A Brief Absence

You may have noticed (and then again, maybe you didn’t 😉), but I’ve been off-line for the past few days. We experienced an unusual (for this area) snow storm over the past few days. It started Sunday as something light, which is not unusual for the area, but then, it kept coming! We ended up with about 8″ overall. (Yes, I know. It’s nothing like what happens in other parts of the country, but …)

Anyway, we lost power on Monday evening. Lucky for us, this area has natural gas and even luckier, the original owners of this house had installed a gas heating stove in the family room so we were able to stay comparatively warm. Also we had warm water for showers … but boy-of-boy was the bathroom cold!!

To keep some of the more perishable stuff, we put snow into an ice chest. Ordinarily, we would have fired up the generator, but wouldn’t you know it? It wouldn’t start. (That is most definitely something we’re going to correct!)

Naturally, without power, there was no way to go online OR to recharge our phones! Fortunately, we had car chargers so we could keep them at least somewhat operable. But wouldn’t you know it? Phone service was practically nil … one bar or less. *sigh*

Anyway, the power finally came back on last night so life is returning to normal. But we learned a few things from this experience. Even though my other-half has lived by the Boy Scout motto (Be Prepared) for many years, there were a few things we will need to look into for future reference. Especially since we live in an area (West Coast) that could be massively affected by a major (9+) earthquake.

I suppose if I were a believer, I’d be thanking some invisible being right now. As it is, I just accept this whole event as part of “life.” Calamities can and do happen to all of us. How we make it through them (physically and mentally) is up to us. It’s my belief that relying on ourselves and the strengths of other human beings will always be what counts in the long run.

Glad to be back! 😍

P.S. I categorized this post as “Climate Change” for a reason. I’ll leave it to each of you to agree or disagree with my decision.