Eating Ourselves to Extinction

Following are excerpts from a disturbing article in The Guardian:

Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970, leading the world’s foremost experts to warn that the annihilation of wildlife is now an emergency that threatens civilisation.

… the vast and growing consumption of food and resources by the global population is destroying the web of life, billions of years in the making, upon which human society ultimately depends for clean air, water and everything else.

Many scientists believe the world has begun a sixth mass extinction, the first to be caused by a species – Homo sapiens.


Also  … while many of us know the migrant caravan from So. America is due to violence, killings, and organized crime within those countries, another article in The Guardian points out it also has to do with climate change. According to Robert Albro, a researcher at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University: “The main reason people are moving is because they don’t have anything to eat.”


Sobering thoughts.  Yet those who could do something to alter our course … choose to do nothing.


When Time Goes Back …

Where does it go? 🤔😄

As many of you know, Daylight Savings Time is about to end (12:00 am on November 4th) and be replaced with Standard Time.

Just for fun, I thought I’d ask readers and followers how you feel about this. Are you in favor of the switch … or not?

Would you prefer we stay on Standard Time year-round? Or do you enjoy the extended daylight hours for fun and games?

The Rich, The White

The following opinion piece by David Brooks of the New York Times was in our local newspaper. I felt it was worth sharing and opening the floor for comments.

The Rich White Civil War

His piece is based on a report by Hidden Tribes (which he references), but I think you’ll find the following offers even more comprehensive information.

I trust my politically-minded followers will find all of this a worthy read.

Message to Trump Supporters

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First off, I’m going to assume you are an intelligent and well-read individual. I admit there are times this assumption goes awry as I read about your support for some of Trump’s actions, but that’s neither here nor there.

What concerns me are things like the obvious …

Trump came into the office of POTUS as a millionaire. Although it’s debatable how many millions, there’s little doubt he has a few bucks to his name. Many of you who went to the voting booths in November 2016 felt this made him a prime candidate for the office, believing he had “proven himself” as a successful businessman and would, therefore, have the “smarts” to run this country.

However, what you failed to realize is that most millionaires care little about the folks who are striving to pay the water and electricity bills and put food on the table. Their primary goal is to make MORE millions (along with helping their millionaire friends to do the same) … and they will do just about anything to accomplish this, legal or otherwise. (They long ago learned how to use the “otherwise” to their advantage.) Simply because Trump, as one of those millionaires, sits in the Oval Office does not change his outlook on accumulating wealth. He simply has to be a bit more discreet in his actions.

(Sidenote: Can anyone validate that he has kept his promise to give his salary to charitable causes?)

Further, many wealth-holders believe they are “above” people like you who are struggling to make ends meet. They tend to believe their bank accounts give them the privilege to do and say things that are often offensive, distasteful, derogatory, even abusive to and about people they don’t like. Trump has this particular trait honed to perfection. And what is sad is that you, as a supporter, tend to be swept up by this distasteful behavior and even join him as he castigates those he believes have spoken or acted against him — whether valid or not.

Being charged with an offense of any kind is unsettling to all of us, but it is especially unsettling when we know we are innocent. At first, we naturally object (sometimes vociferously), but eventually we recognize the end result will be to our favor so we allow events to play out. However, if we are guilty, we seem to feel the need to repeatedly “tell the world” we have done nothing wrong. It’s as though the proclamation of our self-imposed innocence will alter the end result. Your leader, Donald Trump, may or may not be guilty of working with the Russians to influence the 2016 election, but based on the preceding, one would think he would simply let things play out since he would know in his heart he is truly innocent. Yet it is more than obvious this is not what has taken place.

There are leaders of other countries that do not like the United States. While they may figuratively smile and nod at our Leader and/or his representatives, behind the scenes they are doing whatever is required to “take us down.” Yet your elected President seems oblivious to this and instead, praises and supports these adversaries and frequently takes their word against those within the administration who have served this country for far more years than he has and have considerably more in-depth knowledge. Do you honestly feel Donald Trump, with no more experience than building the “Trump Empire,” truly knows his opponents as well as he would like you to think?

