An Inside Look

A description of the individual who is currently leading the U.S. by someone who once served as his butler:

The stories you hear are true. He is a bigot big time, if he knew I was gay he would have fired me. He was terrified of getting aids from gay people and he had only a few people he would let handle his food. He was a total racist. He doesn’t see colored people as real humans.

He is all about his needs, wants and pleasures. He is very much a spoiled child who never got told no. No one was allowed to tell him he was wrong. No matter what he said, he was always correct. He is a narcissist egomaniac. He is dumb.

What is most disturbing about this description is the number of people who can’t (or refuse to) see him for what he is.  Instead, they cheer him on at his rallies as he denigrates and belittles immigrants, women, blacks, the handicapped, the press, and especially anyone who has disagreed with him.

I can’t help but ask … is this truly the type of person we want leading the United States?

The next presidential election is still a couple of years away. BUT … we can elect people in November who will stand up to Trump’s bigotry and hopefully, we’ll be able to regain some dignity and respect in the eyes of the world.


27 thoughts on “An Inside Look

  1. I think the biggest problem facing the US right now is that 30% who do recognise they were wrong, who now know Trump is a sick and digusting man, but they cannot, and will not, bring themselves to admit it. Truth isn’t Truth in this strange world of theirs.

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  2. What is most disturbing about this description is the number of people who can’t (or refuse to) see him for what he is.

    In a little bit different way 😉 that reminds me of the hyped-Followers of Jesus the Nasoraen. 🤭

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  3. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see much change in support for trump. The same group that liked him in the beginning…well most still like him.
    And they do for the very reason that they are just like him.

    He personifies their racism, their hidden desire to be a bully evidenced by their frothing at the mouth when he attacks academics, the media, scientists, people with culture, other men in power (unless it’s Putin) and people who other people have a lot of respect for.

    30% of the people can change it for all of us because they are being used and played so well and they’re too stupid to see it. Not to mention the spineless republicans who lust to be re elected and depend on his cult for this.

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    • Remember that many Trumpanzees limit their news intake to fever-swamp websites like Breitbart and parts of Reddit, and crank blogs and forwarded e-mails, not to mention the Q-Anon thing. They barely know about the developments that mainstream news is following in blow-by-blow detail. They’re still living in a fantasy word in which Trump is on a heroic crusade against the “deep state”, everything bad that’s said about him is part of a huge evil conspiracy of lies, and any minute now the real criminals, Hillary and Obama, will be brought to justice and the stupid liberals will finally see the truth. They really believe this stuff.

      Even among the non-crazy types, it’s going to take a while for the shift in perception to take effect because, whatever political junkies may think, most of the specific scandals that are the focus right now are so boring. Seriously, could any normal person stay awake through an explanation of exactly why Cohen paying off some woman Trump slept with is technically a violation of campaign finance law? I can barely stay awake through the phrase “campaign finance law”. When the emphasis shifts back to collusion with Russia and Trump’s personal involvement, people will wake up, but most of the “bombshells” we’ve been getting lately have all the drama of footnote 3c on page 167 of the instructions to form 1040.

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      • I agree….but even if the boring part influences one person away from trump, it’s worth it and it all, even the mundane, shows what a corrupt sleazy slimy mafia like group we have running the government.


      • They really believe this stuff.


        Naturally I’m personally cheered and gratified by all that’s taking place, but as several have reported, the tRumpsky crowd is still stuck on his “lock her up” and “drain the swamp” rhetoric. The have NO CLUE on what’s taking place in the real world.

        There are none so blind as those who cannot see.


  4. In one respect I must disagree. My husband, who is the gentlest of men, thinks the sun rises and sets on this jackass. He’s bright, thoughtful, careful. Not a racist in any sense of the word, and yet this (expletive deleted) person speaks to some level in him.
    After 50 years I know this guy, and his new swing to strange politics (he though baby Bush was pretty cool too) really surprised me. He has suddenly become the Republican he never was.

    I suspect he may always have had Republican blood in him, and now it’s just coming out. He also thinks Sarah Palin ‘isn’t that bad”. We don’t discuss politics.

    And it well may be that some people do finally see him for the Scary Potato Head he is, but can’t admit it even to themselves. As Taboo says, if what you see interferes with what you believe, you go with belief.

    And never forget, he didn’t win the election, he lost it. The Electoral College of Cardinals in Washington voted him in.

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    • As Taboo says, if what you see interferes with what you believe, you go with [make-believe and say “I do!”].

      Isn’t that what I said when talking about mind-numbing “love” and the institution of marriage? 🤔 “LOVE” covers all things… (whispers under breath: up) 😍

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        • Yes. I’m glad you were thinking along the same lines I was. “Love is blind” as they say. There comes a point when true love actually turns into Codependency and unhealthy enabling (addiction). I also think it applies to zealous religiousity too.

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          • They do seem to all be in the same sack, where you just can’t give it up–either the love of your life (who beats you senseless once a week), or the bottle, or cigarettes or any thing addictive. It owns you. It defines you, partly because you can’t define yourself.

            Your self-esteem, your sense of your own worth, has a great deal to do with the habit, or the backing away…

            When you give yourself up to something or someone that totally, you do so because you (usually) don’t believe you have any value outside of the relationship, whether it’s love, or religion, or drugs.

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            • you do so because you (usually) don’t believe you have any value outside of the relationship, whether it’s love, or religion, or drugs.

              I too agree, Judy — and as expected, many of us non-believers see it most predominantly in the area of RELIGION.

              Also wanted to say, I too have a Republican house partner. He doesn’t like tRumpsky as a person, but tends to support things he does. Thank goodness for blogs where I can occasionally let off steam! 😝

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          • Codependency..True…I lived it to some degree. To have successful love, it must be balanced with freedom and respect, but also knowing that person has your back

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  5. it’s interesting, being among people you know, in a small town. Politics is never discussed. We’ve become so careful not to stir it up, and i find that by itself commendable. No one wants to lose a friend or a close relative in an argument about politics.

    I remember when baby Bush was president, and online we were always very careful about dancing around the whole business. Sometimes one of us would say, who did you vote for, and what do you think of… and then we would just mentally agree not to discuss this again.

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  6. Yet Trump is still extraordinarily popular among Republicans and they’ve done such a “good” job gerrymandering that they can retain control for some time particularly in pockets around the country. I live in an overwhelmingly red pocket and people openly praise Trump regularly…in my line of work I can only openly protest so much that I disagree.

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  7. Nan,

    Reading the Nancy MacLean book “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America” and it is quite remarkable what she’s uncovered about the takeover of the Republican party. From the NY Times…

    Think I’m going to write a post/book-review on it once I’m finished reading it. 🤔

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