A Matter of Perspective

I just came across the following remark — not for the first time — and wondered why some people seem to believe that …

we are each of us an expression of God

I suppose if a person concedes the existence of “God,” then yes, there are similarities in that humans tend to exhibit the same attributes of anger and forgiveness. They also tend to favor a “get even” attitude when someone doesn’t meet their expectations. And on occasion, they have even been known to exhibit a measure of love that might be described as “god-like.”

On the other hand, if (as many believe) “God” was originally created by humans, then perhaps the “expression of God” is nothing more than what we see in ourselves.

I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective.

57 thoughts on “A Matter of Perspective

      • I think his comments are sort of like rawgod. He’s an interesting guy trying to piece “something” together to make sense. We’ve been chatting in some other posts as well. His clarification on the last comment wasn’t quite what I expected.

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          • Occasionally. I don’t really know what to reply yet. I really don’t believe in anything at all, although I think some people are tuned a little different and can connect with the universe a little more than me. His approach isn’t his way or the highway which is good.

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            • He actually may be trying to find his way … while leaning towards the supernatural and all that entails. Have only encountered him on your blog … and his post … so I could be way off-base.


            • He’s seems quite inquisitive and genuine. He’s a psychologist and posts some pretty good stuff. He came to my blog firstly, and his articles are pretty good, and not usually too long. We’ve had some good conversations. I believe he’s in the UK, so no fundy stuff.

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  1. It means nothing…just a meaningless saying.
    If we are an expression of god, we’ll it doesn’t say much about him, does it.
    So the evangelicals think trump was sent by god and that is a meaningful expression of him?If he is an expression of god, well heaven (otherwise known as the place in the sky) help us.

    The closest one could come to this phrase that is logical, is that we are each an expression of the matter and energy in the universe.

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  2. It seems like a rather meaningless expression. If each of us are an expression of God, then what does that say about the God expressed by the most evil and vile representatives of humanity?

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  3. Well CLEARLY as the day is long and the night is dark… IBTD1 (inspiredbythedivine1) or Jeff is the living, breathing example of God’s expressions Nan! 😇🤩 I knew that the minute I first met him! LOL

    And btw, CLEARLY God is male with masculine qualities ya know. 😉 😛

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  4. What has always puzzled me is the concept that we are made in god’s image…blithely ignoring the fact that there are all those other folks out there who are NOT whitebread. Some of the Indian gods, especially the ones with entirely too many arms and Scary Faces, have little to do with our white man god…

    So, basically, which god? Which image? And male?? How convenient.

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    • In this case, I don’t think this person is referencing our physical appearance as much as our “spirit” — what makes us “tick.”

      Since Christians are certain we are God’s creation, we must, by default, be “an expression of him.” But to me, there’s a bit of a problem with that when you consider some of “God’s” actions as described in the stories about “him.” They sound much more like human-instilled actions to me.

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  5. I AM God. to prove it, right now, at this minute, I’m holding thousands of airplanes in the sky with the power of my will alone. I’m also moving the universe into the future with my mental powers one second at a time. 😀 AND I’m running for Senate in 2020! Vote IBTD1 in 2020.

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  6. Hello Nan. As you say we are all star stuff. I like the idea that we ( all life ) is the universe trying to figure itself out. I would rather say I am created in the image of the universe than any mob boss warlord vengeful narcissistic child harming asshole created by humans with the same harmful desires. Hugs

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    • Not sure that I agree with it’s “the universe trying to figure itself out.” Or being “created in the image of the universe.” Sounds too much like you’re seeing “the universe” as an entity. Maybe that’s not what you meant, but …

      To me, “We are all star stuff” means we are part of the universe … every single atom and molecule that is a part of “us” is also what makes up the universe.