Donald Trump once criticized his predecessor for playing too much golf. Are you aware of the number of weekends your chosen leader has spent on the golf course? Are you at all concerned with the COST of these leisurely trips? More importantly, do you recognize it is YOU that is footing the bill?

Obviously you were caught up in Trump’s campaign slogan and truly believed he would “Make America Great Again.” You do realize, don’t you, that YOU are part of the America he talked about. So the question becomes: Can you honestly say your life has improved over the last two years?

Donald Trump’s past is crammed full of unsavory deals and immoral actions, which causes me ask — what makes you think he’s changed? Perhaps his dalliances with other females has slowed down due to his age, but how do you know what is going on “behind the scenes” through his outside business dealings? He may say things are being run by his sons, but do you truly think he isn’t benefiting from their actions and decisions? And can you honestly believe he doesn’t know some of his current actions will bring a return when he leaves office?

I admit I have had trouble seeing Donald Trump as a man who truly cares about this country. For me, his actions have shown time and again that he is more concerned about himself than he is in AMERICA. Yes, most of my opinions of him are influenced by the news reports I tend to read. However, this does not mean I have ignored the sources that support the actions of this president, albeit it is difficult to accept their viewpoint when I can read the “tweets” of Trump himself that often contradict what they say.


I am hereby inviting any Trump supporter to offer your opposing viewpoint. If you can state the reasons why you feel this man has this country’s welfare above and beyond his own personal agenda, I sincerely would like to hear from you.

However, let me be clear — I will delete any “rebuttal” comments that are derogatory and/or insulting.

The Book

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A book is nothing more than an object consisting of pages glued to a cover with a title. Yet within these pages, we often find stories involving mystery, fantasy, suspense, romance, science fiction, etc. We can also learn things from books, such as how to build a computer, how to lose weight, where to go for vacation, what to fix for dinner, even how to stay safe during an earthquake.

But there is ONE book that, for rather curious reasons, tends to stand out from the crowd. It is a very old book; in fact, it was written over two thousand years ago.

It is a somewhat intriguing book in that while it includes stories of torture, murder, baby-killing, slavery and other distasteful activities, it also includes what some consider a “love story” (although one might be hard-pressed to identify the reasons behind this notion).

The book I’m referring to is called the “Holy Bible.”

To many, this book contains “special” words provided by a supernatural and invisible being who whispered in the ears of select individuals many thousands of years ago. Since writing had not yet been invented, these unique individuals verbally shared what they heard, which meant that each person who received this “special” information passed it on to the next person by word of mouth, who would then pass it on to the next person, who would then pass it on to another person, who … well, you get the idea.

Eventually, after several hundred years, certain individuals learned to write and the oft-repeated stories were recorded on scrolls made from papyrus (a plant-based paper). As these scrolls were passed around from person to person, it was inevitable they would become worn out and need to be “re-copied,” which undeniably resulted in copying errors.

Further, as the years passed and the world expanded, new and different languages were introduced so dedicated individuals began translating the words into their native language. What is puzzling is that thousands of people in the modern world are convinced the contents of the “Holy Bible” they hold in their hands is totally true to the original versions produced so many thousands of years ago.

They are further convinced its contents justify/prove/validate their perspective on life and how they should treat their fellow human beings (even though, as mentioned previously, there are numerous stories that support and/or endorse rape, murder, torture, etc.).

Moreover, they use words from this centuries old book to deny many scientific discoveries and instead cling to beliefs related to creation, the shape of the earth, the age of the earth, the birth of humankind, etc.

From the perspective of many, such dedication and commitment to the contents of a book written in an entirely different day and age by individuals who had absolutely no concept of today’s world and its many and varied innovations … is simply incomprehensible.

I think the following comment by someone on another blog sums it up quite well:

I would imagine that any book that was indeed the inspired word of the supreme being of the entirety of everything (aka GOD) would be the first and last book anyone ever needed. In other words, there should be ONE and only ONE book at the Christian bookstore. Further, the author of such a book (aka GOD) being so awesome, would not need the help of mere mortals to get his (everyone knows that GOD is man, right?) point across. 

Yet, as we all know, this is not the case. Do you ever wonder why?