A Brief Absence

You may have noticed (and then again, maybe you didn’t ๐Ÿ˜‰), but I’ve been off-line for the past few days. We experienced an unusual (for this area) snow storm over the past few days. It started Sunday as something light, which is not unusual for the area, but then, it kept coming! We ended up with about 8″ overall. (Yes, I know. It’s nothing like what happens in other parts of the country, but …)

Anyway, we lost power on Monday evening.ย Lucky for us, this area has natural gas and even luckier, the original owners of this house had installed a gas heating stove in the family room so we were able to stay comparatively warm. Also we had warm water for showers … but boy-of-boy was the bathroom cold!!

To keep some of the more perishable stuff, we put snow into an ice chest.ย Ordinarily, we would have fired up the generator, but wouldn’t you know it? It wouldn’t start. (That is most definitely something we’re going to correct!)

Naturally, without power, there was no way to go online OR to recharge our phones! Fortunately, we had car chargers so we could keep them at least somewhat operable. But wouldn’t you know it? Phone service was practically nil … one bar or less. *sigh*

Anyway, the power finally came back on last night so life is returning to normal. But we learned a few things from this experience. Even though my other-half has lived by the Boy Scout motto (Be Prepared) for many years, there were a few things we will need to look into for future reference. Especially since we live in an area (West Coast) that could be massively affected by a major (9+) earthquake.

I suppose if I were a believer, I’d be thanking some invisible being right now. As it is, I just accept this whole event as part of “life.” Calamities can and do happen to all of us. How we make it through them (physically and mentally) is up to us. It’s my belief that relying on ourselves and the strengths of other human beings will always be what counts in the long run.

Glad to be back! ๐Ÿ˜

P.S. I categorized this post as “Climate Change” for a reason. I’ll leave it to each of you to agree or disagree with my decision.


34 thoughts on “A Brief Absence

  1. With Liverpool winning 5-0 last night – which induced a minor sense of euphoria – a general lack of sleep because of the new kitten, and the fact I’ve been struggling to find the suntan lotion and my sunglasses because it’s been so darn hot, I didn’t notice much of anything else, to be honest.
    Nevertheless, I am happy you are all in one piece.


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  2. Never know what kinda power outage or natural disaster might strike. This is why my home is filled with guns, automatic weapons, small nukes, hand grenades, 6000 pounds of canned food, 67 blow up love dolls, 147 gum balls, and 67 years worth of food for my dog. I’m ready, man! So bring it on!!!

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  3. We live far enough in the sticks that it is a good idea to be prepared. I have many 5 gallon buckets that I fill at the sign of every threat, just so we can flush toilets ( we are on a well which requires eclectricity to run.) I also keep at least 10 gal of drinking water on hand, as well as a lot of rice and beans, just in case our power outages are longer than a few days. We just had a tornado threat, I went through my routine of filling buckets, will use them up in the next few days…

    I have a home built, propane fired, on demand, hot water system left over from my cold water diving days, haven’t used it yet for showers, but it is there. Also have a couple of camp stoves for coffee/cooking. Sad fact, we lose power around here fairly regularly. Sometimes for an hour or two (but wouldn’t you know it, right then is when everyone has to use the bathroom.) Sometimes we lose power for a day or two after severe weather moves through. Once we were without power for 2 weeks as the result of a wicked ice storm.

    Some time back I built a wind generator on a whim, it is a working model, but as it turns out we don’t get enough wind to keep the batteries charged, as the charging circuit provides a slow but steady draw. I could add a couple of solar panels to it and it would be completely functional. Just haven’t prioritized that. We do have a small inverter though that we hook up to the car, which is more convenient and requires less maintenance, and it runs the tv/cable box, and a few lights, which has been just fine for our brief power outages. The car has a small 1.6 engine and sips gas ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess when we have a doozy of a power problem, I’ll get those solar panels up ๐Ÿ™‚

    Moral of the story, if you live in the sticks, have food, water, heat, and some way to power a tv at least. It isn’t a matter of if the power will go out, it is a matter of when, and for how long.

    Nan I am glad to hear you got through it with no damge done. Send me that generator and I’ll fix it, probably needs a good carburetor/fuel system cleaning ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I wish I was as well stocked as IBtD1, well perhaps not quite as many blow up love dolls… ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I tend to think many people who live in areas susceptible to weather and/or catastrophic incidents are a bit more disaster-oriented. But then again … there are many who base their lives on the Don’t Worry, Be Happy philosophy. You know … it will all work out in the end. Problem is … the trip from here to there can be a matter of life or death.

      We’re not sure what happened with the generator. It was completely gone over not too long back and was filled with fresh oil and gas, but for some reason it wouldn’t start. Needless to say, we’re going to do some heavy investigating.

      As you probably know, preparing for disaster is not something you do overnight. My other-half has been planning and putting things aside for years. But even then, circumstances are different for each kind of emergency so there’s always that possibility you overlooked something.

      Yes, for the most part, Jeff has the right idea. Especially as regards his dog!!


      • For most of us power outages are a huge inconvenience, some though, it can be life threatening.

        …and you are right, it is almost impossible to prepare for every scenario. Just cover the basics and wing it when you have to! ๐Ÿ™‚

        My preparations have accumulated/evolved over the years too. I have to go dig out everything I need when I need it, but I at least have it!

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  4. Whew! And all this time I was thinkin’… Was it something I said to her? ๐Ÿฅบ

    So glad you are back to grace us Nan! You caused quite a stir within the WP cyber-sphere. Revolts were simmering. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    P.S. Seriously though, very happy you two are okay and managed the horrid weather. โค

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  5. Glad you’re okay, Nan. I can appreciate that feeling of omg snow, (empathy is high on my list) even though eight inches for us is eight inches of snow and not much else. We live ‘out’ and burn wood so a power outage is a nuisance but that’s all.
    I’ve been a bit out of the loop myself, so when someone goes quiet I often miss the blank spaces,and figger, okay, weather, someone’s busy, someone’s actually got a LIFE beyond the keyboard…

    You guys have really been hit with serious weather, and serious is a relative term, depending on how used you are to it. A few oil lamps (filled and tucked away somewhere) can make a huge difference, too…

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    • We do have oil lamps, but also purchased a couple of emergency lights some time back that work really well. And of course, flashlights. ๐Ÿ™‚

      There are so many people that think “emergencies” aren’t going to happen to them. Or they consider it will be something MAJOR and they won’t make it through anyway so they take an “oh well” attitude. Doesn’t always work that way.


  6. Glad you had some heat and hot water at least! We were without power for 5 days a few years back, and I kept repeating the mantra “That which doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger”. Isn’t it amazing, though … we don’t realize how reliant we are until we don’t have it! That first day, I kept thinking of things … well, I can’t do this, so I’ll do laundry. Oops! But anyway, yes, get that generator fixed! Glad you’re back safe and sound.

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    • Thanks, Mak. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did get the worldly updates as soon as power was restored.

      Yes, I think tRumpsky may soon feel what it’s like to “lose.” Cohen is definitely racking him over the coals.


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