2020 Presidential Campaign Slogan

I was just having a discussion with Scottie (another blogger for those who don’t know him) related to tRumpsky’s reelection slogan. In case you haven’t seen/heard about it, it’s “Keep America Great.” Of course, most of us feel America has been great all along (although I think many would agree our current leader has taken us down several notches in the eyes of the world).

Anyway, since campaign slogans seem to be a part of the election cycle, I thought I’d ask my followers to come up with some slogans you think would be good/effective for the Democrats who are in the running for 2020.

Naturally this is all in fun since I highly doubt any of the candidates read my blog. πŸ˜€

Ready … set … GO!

36 thoughts on “2020 Presidential Campaign Slogan

  1. Translation: “Keep America Great” means “Keep America White”

    I’m not fond of rah-rah speeches and campaign slogans, but I recognize their value. So, I’ll leave it to the professionals to do that job for Democrats.

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  2. Not really my place, being French, but the following pretty much summarizes my analysis of the current flaws of the democrats’ strategy. My proposed slogan is:

    “Democrats: we care for all Americans”.

    (Not just women, not just blacks, latinos, LGBT, etc. That in my opinion is the reason for the democrats’ downfall in recent years. Too much segmentation leads to fragmentation. “We care. For ALL Americans.”)

    Best of luck!

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    • Thank you for your contribution! While you may not live in the thick of things here in the States, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about what’s going on.

      I really like your suggestion because (1) we are all Americans, and (2) each and every one of us is important. Unfortunately, this philosophy has been stomped into the ground under the current leadership. And if he’s reelected, I fear it’s going to get much, much worse. Universe willing, that won’t happen.

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      • Thank you. Glad you liked it. A danger democrats are facing is the excessive application of political marketing. Market segmentation is a power Marketing tool. But, when overreaching you end up with fragmentation. In my opinion, Democrats have got to stop addressing “women”, minorities, etc. and think about what pulls all Americans together. That is the key to kicking the moron out…
        Best of luck.

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  3. The first time I heard “Make America Great Again” my reaction was, “again”?? The subtle message for me was, ” we are losers, and with my help we can take back what we’ve lost…” (I don’t think he ever said “keep America great” which would have sent a totally different message)

    It was a slap in the face of anyone who felt we were doing okay, which we were, with no help from Trump.

    “Democrats: not just for breakfast anymore”

    “Let’s take back what we never lost”

    “Dump Trump”

    “Bring back the melting pot”

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    STAND UP FOR SOCIAL DEMOCRACY! The Only Direction Moving Forward!




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  5. Democrats: We May Be Pansies, But We’re Damned Nice.
    Democrats: We Cry A Lot ‘Bout Stuff, But We Want Ya’ll Ta Have Health Insurance.
    Democrats: We Wear Less Black Face Than Republicans.
    Democrats: Our Safe Spaces Include Social Security Expansion.
    Democrats: Trump Is Mean. We Ain’t.

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  6. I know you are looking for “inspirational” messages, but I, being the evil negative cur that I, can only provide what I think are “realistic” slogans for the Dim-o-crats:

    “Vote Donkey, the Kinder, Gentler, Less Uncouth Party of Eternal War and Plutocracy”

    “Democrats 2020: Already Preparing to Sell You Out!”

    “Win With Weak Sauce 2020”

    “Democrats 2020: If we don’t win SOME offices, how can we charge those amazing post-office speaker fees?”

    Vote Democrats 2020: Providing the Starting Point for Future Republican War Crimes*

    (* Inspired by Saint Jimmy, responsible for initially supporting and funding and arming the horrors Afghanistan, Central America, the Timor Islands, Iran…..)

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  7. Grab him by the Electoral College!

    Democrates: The Party that brought you health care, clean water, clean air, and the 5-day work week.

    Democrates: The REAL values voters.

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  8. The base part of me likes Judy’s “Dump Trump”. I like rg’s “Say No To Fossil Fuels, Say Yes To Our Grandchildren”, though it may be a little long. And I like Ubi Dubium’s. If I can think of one myself, I’ll pop back over and let you know. πŸ˜‰

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  9. I would like to see an emphasis on unity:

    We, the United States.
    One people, united.
    Unity through diversity.
    E pluribus unum.

    There are many ways of expressing the idea of unity. And the Democrats should use those many ways. Make a clear contrast with the divisiveness that has come from Trump and his supporters.

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    • Neil, you and I think alike! I definitely agree more emphasis needs to be put on unity. And I think most Democrats would recognize the “message” behind any of the slogans you suggested.

      Personally, I like Unity through diversity and One people, united.

      I don’t think it’s an “official” slogan for Biden, but I notice he’s been saying, “We can do this.” Not sure if he’ll capitalize on that, but it sounds pretty good to me. Reminds me of Obama’s “Yes we can.”

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      • Just read something that MAY be Biden’s actual slogan: “America: Anything Is Possible.” IMO, if he associates this with his “We can do this,” I think he has a winner.

        BTW, he’s waaaay ahead in the polls so unless something drastically changes, I have a hunch this slogan is going to become VERY familiar.

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        • “I like Ike”, while probably not current by now (I can hear the under 30s saying, “IKE?” What the hell is an IKE…?

          But it is pithy, and fits on a lapel pin…


      • What is Biden going “to do”? His entire career has been devoted to selling us out to his corporate masters. (See: Bankruptcy laws).

        Maybe he will institute a program of legal slavery for debtors!!!! THAT will be a big selling point! I spent too much, now I do free landscaping work for Discover Card executives at their estates! Thanks, Workingman Joe!

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  10. I think the obvious slogan would be:

    “Make America a normal country”

    — but it would probably require too much explaining to work as a slogan. I mean give America the same things other advanced countries already have — government-guaranteed universal health coverage, a minimum wage you can actually survive on, mandatory minimum amounts of things like vacation time and maternity leave, a centrally-funded and administered educational system that works for everyone and not just the more prosperous school districts. But most people here don’t even realize that those things are the norm for a First World country.

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    • Plus, there are too many countries out there where the “normality” is fading. What is a normal country anymore? Racist and reactionary parties are winning more and more votes throughout Europe, most of Africa is a political basket case. For really fun politics, look at THAILAND and shudder.

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  11. Hello Nan. Wish I could come up with something but I am all thunked out. I don’t suppose “Get off you butt and vote for Buttigeig”😲 😎 would fit on a bumper sticker? Or how about “Elizabeth Warren, I have an idea”. πŸ•πŸ˜» I am sure one of them could use “clueless in the morning” but not sure that is helpful. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Also as some of them are single issue candidates they could use “Candidate X, issues, just the one”. 😜 Oh I do have one. “Vote for me to kick tRump in the rump”! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜

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    • Welcome Lanning Lee! I like your suggestion. We’ve been so split apart under the current leader, we definitely need something that signifies unity and, as you put it, full inclusion.

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  12. “We are headed for the White House, bring shovels!”

    If praise jeebus a D wins 2020, I really hope the first headline is that D announcing “Every single tRump appointee, pack your bags!” “Now!”

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    • Perhaps not all that great as a campaign slogan, but certainly seems to describe the current political situation.

      Thanks for stopping by and offering your suggestion. πŸ™‚


    • Hi Brendan … and Welcome! Thank you for stopping by … and for leaving your slogan suggestion. Justice doesn’t seem to mean anything to the current POTUS (except perhaps when it comes to him and/or his family), so your suggestion is very relevant.

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