More Truth Than Fiction

If Trump shot Michael Cohen in broad daylight, here’s what Republicans would say



17 thoughts on “More Truth Than Fiction

  1. Nan I have been checking the news sites. The more progressive ones are saying tRump is losing support among republicans. The conservative ones are ignoring anything negative on tRump. What do you think? Has all the information on the Manafort and Cohen cases hurt tRump? Hugs

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  2. Hahahaha!!! (although in another way I shouldn’t laugh) This is oh so true in this surreal Orwellian society we Americans find ourselves living in today. These absolutely could be very real headlines, reports, Tweets, and social-media. That’s not only scary, but incredibly sad American politics and our system-of-ungoverning have devolved into post-Citizens United vs. FEC in 2010… to name just one pivotal cause to the idiocy. 😖

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    • Same here …I’m in Fla with all the old folks. They live in the past..many are racist and religious fanatics, so he’s their man because he claims to be pro life and they don’t like the diversity change you see in Fla. they.l support him regardless

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  3. in general I agree with the saying, “you get the kind of government you deserve”, but these are special times, and there is a madman in the whitehouse. Damn he even makes Baby Bush look good.

    What amazes and saddens me, Clinton was hung out to dry for getting nailed over Monica (and oh, it does take two in circumstances like that) and he was impeached. Trump has had three wives, multiple girlfriends, he lies and then lies about the lies, I expect any day now KellyAnn to come forward and brag how she’s carrying his baby (barf) and his followers will cheer, hurrah hurrah, as he smiles that goofy Alfred E Neuman smile. the rats are leaving the ship, but not nearly fast enough.

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    • I’m truly beginning to wonder what he has over some of the people who COULD bring him to task. Is it a secret club where they all agree to keep the dirt under the covers? Is the corruption so bad that if even one person lets the cat out of the bag, the house of cards goes up in flames?

      It’s truly difficult for me to see how this one man has been able to get away with so much without even a slap on the wrist. Unless …


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