victimized by forces completely beyond their control. In fact, that’s been the case with most people throughout history.

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    • (A humourous aside for you Judy, stalagmites grow up from the ground. Stalactites grow down fron the cielings [of caves]. “G” for ground, “c” for ceiling. Now you will never make that mistake again.)
      Otherwise, go, Judy, go!

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    • Hello Judy. I disagree with parts of your comment. IF we stand any chance of taking back the country from the downward slide over the cliff it is on, we must learn all we can about what is happening, we must do all we can to resist what is happening, we must pay attention to even the small details to find what is hiding in the cracks. We lose it all by ignoring it or pretending it will all work out some how. Hugs

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      • There is nothihng any of us can personally do. We can vote our conscience when its time to vote, but that is still one vote apiece. I think the most discouraging thing in all of this that too many people are forgetting–Hillary WON the election by a whopping margin.
        The electoral college gave the election to Trump.

        And I found out a truly depressing bit of information about the electoral college: they determine who is elected. The public vote is, apparently, something to keep us all happy in the meantime.


        we don’t vote for president, we vote for our Electoral college reps.

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        • Hello Judy. Yes you are correct about the electoral college. It was implemented at the insistence of the smaller states to get them to sign on to the constitution. Hillary did win the popular vote, but she lost the needed votes in three states by a total of only roughly 75,000 total. Think how small a margin that is. In Florida it could have been due to Russian’s getting into the voting machines, which we now know happened.

          However Judy there are things we can do. One vote does matter. The more one votes we can get add up to a lot of votes. We can blog, comment, speak out, place phone calls, go door to door and many other ways to get the information out and drum up support. We can shuttle voters around and help people get to the voting places. These are all very important services that are needed and we can do them. We can make a change both individually and as a collective. Hugs.

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    • “Getting”? Come on, Robert, we non-Americans have been very worried since about 8 PM MST Nov 8, 2016. Some birthday present, lol. And since 10 PM MST Nov. 7, 2018 we have been desperately seeking sanity!

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      • I couldn’t sleep that night.

        Partly because the problem, again, is not only or even primarily TRUMP. The problem is people like my brother who claimed Hillary sold nuclear secrets to the Chines for campaign cash. Or like my coworkers who babbled about Obama (and Hillary) coming for their guns.


        • No problem, brian. Well, I mean your brother and coworkers are a problem, but you are not one. I just like to piss people off to try and get them to feel their anger deep inside, where it aggravates them and hopefully gets them to take Trump more serioysly. Trump is not the bumbling fool he tries to make himself look like. He is a very dangerous man to the entire world, not just the USA.

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  6. As long as Americans fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous and cruel.”. I think that quote is from T.E Lawrence (of Arabia) about the Middle East.

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  7. Loving one’s country includes being passionate about defending it against its enemies. In many cases, those enemies will include its own government. This is not at all an unusual situation.

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  8. Excellent share, Nan … Robert always has astute observations. I question, these days, whether the U.S. was ever actually ‘great’. We appeared to make progress toward ‘greatness’ under the tutelage of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, and with such great civil rights leaders as Martin Luther King and many others, but … once the leaders were gone, we seem incapable of sustaining the momentum they began. Today, with 42% supporting a madman, a megalomaniac, I have to question if the U.S. isn’t, in fact, the most greedy and arrogant nation in the Western world. Sigh. Do I love this nation? No, not really. It had potential, never fully realized, but today we are blowing it and … there is little to be proud of. 😥

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  9. Obviously, our country has a lot of problems and people who couldn’t care less about destroying it and everything it, in theory, stands for. Trump, most republicans and religious extremists have ruined the country.

    Look back in time and you have a country in which half of its people were ok with owning other people for god’s sake. The people wanting to destroy the natives who lived here in the first place because religious people claimed they were those evil heathens plus the greed to take over land.

    About the only time America seemed to be doing good and living up to it’s standards, was during WWII, when in my opinion, that war was justified.

    But along comes Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and all the others since, that we stuck our nose in and our altruism is a farce.

    And now here we are with an abomination for a president and his ever threatening evil cult following. Trump is the new religion and many so called Christians have bought into it hook, line and sinker. It will be our downfall.

    A country who has a school shooting everyday, has an open culture of hate and racism, has a leading political party who feels they are above the law and have stacked the courts to ensure they have that power, has a president and his minions who deny and defile the environment, puts young children fleeing with their families in cages and is in the process of undoing the separation of church and state policy that has kept us from being like the Mideast with their Sharia law, is not a country to be proud of.

    Our country is infected with a serious cancer and I don’t know if there will be a cure ever.

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    • I’m “liking” your comment because you have expressed the situation so well. However, there is no way that I “LIKE” what’s going on. In fact, everyday I wonder how much worse it can get.

      BTW, when I got to your comment about the “fleeing families” I immediately thought of the “fleeing students.”

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    • Sadly, though….and I am stepping back a bit here…is the United States uniquely evil here? Look at the horrors inflicted upon the world by British colonialism. The millions killed in the interests of Belgian royal greed. The repeated invasions by steppe warriors like Timurlane and the Khans. The spread of Islam by the sword. Heck, today, look at the electoral results in the (D-)UK. In France, where the FN has been successful in prefectures dependent on migrant labor for their economies.

      I am not sure we in the United States are all that unique. What is toxic is perhaps our self regard, which is the latest in a long series of imperial powers that have convinced themselves that their waves of destruction is for the Good of the Wogs,.

      Otherwise, I am not disagreeing with much here, sad to say. It might be nice to live in a country, a world, where the mad sociopaths have less power. But then, our ingrained beliefs in “gods” and ” countries” make it easier for us to fall for such claptrap.

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  10. Do I love the U.S.A.?

    Quick answer: sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    It always depends on whether an American citizen or group of Americans fully understand, protect, and model — through their own life/lives — our Constitutional democracy… and how it all functions equally with all THREE Branches according to that Constitution. After this full understanding, protection, and modeling of the above at the Federal level, know and embrace that in order to utilize Federal actions/support one must be fully invested with the concepts & ramifications of what it means to be 1/50th of a union which makes up the USA. And furthermore that individual States are therefore ultimately subordinate to our Federal government!

    There seems to be way, WAY too many so-called American citizens who think we are a one Branch government, a monarchy or single dictator, single office, lead nation… which is SO utterly wrong and grossly misguided! And any words or actions that directly or indirectly reflect this misguided latter posture is a clear indication of their naivety and stupidity about what our Constitution functions as and how it’s rightfully and legally executed.

    I wager too many “nationalistic patriotic” Americans know and understand less to little what is a Constitutional democracy (the USA) versus what is a Dictatorship or Monarchy. Do we follow Laws of the Land… or do we follow/worship one man or one office?

    P.S. That last question is pretty much a rhetorical question, btw.

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  11. Those who tell you America is better off under the current POTUS will hopefully never find out if they’re right as they’re still in the minority. A minority hat must have been as surprised as the rest of the World when he was awarded the title in 2016, I refuse to use the term won as I doubt he’s ever been in a competition where he hasn’t somehow cheated.The Country lurches from one disaster to the next from the madly insane school shootings to Trump’s war on over half the residents of the Once United States, his pandering to dictators, his war on the Press and now his pulling 1.5 billion dollars from the armed forces to pay for a stretch of wall he should never be building. Time to focus on the next election and ensuring a win for a Democrat who will reverse Trump’s policy on the Paris accord and try to return some normality to America.

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