Bah! Humbug!

WARNING: This post may be offensive to some as it presents a rather negative view of Christmas. Read it at your own risk.

I guess I’ve gotten cranky (crankier?) in my old age, but I find little joy in Christmas anymore. The commercialization is probably the biggest negative, but it’s just the whole event. Perhaps if it wasn’t considered such a “religious” holiday, I might be a little less Scroogy … but there are still things about this holiday that leave me with several negative feelings.

One thing I really dislike is the (over) spending parents do to ensure “Santa Claus” brings lots of toys and goodies to their kids. In many families, the children’s bedrooms are already ceiling-high with games, dolls, toy trucks, etc., but simply because ’tis the season, several more get added (most of which are ignored within a matter of days).

And along these same lines, I think the money various people/organizations collect to provide “toys for tots” could be far better spent on homeless individuals, many of whom can barely stay warm during this time of the year, let alone enjoy any kind of “holiday” meal. (And beyond that … these same people need to eat and stay warm during the entire winter, not just during the “Holiday Season.”)

While I do enjoy the decorated neighborhood homes, I question how many over-spend to ensure their home has the most lawn decorations and/or the brightest and most colorful lights. In some neighborhoods the competition is so great it creates animosity among friends!

And I can’t forget to mention the “Nativity” programs presented to adoring parents. In many (most?) instances,Β the children have no clue what the play is about, but they dutifully put on appropriate costumes and learn their lines to “celebrate” the birth of Christ. (Just one more instance of the indoctrination that Christian parents so adamantly deny.)

I have no doubt many of you reading this are also thinking … “And those awful piped-in Christmas carols!” While music can be a pleasant addition to shopping, “seasonal” lyrics leave a lot to be desired for many atheists and non-believers.

Of course no complaint is complete without pointing out the numerous individuals who go deeper into credit card debt in their efforts to buy (over) expensive gifts for the husband/wife and/or other family members … simply because it’s “the holiday.”

And finally, how can one overlook the core reason many/most people even celebrate December 25th? ***It’s the birth date of their Savior!*** Or is it? Many biblical historians believe this designated day is erroneous and that Jesus was actually born in the spring. Nevertheless, the die has been cast and dutiful Christians head for their local parishes and churches to present their gifts of faith. (I can’t help but wonder how many Protestants are aware they are actually celebrating “Christ’s Mass”, a practice originating in the Catholic Church.)

O.K. Before I bring my tirade to a close, I should mention there are some things I enjoy about the season … See’s Candies, Tom and Jerry drinks, pie (apple, pumpkin, mincemeat, pecan … take your pick), yummy frosted cookies, and, oh yes! An opportunity to be with friends and family to enjoy a traditional ham (preferably) dinner.

Oh! And one more thing! It’s only seven days until we get to drink too much champagne (and/or other drinks) on New Year’s Eve! Wheeee!

55 thoughts on “Bah! Humbug!

  1. I’m with you. It’s supposed to be fun, but all the shopping and cooking just leaves me exhausted. I usually can’t wait for it to be over. I have an additional gripe about christmas music. I’m in a community chorus, and most of the year we’re singing interesting music, often something challenging that I haven’t heard before. And then christmas rolls around, and we are singing the SAME OLD CAROLS that I am so sick of. Every time I see our program, I’m usually thinking “oh, no, not this again.” If we could just do something new, or something obscure that people haven’t heard a million times before. Nope, we have to drag out the same stuff AGAIN. Singing this stuff is the price I pay for the good stuff the rest of the year. Bleh.

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  2. Agree totally, Nan.
    Love a Honey Baked Ham and if you like eggnog, get a bottle of Evan Williams eggnog at the liquor store. It is awesome!

    And the only “war on Christmas” is generated by the Christians, themselves, in their arrogance to allow other religions and beliefs or lack of, to feel included in this holiday that is in most ways about food, family, love and sharing.

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  3. Yes, very good post and true, one good thing where I live it is usually just a good excuse to party, plant lights all over your property, eat good food excessively, be nicer than normal to strangers and try extra hard to get on with the family. I currently know of only one person who may go to church and she was indoctrinated from birth in the Pacific Islands where they simply cannot escape the Christian God.

