I’m Getting So Tired Of …

  • Incessant yapping of the neighbor’s dogs!!
  • People who don’t understand or want to understand the motive behind Kaepernick’s actions
  • Christians who verbally assault and assail non-believers on blogs (and elsewhere)
  • Trump’s ongoing, over-the-top lying and blustering
  • Trump’s criticism of everyone who doesn’t agree with him
  • People who deny climate change
  • The incessant commercials related to healthcare and drugs on TV
  • The ridiculous “See your doctor if …” comment on TV drug ads
  • TV movies that go nowhere
  • Individuals in law enforcement who use black people for target practice (and then cite “fear” as their motive)
  • Immigrant children being separated from their parents
  • So-called “white supremacy”
  • The arguments against abortion
  • The NRA and people who think guns are a necessity of life
  • Mass shootings/killings
  • Individuals in congress who will do/say anything to ensure future votes
  • The lack of care and concern for homeless people
  • The healthcare war on the poor

This isn’t all … but I would hate for anyone to say I’m a complainer. 🤣😈😇

What are you tired of?


31 thoughts on “I’m Getting So Tired Of …

  1. Idiots who say things that make no sense:

    “A kid on a playground throws a rock at another kid on the playground. The teachers gives rocks to all fo the kids since, after all, only a good kid with a rock can stop a bad kid with a rock.”

    The NRA is taking the strategy of mutually assured destruction (MAD) and applying it to small firearms. There is just one teensy, tiny flaw in their logic.

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  2. I’m tired of not being able to trust government officials to have the best interests of the country as their priority. Or to even have a consistent position on anything.

    I’m tired of the constant barrage of political news. I’ve walked out of restaurants because they had a TV blaring Twitler’s latest nonsense on CNN, or worse, Fox news.

    I’m tired of the view out my office window being the NRA headquarters building.

    I’m tired of being angry all the time. I can only protest so much. I have outrage fatigue. And then I’m infuriated by the fact that Twitler’s crew are probably counting on that very thing to keep them in power.

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          • I had a deranged man honking at me in noon-hour traffic (three full lanes, each way, and ten stoplights) to “get out of the way”. Excuse me? What really scared me was when he had the chance to pass me he stayed right back there, middle fingers waving, tooting and gesturing. At that point you realize he has gone over the edge and is very near to breaking. yikes.

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            • I understand. Here in Florida where I live we have had people shot at red lights when someone behind a few cars have freaked out over the traffic or something and got out of their car and just walked up to cars shooting into them. You just never know. ON the other hand I do have one good story of blocking traffic. Years ago I was driving through a town with my big truck. A kid was trying to cross the road but no one would stop for him. I stop and of course that stopped traffic on my side, but on coming traffic wouldn’t stop or give for him. So I drove sideways putting my big dually across both lanes. The kid started clapping and crossed the road safety. Yup maybe people were mad at me, but no one got out to say anything as I moved on. Hugs

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  3. I’m tired of Trump supporters themselves. They make me wanna make fart sounds at them; then stick my tongue out at them and say, “Get outta here, you dang-blasted idjits! Go to Russia. Take a long, 78 year, cruise away from me. Look in the mirror and finally realize what an idjit you are for supporting Trump. Do anything as long as it’s away from America and me!” AAAAAHHH!!! They bother me! Great post, BTW.

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  4. I agree with your list plus:

    I am tired of having to defend my marriage and civil rights to Christians who think I am going to cause their god to destroy the country. They seem to forget other countries have had same sex marriage and civil rights for LGBTQ for over 20 years and now their god is only going to destroy this country because our country is late to the party? I am tired of people who can only see LGBTQ people through a haze of imagined sexual acts they think a lot about and have to loudly claim are icky so we need to make them go away and illegal. I am tired of trying to make religious people see I do not need to live my life by 2000 year old rules and moralities, and that we can do better today with what we know and understand. I am tired of worrying that if we lose our healthcare my husband and I are far up shits creek with no paddle and a sinking row boat. I am worried I will get so tired of my own struggles I will not see or have empathy for those others who also struggle. Hugs

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  5. Im really tired of stupid people!

    I’m mostly tired of religious nuts and trump supporters. They go together.
    I’m tired of idiots who don’t believe in climate change, evolution, geology, biology …oh is that religion again?
    I’m tired of flat earthers. How could anybody be that stupid!
    I’m tired of parents who do absolutely no discipline of their children.
    I’m tired of discourteous drivers and people who text and drive.
    I’m tired of racism and the complete hatred and idiocy of these kind of people.
    I’m tired of people being apathetic about politics and current events because they are too lazy to try to stay somewhat informed, so they become easily manipulated.
    I’m tired of most politicians being out for only themselves.
    I’m tired of people having children and having pets, when they have no business having either, due to incompetency.
    I’m tired of the hypocrisy of religion, especially the Abrahamic ones.
    I’m tired of people feeling entitled to everything

