Trump vs. Negotiation

Various meanings/synonyms for the word “negotiate”:

Confer with another in order to come to terms or reach an agreement

Arbitrate; Bargain; Discuss; Hash Out; Talk Over

From Wikipedia;

[Negotiation] is aimed to resolve points of difference, to gain advantage for an individual or collective, or to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests. It is often conducted by putting forward a position and making concessions to achieve an agreement. The degree to which the negotiating parties trust each other to implement the negotiated solution is a major factor in determining whether negotiations are successful.

End result of negotiations: Be successful, achieve a goal

Related to his desire for a Border Wall, our (questionable) “Leader” has claimed on several occasions that he is willing to “negotiate” with those who oppose his project.

However, based on the meanings/definitions above, it appears to me there has been NO “negotiation” on the part of Trump (contrary to his claims). From every aspect, it has clearly been “my way or no way.” And to put clout behind his words, he shuts down the government and puts thousands and thousands of innocent people in financial distress.

Further, during discussions with his opponents, he has not once put forth an alternative. Not once has he been willing to discuss what his opponents have termed, Border Security. Not once has he indicated a willingness to adjust the monetary amount.

And there is little doubt the temporary “stay” related to the government shutdown was primarily done because his approval ratings were dropping. From all indications thus far, he has made NO changes in his original demands.

As one news source reported: “Mr. Trump, White House aides said, has been frustrated at everyone around him for not delivering a deal he can accept.” And we all know what “that deal” is.

Regrettably, it has become abundantly clear … the only solution to this issue is to give Trump what he wants because this is the only “negotiation” he understands.

51 thoughts on “Trump vs. Negotiation

  1. Hello Nan. I was watching the House Minority Leader McCarthy talk about the whole situation. I will skip boring you with all the sideways out right lies he spewed. But when talking on a “deal”, what tRump & republicans were willing to give up for how much they wanted, his answers were always we get what we want in full, the democrats get small temporary fixes. The idea they have is compromise means they get everything. It was a republican masturbatory day dream. I got so fed up with the out right distortions that even the interview called him on, yet he just insisted his version of history was correct. It was not even worth the watching. Be well. Hugs

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    • VERY inspirational. I rarely think of “America” beyond the place that I live. In fact, I daresay most people are more intent on their jobs … eating … sleeping … drinking … etc. than they are in recognizing how fortunate we are to be AMERICANS.

      I wish the video could be shown on FOX & FRIENDS because then maybe tRumpsky would see it. Although knowing him, he’d have nothing good to say about it. He’s probably accuse Reagan of being weak on immigration. HA!

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  2. Most everything about tRumpsky these days irritates tha SHEETS off me and Jeff!!! 😛 If he comes on the TV speaking, etc, I immediately mute him — his 8th-grade words and thinking repulse me to no end! So news about him raises my blood-pressure to near critical levels and I must refrain from entertaining lengthy discussions about him — I’ll end up in the ER I think. 😠

    That said, I do enjoy very much all the fabulous comedy and parodies about him and his ASININE ideas and thinking-skills… if his arrogant mouth can stay shut long enough. I’ve shared this with Robert over on his blog before. Nan, not sure if you seen this hilarious 5-min skit from comedian Joe Wong while on the Stephen Colbert Show…

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  3. If we give Trump what he wants on the border wall, then he’ll be emboldened to take the nation hostage again via more government shutdowns on other issues. Pelosi and the Dems were absolutely right to stop him now. When your opponent stupidly chooses a self-destructive path they cannot win, all you need do is allow them room to take it.

    The situation has changed drastically. New political dynamics are at play now. Senate Republicans have had enough. They paid dearly for Trump’s folly, but they won’t anymore.

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    • I agree. He’s starting to bleed repukes. Senators in particular are NOT happy with this shut down result. It’s hurt them dearly. I sincerely doubt they’ll let him shut it down in 3 weeks again. They’ll create a package with some kind of smart wall with $$ for a few fencing reinforcements and Trump will yell victory. He’s lost this war. It was damned foolish of him to pull this stunt and even more foolish for the repukes to follow so blindly for so long. We’ll see, but I truly think Trump’s wall and his B.S. over it has hurt him politically.

