Time for Some Fun!

As we all know, tRumpsky puts his name on all his edifices. So IF he finally gets “his wall,” there’s little doubt he’ll want a plaque (engraved in gold, no doubt) placed in a highly visible location that will, obviously, be called the:


Now let’s get crazy and come up with some phrases he could use for a sub-title. For example:

  • A monument to honor a Really Smart Person
  • Honoring a Great Moral Leader
  • Dedicated to a man with Great Instincts

The floor is open. Share your ideas!

21 thoughts on “Time for Some Fun!

  1. I seen a cartoon where they took tRump to the border and told him the wall was there, a stealth wall which was invisible and it was electrafied so he couldn’t touch it. They said it was a monument to him that would last for a hundred of years. He loved it. If only that would work. He kept repeating the stealth fighter was really invisible and you couldn’t see it. Makes me wonder how he thought they stored them? Hugs

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  2. Trying to think of something worthwhile…This line in the sand, built by Mexican hands using American workers paid by US taxpayers against their will. Let this wall be a lesson… vote wisely.

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  3. “Mexico will pay for it…..someday”

    “It’s bigger than the Chinese one”

    “Don’t miss the ‘Wall-Mart’ gift shop 874 miles to your left”

    “Mister Gorbachev…..oh, never mind”

    “individuwall One”

    Granted the last two are more likely to be bestowed by wags in the media or blogosphere, but Trump might be too dim to object.

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  4. Oh! Oh! I’ve got it! Since tRumpsky is so fond of “peaches” (see his tweet about naming the wall), would not a great name be …

    Here stands the emblem that finally led to Trump’s Im-peach-ment.


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