I’m Getting So Tired Of …

  • Incessant yapping of the neighbor’s dogs!!
  • People who don’t understand or want to understand the motive behind Kaepernick’s actions
  • Christians who verbally assault and assail non-believers on blogs (and elsewhere)
  • Trump’s ongoing, over-the-top lying and blustering
  • Trump’s criticism of everyone who doesn’t agree with him
  • People who deny climate change
  • The incessant commercials related to healthcare and drugs on TV
  • The ridiculous “See your doctor if …” comment on TV drug ads
  • TV movies that go nowhere
  • Individuals in law enforcement who use black people for target practice (and then cite “fear” as their motive)
  • Immigrant children being separated from their parents
  • So-called “white supremacy”
  • The arguments against abortion
  • The NRA and people who think guns are a necessity of life
  • Mass shootings/killings
  • Individuals in congress who will do/say anything to ensure future votes
  • The lack of care and concern for homeless people
  • The healthcare war on the poor

This isn’t all … but I would hate for anyone to say I’m a complainer. 🤣😈😇

What are you tired of?