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      • I can see where what I wrote could be taken wrongly. I simply meant that we are part of the universe and so are part of whatever it is. I did not mean created in a designed way. I also did not mean to ascribe any supernatural deity to the universe. I do not believe the universe is sentient nor an entity. I do think there are things we do not know about the universe that will be exciting to find out such as what is dark energy and dark matter. I know people who think there are forces ( energies ) such as good and evil that run through the universe like rivers. I can agree there maybe rivers of energy in the universe but I can not see them having properties of good and evil, that is too much a moral judgement. IMO. Hugs

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    • Ah, Scottie, your background picture is amazingly right on. The problems come as you try to bring that picture into closer focus. Then you start seeing that what looks the same is actually different according to many things, such as birthplace, upbringing, social norms, school learning, etc. ad infinitum. Add to that speciesism, racism, classism, casteism, etc. still infinitum.
      Life is simple, but we make it as complicated as possible. Because we can…

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    • I would rather say I am created in the image of the universe than any mob boss warlord vengeful narcissistic child harming asshole created by humans with the same harmful desires.

      I am so stealing that! 🙂

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  7. And in all seriousness Nan — apologies if I was being too silly 😉 — I liken Walt Whitman’s take on us from Song of Myself

    I CELEBRATE myself, and sing myself,
    And what I assume you shall assume,
    For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

    I loafe and invite my soul,
    I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass.

    My tongue, every atom of my blood, form’d from this soil,
    this air,
    Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and
    their parents the same,
    I, now thirty-seven years old in perfect health begin,
    Hoping to cease not till death.


    The past and present wilt — I have fill’d them, emptied them,
    And proceed to fill my next fold of the future.

    Listener up there! what have you to confide to me?
    Look in my face while I snuff the sidle of evening,
    (Talk honestly, no one else hears you, and I stay only a
    minute longer.)

    Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself,
    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)

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  8. I am an expression of life, which I know exists, not an expression of god, which I know does not exist. Others can call me whatever they like, that cannot change one hair on my head. I do sometimes get caught up in such discussions, I am not perfect. But in the end, I am me, for better or for worse. I would have it no other way.

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  9. “Dear children of Abraham, or those who would emulate the faith of Abraham, I’m not saying there wasn’t a creator. I just can’t believe a mind that could or would make this universe would share exactly the same insecurities, the same need for respect and recognition, the same demand for loyalty, submission, and obedience, and the same murderous rage as the worst of human kings and your average alpha male chimpanzee. What are you worshiping?!”

    ~ Phil Helenese (“Through These Godless Eyes” YT video)

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  10. There is One True God. And yes made in His image. We are. ❤️🙏🙌🥰Genesis 1:27. As a mom and grandma I’ve beheld my children and grand being born and birth screams of Creator God. I’m thankful & blessed and count it an honor to have His handprint on my life!!! You ask me how I know He lives? He lives…within…my heart. ❤️ May you all come to know even as you are known!!


  11. Something that never crossed my mind when I was a believer (at least not until the end) was the veracity of the Bible. It was just a given. Was it true? Of course it was. I was told it was by people I trusted the most. I took my information from that sacred book and just assumed that because I was told it was true…it was true. So you can make statements like “we are each of us an expression of God” and it can certainly ring true to you if you are already under the assumption that the Bible is true. If you take the time to research the history of the Bible, you’d soon find out that all you once believed in has been fabricated and pieced together from earlier myths and legends. It has been changed, changed and changed some more.

    When people say things like “we are created in his image” or “we are God’s reflection here on earth”, what they are saying is that they bought the lies. They accepted a story based on someone else’s stories. Stories that cannot be verified or are easily debunked need to be dismissed, not revered. But religion is still going strong, isn’t it? If you don’t check your sources or verify the stories, you are either too afraid of what you’ll find or deep down you already know and are comfortable living in your synthetic world. Like I said in my post “Too Many Chefs In The Kitchen”, people love to pick and choose what parts of religion they like and ignore the rest while adding their own ingredients to the mix. Religion (especially Christianity) cannot stand on its own merits so we tend to add, omit and change until we have exactly what we want. What we see as “an expression of God” is nothing more than what we have created for ourselves that makes us feel good and gets us through each day with a smile on our faces.

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