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  4. I readily confess that I still enjoy the Christmas holidays: the lights and decorations, the dinners, most of the carols, some of the hymns — even {gasp} Boney M’s “Mary’s Boy Child.” (Ok, that’s probably TMI)

    As to overspending, we resolved that problem by having everyone draw one name from a hat and abiding to a preset spending limit.

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  5. Now please bear with me a minute Nan while I play the Scroogy antagonist. Perhaps this carol — my all-time favorite — composed by the Frenchman Adolphe Adam (1847), sung by one of America’s greatest baritone voices and pseudo-tenor will bring some merriment to your holidays, yes? πŸ˜‰ ❀ The crescendo up to the highest note at the 4-min mark gives me goose bumps every time. Woah!

    (he steps to the podium, taps his conductors wand on the sheet-music stand and raises his arms and…)

    Now, do you feel better? 🀩

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  6. Years ago my husband and I decided to stop wearing outselves out trying to find presents for each other. As I said, and he agreed, we are two independent thinkers, we want what we want, and we know where to buy it.

    I stopped sending christmas cards when I realized that the cards I got back were the “oh damn she sent ME one…” kind.

    I talked this over with my mother (there was a mistake) and suggested that since she had everything she needed and I had no idea how many more wooly nighties she could tolerate, how about just a nice dinner at our house and a visit? She agreed, all too readily. Now she could tell all her friends that i no longer gave her anything for Christmas. Thanks, ma.

    My mother in law agreed as well, as she said, I don’t have the room for anything else anyway. I made dinner, they came, they gnoshed, they left.

    The tree went next. I didn’t have the room or the energy for a tree that no one saw but us. Last year the candles in the windows (all 27 of them) stopped.

    We now visit relatives and eat THEIR food.

    The sad thing is, I LOVED shopping for presents, wrapping them, sending cards, Midnight Mass, the tree. All of it. But I don’t miss it.

    footnote: I used to be appalled when I would go to older friends’ houses and they hadn’t decorated. Now I understand why.

    And never go near Hobby Lobby during the Xmas season. They just about drown you in hands-folded music (“Santa Baby” just don’t make it there, nope) and religious icon-y stuff…brrrr.

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    • Perhaps it comes with “maturity,” but for many of us I think the Christmas holiday simply becomes too much work. And for what?

      My other-half insisted (over my adamant objections) on putting up lights around the eaves of the house. He also bought one of those spiral trees with colored lights. And he wants to do more! I admit it looks nice and shiny and bright, but I can’t get past the reason behind it all. Yes. A Scrooge I have become.

      (Thank Thor! No Hobby Lobby in my neck of the woods!)


      • If it helps, the real reason for the tree is it’s a pagan symbol that Christianity adopted, along with a host of other stuff. So having a tree is basically a thumb in the eye to Christmas devotees. Many religions (including Jehovah’s Witnesses) don’t celebrate Xmas at all.

        My husband’s great grandmother, a devout 7th day Advent, refused to have a tree for Christmas. Many early Puritans and Pilgrims eschewed them as well, as being just that, pagan symbols.

        There now, don’t you feel better.

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  7. We don’t do anything much for Christmas, except try to stay away from all of the stores.

    We still send gifts to grandchildren, but not to their parents who should have outgrown that kind of thing.

    Yes, some of my neighbors enjoy putting up elaborate decorations. I enjoy not putting up any decorations at all. To each, his own.

    Christmas carols are fine — or they would be fine if they were not overdone. But these days they are so overdone that I am already tired of them well before Christmas.

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  8. I agree with you Nan. As much as I like the spectacle of lights, I can’t help but notice how the “better” neighborhoods have so many lights because they can afford to. But the cost on their electric bill can’t be cheap, especially with so many dark hours this time of year. I began to think of all the countries that don’t have the luxury of even depending on electricity all hours of the day, and here people are just burning it away. It just seems that a more modest celebration can still be as wonderful children. We keep Christmas presents modest as well and have focused on making donations to charity as our “present” to each other. Even my oldest who is almost 5 has got into the spirit this year and wants to give some money for endangered animals. Now I think he was slightly swayed by the free stuffed animal he gets for the donation, but still he was genuinely concerned about animals going extinct.

    The one thing that I noticed my nearly 5 year old wants more than anything for Christmas is for his mommy and daddy to be home to play with him. To me that is what Christmas should really be about. Togetherness.

