And I Thought I’d Heard It All

Genesis 2 Church Offering Miracle Cure!

Note that you can become a member of this elite group and receive a supply of the “healing sacrament” for a mere $450 per person … or $800 for a couple.

Be sure and let the rest of us know if it works. 😈


27 thoughts on “And I Thought I’d Heard It All

  1. Really? Unreal. 😖 I think in specific sectors of the American population the IQ levels haven’t just dipped, they’ve taken a flaming nose-dive. I’m sure the Genesis II Church, Mark Grenon and his book “Imagine A World Without Dis-Ease” would have an encyclopedia of fine-print with non-liability clauses, side-effects, and terms/conditions that last a week! Along the same lines as the super hit, OTC drug for all Christian cranial-voids of “faith”… Antihisteminia!

    And yet, there would STILL be Faithers who’d stand in line overnight for lobotomies if their divine leader told them to do so.

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      • He was…interesting. A combination of wackaloon religious nut, social and racial justice crusader, and committed Marxist revolutionary. I have heard a recording in which he exhorts his largely African American congregation to “die like good socialists”. Odd stuff!

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        • Hah! A lot more than odd. More like Crusader for pain, torture, divisiveness, inhumanity, and DEATH. Utterly baffling how one person or propaganda and radical ideologies can make hundreds or thousands never question anything and then throw their lives away (and their children’s!)… like those who lept off of the Saipan cliffs during WW2. So unnecessary.


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  2. Be sure and let the rest of us know if it works.

    Of course it works. The health of the cult’s bank balance is excellent, and getting better all the time.

    As for people who believe that drinking bleach will cure them of things, what can one say? Probably best to regard it as natural selection in action.

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    • Infidel,

      I had an ex-g/f awhile back whose family was/are 7th Day Adventists — not as radical as the Branch Davidians and David Koresh were, but still — where her father (a licensed practicing nurse) believed wholeheartedly in the healing powers of Windex and/or super-glue over cuts, scratches, etc. I kid you not. This was well before the popular film My Big Fat Greek Wedding was released. He still does to this day. It was all quite comical to me and her; in private of course. She was the total rebel, black sheep of the family… which was why we got along so well. 😉

      Being a career licensed nurse and his wife (her mother) a practicing hospital/death and hospice chaplain, I found that they and anybody and EVERYBODY has a never-ending method of coping mechanisms for life’s most tragic, hardest events, whether they are effective, non-effective, or simply a psychological Placebo-effect for the living. That’s it. There is no truth or fully verifiable evidence in the actual medical records… ever. However, the human brain is indeed a VERY powerful, convincing organ of remarkable imaginations, or should I say…

      astounding delusions for any who would prefer to embrace the self-appointed “escape” from pain and trauma.

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  3. Hello Nan. Why do people who disavow any science and medical discovery as fake and conspiracies instead gyrate to these scams? They won’t consider real claims backed up with proven data, yet they accept without question, indeed with awe, claims made with nothing to back them up. I don’t get it. Personally I don’t care if adults hurt themselves as long as they do not cost the rest of us, but to force children to drink such stuff is or should be criminal. I think that is clear child abuse. Hugs

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