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    • This is a crucial point. When you reward behavior you get more of the same behavior. If we reward bullying, there will be more bullying.

      In the case of Hair Furor Agolf Twitler, we are fortunate that his narcissism and Potemkin grandiosity are more than matched by his stupidity. He charged into the shutdown fight with no clear idea in mind for how to win, and Pelosi squashed him like a bug. The rules of this game have changed. Our side has a real leader now, one far smarter and more experienced than he is. I anticipate a series of further clashes over one thing and another, every one of which he will lose, weakening his standing with his base and party.

      The Founders built checks and balances into the system so that a malignant President could be brought to heel by Congress. For the last two years, Congress was run by Republicans who were simply too spineless to do it. That’s no longer true.

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  4. I wonder what will happen in 3 weeks. I can’t see him shutting it down again since his numbers were down and so many people were suffering and there was some rebellion in the party, so what’s left?
    National emergency? He must feed has rabid base something or they’ll drop him. It will be interesting. It’s quite something to think his base and the right wing media rule and have such control, when they are t even the majority.

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    • He does have a face-saving way of backing down. He can, as he’s constantly threatening to do, declare a state of emergency to build the wall without Congress’s approval. Such a declaration would be tied up in the courts for months or years and nothing would get done, but he would look tough and decisive in the eyes of the knuckle-dragging Deliverance mutants of his “base”, and that — not the wall itself — is what he cares about. The government would remain open.

      I think another shutdown is very unlikely. The threat would have even less credibility since he caved the first time, and Senate Republicans would be less willing to support it since they’ve already seen what happens and know they would end up losing again.

      They would probably also oppose a state of emergency because it would usurp Congress’s traditional powers and create a precedent they’d fear a future Democratic President might use. But Trump won’t care about that so long as the base thinks he’s “winning”.

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      • The thing that concerns me about him declaring that “state of emergency” is … what happens if we have a REAL emergency? Also, he wants to take money from the military budget — which is ironic since he supports a “strong” military. And, like you (and others) have said, it would be “forever” tied up in courts.

        But of course, none of this matters. It’s all “elementary” since he would continue to be a “winner” in the eyes of his MAGA devotees. And, as you said, THAT takes precedence over all else.

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        • In the case of any real emergency which arises while this pea-brained poo-pellet is in office, the victims of the said emergency are simply going to be in deep shit. Just ask Puerto Rico. Nothing but impeachment will remedy that situation, and declaring a fake emergency over building a pointless wall won’t make it any worse than it already is.

          Whether he can take money from the military to build a wall Congress hasn’t authorized is one of those things that will be tied up in the courts. While it’s being litigated, he won’t be able to actually do it.

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  5. From everything I’ve read and seen, Trump’s idea of a “deal” isn’t just that he gets everything he wants. It’s also that he wants the other side to get screwed. People who have worked with him have echoed this.

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  6. I saw somewhere he could just say he got the money and the wall is being built and his Jim Jones cult would believe it because their leader said so…😊

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  7. Comrade Minus had two full years with an entirely GOP congress and didn’t get his “Wall” (which he defines differently, depending on who he’s lying to). So what makes him think he’s going to get his Wall now that the GOP only controls a single house of Congress?

    He’s simply not bright, my friends. Bright like a burnt-out light bulb.

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  8. He think negotiate has the same definition as “bully”, which is why he typically fails. The only times he’s gotten what he wanted is when he had leverage over someone and could force them to bend to his will (bullying, not negotiating). He’s a stain on the underwear of America.

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    • Absolutely! In his mind, negotiation means convincing the other party to do it HIS way.

      And in this particular case, not only is he feeding his base, but he’s doing all he can to paint the Democrats as the ones who won’t “cooperate.”

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