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    • the light show that so many people like to put on, replete with over-the-top music booming across the neighborhood is basically an ego trip. Anyone who lives within hearing is probably digging out the earplugs and the blackout curtains right now, against that comes next.

      I noticed that some neighborhoods are now fighting back with city ordinances and cops. A nice set of twinkly candles on the outside tree would work just as well…. (I feel sorry for people prone to seizures, living next to dudes like this)

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  9. I recently read a top 10 reasons for disliking Christmas by a believer. I unfortunately cannot remember what blog it was, some guy named Sandovil, or something like that. His list was actually more complete than yours. I think you would enjoy it if you can find it. I cannot.


    • I did a little research and there’s a blog called Elephant Journal written by a Saraswati J. with a post about the 10 reasons for hating Christmas … by The Grinch. Could that be it?

      I did look at some other blogs on the same topic … and I thought mine was just as good as any of theirs. πŸ˜›


      • Yours was good by most standards, Nan. But no, The Grinch was not the post I read. Maybe it was taken down, I don’t know, but I cannot find it again. It was quite revealing, for having been written by one of the faith. He challenged a number of accepted norms. It was one of those blog posts advertised by Word Press at the end of someone else’s post, the ones that are similar or have certain key words in them. I should have paid more attention to where it was.


  10. I am with you 100%! The expectation to over-extend, not only financially, but in terms of time and energy. Someone asked me the other day what I would like for Christmas and my reply was “For it to be over”. I try to be cheery for the sake of the family, but in truth, this year especially, with all that is going on in the world, I feel little or no joy. Nonetheless, Happy Holiday, my friend!

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  11. It’s been strangled by the pressure to spend money. Just like every other holiday — whatever each holiday was supposed to mean is drowned out by the blare of the mall sales pressuring you to do the event properly by buying something. Every day since Thanksgiving my e-mail has been flooded with DEALS! DEALS! DEALS! — all deleted unread. Christmas is just the worst, with the Christmas carols (always crappy versions of them) in every store, the traffic even more impossible than usual, and everybody being stressed out and grouchy because of the pressure.

    Oh, and nothing about Christmas is of Christian origin. It’s an amalgamation of Persian, Roman, and other pagan practices and concepts on which the Christians just slapped the label of their own god’s name. And now the malls and advertisers are stealing it from the Christians in turn.

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    • Do I detect a bit of angry frustration? πŸ˜‰ Seriously, I agree with you 100%! Even -IF- there were true religious significance to the holiday, it’s been buried under piles and piles of commercialism.

      Your linked post spells it out perfectly. But will any True Christianβ„’ take note? HA! Dream on, my friend.

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  12. Well, as a god-less, horrible atheist who’s violent for no reason and eats babies for breakfast, I LOVE Christmas. I love it because of the war on it it allows me to partake in. Oh, the bloodshed and horror we atheists unleash each year at Christmas time never fails to bring a warm small to my face and a warm glow to my heart. Why, just yesterday, I heard someone say, “Merry Christmas” to a group of toddlers and I ran up to them and belched loudly. Then I shouted, “Take that, you nasty Christian you! This is WAR! And you’d better prepare for MORE belches as the season goes on! Hahahahahahaha!!!” Yeah, that was fun. Our heathen war on Christmas has been quite successful, has it not? I mean almost NO ONE says Merry Christmas anymore for fear of having an atheist belch on them, right? Well, today I’m going to seek out one of the very few remaining nativity scenes in my area and fart on the people looking at it. This is WAR, by Thor, and it’s time to bring out the BIG guns to help us heathen bastards win it! $Amen$ (Oh, and Merry Christmas, BTW, in case I forget to say it later.)

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  13. I work in the beers, wines and spirits department of a supermarket, by the time the ‘big day’ is here I’m a broken man almost in tears. The excess people go to is mind boggling. Every year Mrs H says lighten up and get in the spirit or I’m leaving. It’s hell on earth. Luckily we don’t have piped music!

    For my choice of a perfect festive song check out Blink 182 ‘I Won’t Be Home For Christmas’


  14. YES! You are truly fortunate that there is no piped-in music!!!

    As for the imbibing, well … some do it, some don’t. Those that do, will. Those that don’t, won’t.

    (Wasn’t that inspiring??? It should help relieve your angst until the holiday. Without a doubt.)

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