Winning A Lifetime Supply

Wow! It seems I’m on a roll! Three posts in as many days. 😃

In any event, I simply could not pass up sharing the article I just came across in The Guardian. It’s about people who have won “lifetime supplies” of various items.

Some of the winners were delighted with their winnings, but a couple others? Not so much. Anyway, if the opportunity ever comes your way, it would probably be best to discuss how often and how much of your “winnings” will be delivered. It might also be wise to consider your storage room.

Five big winners tell what happens when you hit the jackpot, from free milk for life to a mountain of KFC


3 thoughts on “Winning A Lifetime Supply

  1. I always wondered if it the supply depended on what YOU needed or what the company determined it to be. A life time supply of M&Ms, I could live with. A lifetime supply of, say, milk would have to be negotiated since we drink very little milk.

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