15 thoughts on “An “Active” Look at Climate Change

    • Yes, I noticed the other article 😛 — and I did read it. One of the things it points out is that simply eliminating meat in a person’s diet probably won’t work in the big picture — it’s likely going to take other measures to accomplish the end result.

      You’re welcome for the link on your site. Did you notice this part in the article? This means biting your tongue when tempted to educate (ahem, lecture) friends or family about their eating habits.

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  1. Yes that is a good link Nan, I have been keeping my eye on these things and I cannot condemn this Aussie government enough. These idiots have their head in the sand and do not give a toss about the future. They are not going to be around when life becomes unsustainable on Earth.

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  2. I admit I went over the post a bunch of times. While I was glad of all the information gathered in one graphic after another, I admit I lost track of what and where we started. My bad. Yes climate change is terrible real and we have to reverse it as best we can. Hugs

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    • One of the things that stood out to me is the number of catastrophes all over the world. We tend to consider only how our immediate surroundings are affected … and overlook/ignore what is happening elsewhere.

      IOW, this is a GLOBAL concern.

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