A Poetic View

Another attempt at Haiku in response to Susi’s
IWH Haiku Challenge #6
(Picture interpretation)


Beginning or end
The answer will soon be known
Be silent and wait


Like vanishing clouds
Clinging tightly to the light
Time waits for no one


From bottom to top
Days fade quickly into night
And we start again

Do you see what I see?

14 thoughts on “A Poetic View

  1. I like your three interpretations Nan. I’ll give it a try…

    Reaching for warm light
    Branches leaves fight drought and cold
    Weight wind pull and blow

    I sometimes think/remember what all trees and plants struggle with and against in order to bud, grow, sustain, live, and recreate. So so much to traverse, but the endless evolution and adaption to all Earth’s factors, variables, and the Sun’s make it all truly works of random(?) beautiful art… and of course protect us and all animal species from lethal solar radiation. 🙂

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