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    • Mary you had me at stupid people. I love all of your list, but I have to tell you about my experiences with the one about discourteous drivers. About 6 weeks ago I was on my way home, in the last mile or two until I was at my small side street. It was mid morning. I was behind a car that was doing under the speed limit and as it was a two lane one way road people were pulling out and zooming past in a angry aggressive manner. I was about to do so also thinking this person is an asshole, when at another side street the car hit the brakes and turned not the street. I noticed then what I couldn’t see before. On the side of the car was the emblem for home healthcare. This was a home healthcare provider who was looking for a street and address to help someone in need. Cooled my irritation instantly and I was glad I did not try to go around or intimidate the driver as others had done. We all make dumb moves while driving we get upset when others do. We all miss a sign or turn and have to figure out how to get back. We all end up in an unknown merge lane and hope someone will be kind enough to let us merge into traffic. I hope I have the grace to forgive others the mistakes I know I make while I drive. Great list. Hugs

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      • Ah, yes. This is so common in so many different areas. When I’m doing something apparently stupid it’s because of a specific reason. I’m driving slowly in the left lane because I’m looking for an address, or I’m about to turn left, or I’m trying to speed up but my car doesn’t have very much acceleration up a hill with the AC on, or whatever. But that other guy, he’s driving slowly in the left lane because he’s an idiot. We judge ourselves based on external factors, we judge other people based on the kind of person we think they are. (This even has a name, the “Fundamental Attribution Error”)

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        • And there is the person who, unintentionally, causes incredible problems for everyone else. On a long trip home from Barrington Vermont after a craft show, the road began to fill up with traffic, and I finally realized why: the poor fella ahead of me could only travel about 40 MPH because of the caravan he was towing behind him.
          On that particular stretch of road, which goes ALL the way through to NH, there is a steep mountainside on the left, and a fairly energetic river on the right. No breakdown lanes, no turnouts, no passing zones, and deeply curved, all the way.

          what could have been an hour drive turned into two hours and change, and I have the feeling the poor guy leading the parade was no happier about it than we were. We got it. No one tooted, no one revved their motor. This was Vermont, deal with it.

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    • I think the flat earthers are a little light relief in the age of scientific know-how whoops I nearly slipped and said know-all, idiocy has its attractive qualities and I often suspect myself when I receive an admiring glance.

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  6. Agree with most of your list, although since I don’t have a TV it’s hard for me to judge the TV ones. I’d add:

    – In politics, the oh-so-cynical (but actually naïve — those things often go together) types who insist on being equally disdainful of both political parties, no matter how hard they have to work to avoid noticing how much worse the Republicans are for the issues they themselves claim to value.

    – The heat during the summer.

    – People who insist on declaring how wonderful the heat during the summer is.

    – People who play audible music in apartment buildings. Look, my hearing isn’t that great and so I like music pretty loud — so I use headphones, always. Because I respect the neighbors’ right to peace and quiet.

    – The attitude that everything true should be simple.

    – Driving.

    – Stupidity.

    – People who are more interested in holding others back than advancing themselves.

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  7. I know we all do some of these things…we’re human. I’m talking about more when someone is consistently doing some of these things. For sure, I get impatient driving…I try to check myself.

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  8. The online snake oil click bait sellers of pills, potions, and books that will cure anything and everything–but only at a cost, and only if you spend ten or more excruciating minutes reading huge typefaces and waiting for the next sliiiiide…

    Over packaged packages: my husband bought a hardened steel all-in-one nail/tack puller/prybar, it came in a shoebox sized container with bubble wrap. Er. bubble wrap? Why?

    Easy open bottles that aren’t, and won’t.

    Doctors who look at a female patient and dismiss her ‘complaints’ in such a way that she never mentions it again. I was dismissed as hyperventilating when I asked a doctor about a breathing problem I had. Found out later it was a minor heart defect. Thanks, Doc.

    Donald Trump. I cannot even look at the man.

    People who cannot and will not control their kids in public. I understand that kids tend to go ballistic at times, but to ignore them in the toy aisle, or in a restaurant…

    Food Police. You are at a friend’s house for dinner. She hands you the sauerkraut, and you pass it along. “no, thank you, I say, kraut is not my thing…” “oh for heaven’s sake, it’s GOOD for you!” and she plops a hearty spoonful on your plate. And later shames you for wasting good food…

    Road rage.

    People who say, “what you REALLY need is…” when what you REALLY want is what you just asked for.

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  9. Scottie: As an example of what the opposite of this topic would be – i.e …I’m NOT gettting tired of…, your anecdote is amusing! You might have been driving the giant truck that one day arrived at a crossing at the same moment as our Citroën 2CV. The second reason for my applying the brakes was that I came from the left. But the other driver stopped short, bowed out of his window, up there, and cheerfully yelled “Ladies and Babies, first!”.

    I cannot avoid remembering some technical features of that splendid vehicle. Its windshield wiper was connected to the wheels, so it only functioned when the car was moving, Also, the amount of gas available could only be estimated measuring the wet part of a leather strip that was attached to the cap. Dry=Empty, sorry! So it must have been one of the 876 units manufactured in 1949, its first year of production. In 1965, it was our first limousine…

    The 2CV was a forerunner of the front wheel drive. Decades ago, an advertising campaign rightly predicted: “One day, all cars will be frontwheel-driven”.


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